Remember the time Samsung thought people wanted to walk around talking on a camera? Well, I'm not sure it got the memo that people actually didn't want that. Like, at all. Because tonight it announced another Galaxy Zoom. This one's called the Galaxy K zoom, and it's just like the last one...with better specs. You know, the natural progression of things. In all seriousness, though, it actually does look quite a bit sleeker and slimmer than last year's model.

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  • 4.8-inch Super AMOLED Display 1280x720
  • 2GB RAM
  • 20.7 MP 1/2.3 BSI CMOS Sensor, 10x Optical Zoom, OIS, 24-240mm, F3.1-6.3
  • 8GB storage (yes, on a phone with a 20.7MP camera)
  • Android 4.4

Naturally, the big story here is that big-ass camera on the back. It's a whopping 20.7 MP shooter with 10x optical zoom and f/3.1-6.3 aperture. That's pretty dang good for a smartphone, but still pretty weak for an actual camera. It might replace a point and shoot, I guess.

It also has a bunch of Samsung-specific stuff for the camera, like "pro suggest mode," several filters, and a groundbreaking "Selfie Alarm" that makes it easier for one to capture images of one's self in a digital format using a timer. Boom.

There's no release date or pricing info at this time, but we'll keep you posted as more info about K zoom shows up.


The Galaxy K zoom incorporates industry-leading camera features with the Samsung Galaxy mobile experience

SINGAPORE – April 29, 2014 – Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, today announced the new camera specialized smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy K zoom. The Galaxy K zoom is a new smartphone that blends advanced digital camera technology with Samsung’s industry-leading Galaxy experience. It features effortless capturing ability, real optics, and a premium design, offering users the mobile solutions they need with the ability to create professional-quality visual content in a fun, easy–to-use device.

“With the introduction of the Galaxy K zoom, Samsung continues to demonstrate our commitment to creating products that meet the diverse demands of our consumers,” said Sun Hong Lim, Senior Vice President of Mobile Communications Business at Samsung Electronics. “The new Galaxy K zoom empowers users to effortlessly capture and share their most important everyday moments in stunning clarity, with the convenience and connectedness of a Galaxy smartphone, for a unique, all-in-one mobile experience.”

As a camera-specialized smartphone, the Galaxy K zoom offers an advanced technical camera system designed to offer the control and functionality of a professional camera, ensuring that the important moments are never missed and always captured with complete clarity. The Galaxy K zoom is equipped with new retracting lens technology that provides10x optical zoom in a remarkably slim and chic body. Other notable features include the 20.7 megapixel BSI CMOS sensor for ultra-clear, ultra-detailed images. It excels in low light conditions, and provides Optical Image Stabilizer (OIS)to reduce blur caused by movement. These specifications ensure the device delivers pictures and video (Full HD) that are crisp and sharp, even when zoomed and in low light. In addition, the device’s Xenon Flash provides a brighter light than LEDs to improve the quality of the image with natural brilliance.

The new device also integrates the most advanced camera usability features and functions, including AF/AE Separation(Auto Focus/ Auto Exposure Separation) for the precise balance of light and clarity, next-generation Pro Suggest mode which offers 5 optimized filter settings, Selfie Alarm that allows users to take timed selfies with ease, and object tracing for a clear, focused shot of a moving subject. Each feature comes with a simple User Interface, allowing users to easily capture photos and videos with groundbreaking quality, in any situation.

The compact and highly portable Galaxy K zoom features an ergonomic grip and sleek, stylish lines that feel soft and comfortable in the hand. Additionally, the Galaxy K zoom offers all the features that consumers want in a flagship Galaxy smartphone, such as Ultra Power Saving Mode for minimizing the battery consumption, S Health Lite for personalized fitness and lifestyle coaching, and a Studio app to allow users to easily edit their pictures and videos.

Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • Alexandre Leites

    People need to STOP buying anything that have less than 32GB of storage. No excuse. Storage is cheaper than a icecream nowadays.

    • Connor Mason

      Coming from a 64gb HTC One and a full 120gb iPod Classic to a 16gb Nexus 5, I beg to differ. Storage isn't ALL that necessary now that cloud services are easier than ever

      • Alexandre Leites

        When you have 500gb of private FLAC sing library and a good pair of headphones, yes... you need storage. In addition, smart cameras are meant to record pictures and movies in their best resolution... with 8gb? People need to stop buying devices with that configuration. Companies are forcing us to use cloud when we don't want to use that.

        • Connor Mason

          Obviously this device is not a logical configuration. As for your lossless library, mobile devices aren't ready for it yet. If you have the opportunity to use a headphone preamp and quality cans, you're definitely not in a mobile setting. If your headphones don't warrant a preamp, you're doing lossless incorrectly. No one is forcing you to use cloud services. Sure their presence is delaying local storage options from becoming better, but still.

          • Mark Washington

            Nice comeback on the FLAC comment !

          • peatcoal

            There's plenty of portable headphone amps which are extremely good. Having been to head-fi once or twice I've seen the bundles of equipment people carry around with them.

          • My1

            it doesnt even have to be FLAC, but I dont way to pay thousands of euros just to be able to have a high enough traffic for streaming all the music and Videos I watch from my owncloud rather than from my mSD...

        • mark boyle

          So your complaining about 16 vs 32 when you actually need 500gb? I guess you just have to go with the phone that has 500gb internal memory...

      • Ibrahim Yusuf

        but the connection to these cloud services aren't good at all in most places

        • Connor Mason

          True, and data rates are so expensive to use cloud services all the time over LTE. Something does need to change, but I don't think local storage is the problem

        • miri

          You don't need a constant connection. Pin what you need when you need it and let it go when you're done. If it's really important, keep it offline at all times.

        • http://www.filmstreamingvk.ws/ Streaming

          True !! It sucks.

          Film Streaming

      • PoisonApple31

        Finally, someone who gets it.

      • Davis Hernandez

        yeah but theres till some of uss that like to NOT use an internet connection, it drains my battery like crazy, also, here were i live there's no internet in school (3g signal) the only viable way is using wi-fi but still isnt available in the entire school, also i use a small fiio with my phone and like to listen to WMVs for a bit better quality, so for me, a phone with less than 32gb of storage or the lack of a micro sd slot is a no go for me

      • Xajel

        Well, your answer to @alexslx:disqus is correct because he has a unique requirement, so do millions other than him... and you, you might say that 16GB is enough for your usage specially with cloud.. it's okay if you have a trust worthy data connection.. some peoples doesn't even have any data plan, and some have very limited bandwidth restriction, and some would love to have one but there's no coverage where they live or work...

        The other problem is most cloud service are not available worldwide and these phones will not have different internal memory configuration depending on the market...

        We didn't say 64GB or 128GB, we're saying 32GB and for me this limit is only for High-End phones, mid range may still have 16GB no problem...

        some might say that microSD is there, correct but if you can't install apps on it or your apps won't save large data to it then it's useless... that if you actually have a microSD enabled phone, all Nexus phones doesn't have microSD at all ( except the very first one )... 16GB is just well pathetic for any high-end phone since 2013 and we're now in 2014 !!

        it might actually cost less than $10 for a manufacturer to use 32GB instead of 16GB... but some manufacturers will make you pay $100 for this increase !!

        • RadarJammer

          Samsung Galaxies cameras can write large files to SD. One can set that as default.

    • RadarJammer

      Excuse me? This device has a microSD card slot. The internal storage is thus of little relevance for picture storage. I thought that's obvious.

      • Alexandre Leites

        Só, more 50 plus shipping dólar for a decent SD card when oems can delivery better flash storages for cheaper? Why some people still waiting to be on side of companies?

        • RadarJammer

          Internal storage is of much higher quality and thus price than external µSD cards because of their higher writing speeds, more writing cycles and longevity.

          µSDs aren't so expensive that you could not afford them.Less than 20 € for 32 GB class 10 over here.

          • Alexandre Leites

            My point of view is that they save just one or two dollars by limiting the storage to a low one. When I see the production costs per unit I started to pay attention to this... Anyway, I don't want to fight with anyone, it's just my point.

          • My1

            but the problem is, that not all apps can be moved to the mSD and when the System takes 5,7GB and 1/16 of the space is taken due to the conversion problems (1000/1024 problem x3 (KB, MB GB) we only have almost 7,5 GB means we only have 1,8GB of USABLE STORAGE!!!

          • someone755

            Really expensive here tho. It's like these things are SSDs, sheesh!
            I can't find anything over class 4, and the max amount is 16GB. It costs 20€.

      • Mark Washington

        Nice point ... Naturally it would have SD card reader like any other digi cam on the market

      • JaySee

        Nope. With the storage limitations of KitKat, internal storage is very relevant for picture storage.

        • shonangreg

          Stock apps, like the camera app, have full access to the SD card. User-installed apps have write access only to their own (protected while the app in stalled) folders.

          So, if you install a third-party camera app on this phone, then it will be unable to write to the DCIM folder on the SD card. It would have to make its own DCIM alternative (in order to write to the SD card).

          From there the challenges would include adding that folder to cloud sync services, but google photos allows you to "add other folders" (all at once, from what I can tell). I'm not sure if dropbox has a similar feature; dropsync sure does.


          [rant on]
          I do think google is being evil with how they are battling inclusion of micro-SD on android devices. The "cleaner system" is lame. They just want to force everyone to use google's cloud servers for everything. That is the kind of evil they promised not to do. As much as I love google, this domineering behavior is really putting me off and leading me to seek alternatives.
          [rant off]

          • someone755

            Your rant is incorrect. They aren't forcing people into using Drive, they're making the OS a better place.
            If crappy OEMs that only deliver 8GB of internal storage force you to use cloud services, that's another thing.

          • shonangreg

            My 64GB micro-SD card is almost full of music. I have had no choices for phones with that much built-in storage. With SD cards, I , could actually make a second card with another 64GB just of videos and carry both. That is impossible with any phone available today.

            I do use built-in storage for just about everything else, even photos.

          • abhisahara

            So 8 GB Nexus by "crappy OEM" Google/LG !

          • someone755

            I thought they dropped 8 gig variants. :O

            Anyways it depends on the consumer. My sister can barely fill up 8GB, I'd be okay with 16 (but I like 32 just for having more space, just in case), and then there's the people that think 1TB isn't enough.

            The choice made by Samsung is always wrong tho. Always. No matter what device, something is always fishy.

          • Fonce Falooda

            I have an 128GB sd card. Show me one phone- ONE PHONE- with HALF that (usable internal storage) and THEN you can talk about this move making the world a better place.

            Otherwise, Google is crippling almost every android device. And that's EVIL.

          • someone755

            Get an iPhone. :T

            Google isn't evil. It's good. And half you people don't seem to understand why that is. The other 49% just keeps repeating that it's good.

          • Fonce Falooda

            Boy, that's the last recommendation I expected here.

            And you have to love the sinner but hate the sin. The sin is crippling sd cards for no good reason, and that move is half evil and 49% dumb.

          • someone755

            Crippling SDcards? In a way, yes. Once the new 128GB chips come to flagships everywhere though, you'll start hating them.
            Either that or you'll just keep on hating because you "don't want the Man to keep you down and take your freedom". The latter being the mentality of most people with SDcards today.

            And, while I do love Android, Apple has got some pretty nice hardware and software. I'm not a fanboy, fighting about what's better is what they do.
            Also Windows Phone is awesome. Not customizable much, but awesome.

          • Fonce Falooda

            I can guarantee you that I'll love the 128GB cards right up to the day they turn out the 256GB cards.

            As for "not wanting the Man to keep me down and take my freedom", well, if you're cool with people keeping YOU down and taking your freedom, enjoy. I don't like having important functionality arbitrarily removed from a device I bought.

            If they think there's a problem with sd cards, then they should FIX IT, not just disable them and walk away. It's like saying there's traffic on the highways, so we have to shut all the highways down. ONLY surface streets for everybody, because we can't be bothered to work it out. It's lazy and it's evil.

          • someone755

            Not lazy and not evil. The issue is too big to fix, always was and always has been. Most of the population would be screwed if you put two hard drives into their system; they wouldn't know which way is up. Sort of the same goes for SD cards; the general public is just too stupid to get what's going on (no offense to anyone here).
            The "issue" with the newer Android OSs are just going to increase with SD cards because Google doesn't want them. It's not that they can't or don't know how to fix it, they see that it's just useless for most of the planet.

          • Fonce Falooda

            How is this issue "too big to fix" when there wasn't a problem with my phone until they disabled my sd card?

            The part of this that we're all too stupid to understand is how, by crippling my phone, they're making it better. By saving me from this mysterious terror I knew know about (still don't, btw), they've wrecked an incredibly important part of my phone.

            Look, either there's a problem that is so subtle that no one's noticed it (in which case it can't be THAT big), or there is NO problem with sd cards and they're just trying to force us to use their cloud crap.

            In the first case, they're too lazy to fix it, and in the second, they're just cruel and greedy. Which is it? Oh, "...Google doesn't WANT [sd cards]", so I can't have one. Well, that's that then, I guess. And that's evil.

          • someone755

            They created an issue to stop the likes of Sammy from using SD cards. Tho it's not like Sammy cares about sending out bad products. :T
            Anyways, it might not be an issue for you, but, as already said, most smartphone users aren't that bright. Again, Google created the issue (because it didn't exist before). It's there intentionally to try and force OEMs like Sammy to stop cramming the market with shitty storage options only to leave an SD card slot (just like the Galaxy K). What Google is doing is rather genius imo. Too bad the folks at Sammy don't give a F about what they're selling (for the most part; their flagship phones are kinda nice, tho anything and I mean anything other than that is a pure disaster).
            This is no evil. If you look at it from a personal point of view, yes, okay. You can't use an SD card because somebody else decided he didn't want one. I guess we can call that evil.
            But in a wider sense, this would be really great if everyone just did as Google does. OEMs would be forced to offer more storage (64 and 128GB would become options) and cloud services would become cheaper, along with mobile data.

          • Fonce Falooda

            I appreciate that Google is trying to get phone manufacturers to include more internal memory, but the method they're using cripples MY current $700 phone. That doesn't seem like they took customers into account when they decided to wage their war on Samsung, etc.

            So I think we've come to an understanding that "One company's Most Noble of Intentions is another man's Pure Unabashed Evil", but I'm essentially collateral damage at this point, so don't expect me to be too happy about it.

            Otherwise, nice chatting with you. :)

          • a googler

            oneplus one

          • Fonce Falooda

            I appreciate that the 1+1 comes with 64GB internal, but that's not all usable for storage. Where's the OS gonna go? That'll eat another couple gigs.

            And I know my 128GB sd card doesn't REALLY give me 128GB, but at least the OS doesn't cut into it!

            Now I'm back to where I was with my old iPhone, where I couldn't use it unless I jailbroke it. Now I HAVE to root my Android phone to use it the way I want, and that kinda sucks.

          • someone755

            The system eats like 7GB of data. I've not yet seen an SD card (or HDD or SSD) marked as "128GB" that offered more than 120GB of actual storage space.

          • NF

            Your rant is really stupid. That's what your view of evil? There's plenty of alternatives to Google's services. Dropbox, onedrive, Amazon, etc. It's easier for developers not to worry about SD management and needing to blend two possible storages together. It's also easier for consumers.

          • shonangreg

            So developers can write their apps to use local storage. Just because there is an SD card there doesn't mean they have to use it.

            Are you through being stupid?

            It's easier for developers not to worry about SD management and needing to blend two possible storages together. It's also easier for consumers.

          • someone755

            Ah, but you'd probably want your apps to use your 64GB SDcard, not the 8GB internal storage. That's where the catch is.

            Also, there do exist 128GB phones. Somewhere. Though they are coming, I think it it was said for Q4 2014 for one to be released.

          • shonangreg

            No, I don't -- because removing the card would cause app problems. I use the SD card for media only. I wouldn't get an 8GB phone. 16GB seems to be the minimum workable RAM allotment. Only if RAM were tight would I use the SD for photos.

          • someone755

            You don't seem to know what RAM is.
            I suppose you'd rather have your small internal storage eaten by games. Asphalt, RR2/3, Dead Space etc.
            Also I once managed to fill up my 32GB Grouper with apps. No games, just random apps.

            Also also, if you only use media on your SDcards, you should get an OTG key. Much faster, much more reliable, and way more cheap (at least for me). Also every phone nowadays supports it.

          • shonangreg

            RAM. Yeah, I meant "internal storage". RAM is the working memory. Nothing gets stored there, I guess. You can just run larger, and more, apps with more RAM.

            I would use my internal storage for apps. I'm not much of a gamer. I do know that my old Galaxy Note (1) keeps running out of memory. I'm down to one user-installed browser and everything else I need for it to remain functional as a secondary phone and to be used as a media player and GPS tracer.

            By OTG key, do you mean a USB memory drive? I've done that, but having music and videos on a micro-SD card (or several) is just so much more elegant. And you can always get a USB-to-micro-SD adapter for devices that can't read SD cards.

          • LoveHater

            but where are the altenative,,, closed ios and paralysed Windows or dead Blackberry os or who never born Tizen

          • testtttttttttt

            Buuut google's cloud servers are pretty much free and open. If you're a power user with special needs then you can set up something else for yourself :/

          • shonangreg

            I pay to use Google's cloud servers with my data plan. That is not free for me. And their servers are not even always accessible. So, not free and not accessible. SD is cheap, always available, and even switchable.

            As long as it is used for media storage, then there is never a problem even it the SD card is removed (to switch to another SD card or to share files with someone else or to refresh the files with a PC.

            Google could solve all of the problems they complain about by encouraging just such limited use of SD cards. Storage of the massive databases for games and other apps would be the one problem remaining. Then there is no clean solution. Having all these files on system RAM would be preferable, but the user should have the option to use expandable storage as long as they are given a warning. For those who don't do much gaming, it is not even an issue.

            Freedom. And wise choices. That is what we want and is all that is needed technically. Google's cloud strategy, though, needs us to ditch local, expandable, removable storage. Their dishonesty about this is where they do evil -- and in encouraging us to rely on their servers to such an unhealthy degree.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Cameron Summerson

      64GB of ice cream plz

    • Mark Washington

      You have a solid point

    • hot_spare

      Blame Google and their asinine policy regarding SD cards.

  • Captain Canada
  • clael


    Seriously, this company can change the mobile industry if it wanted. Problem is that that division is managed by total IDIOTS.

    • Marcell Lévai

      Sad truth :(

  • http://petercast.net Peterson Silva

    I am so ignorant when it comes to photos... I really don't care much about photography, so when I hear people saying "meh, this is ok, I guess", I think to myself "I'll probably lose my shit over how good it is". This cam, well, I'd probably be amazed by its quality.

    The other day I was at a store and I got to play a bit with the Xperia Z1. I got to the camera and was like WOW. I don't know how you call the thing, I guess "fps" would be incorrect, but in the S3 the "visualizer" is all choppy and whatnot but in the Z1 is like... "Reality unfiltered through the lens", jeesus. And yet pro photographers will say it's crap or something =) Oh well.

    • blahmoomoo

      For the record, the primary thing that makes a DSLR better than any point-and-shoot or cell phone camera is the size of the sensor elements. Generally, the larger the size of each sensor element is (physically), the better your picture turns out, due to the way light works. DSLRs have the large body that can fit a larger sensor and the larger optics required for the larger sensor.

      Cell phones, on the other hands, have REALLY tiny sensors due to limited space and small lenses. And when these sensors have higher resolutions, they have reduced quality and need a lot of processing done to make it look decent. Said processing has side effects, such as lowered saturation and sharpness, or even too much saturation or sharpness if the processing is overzealous. DLSRs generally produce images that do not require as much processing to look good.

      The idea behind the K Zoom and similar phones is that they can fit a larger sensor in, since they can fit in larger lenses (you need larger lenses for a larger sensor). Not to mention you have optical zoom, which is a whole lot better than digital zoom (digital zoom basically crops the picture and expands it to fit the image resolution, which usually results in fuzzy pictures). I don't see such a phone's camera being any better than a point-and-shoot camera though.

      • blahmoomoo

        Then again, now that I think about it, this is an ultrazoom camera (10x zoom in a small body). To get that much zoom, you need a small sensor. So the quality would still suffer a bit. The zoom feature is still attractive, but I can't imagine sacrificing/having reductions on a lot of features (storage, screen, battery, etc.) for a better camera.

  • PGK
    • http://petercast.net Peterson Silva

      It's actually a tad prettier than it was when I bought my S3. The visual inconsistency was basically the only reason I switched to CM.

    • Captain Canada

      I wouldn't be able to sleep if I was in your position, if I did i'd have nightmares.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      I can't believe they still haven't moved the ugly Clear button. That's the thing that bothers me the most about TouchWiz-style notification dropdown.

      • SSDROiD

        ...I like it... Why does it bother you?

        • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

          It's skinny and therefore easy to miss, and ugly. Stock Android has a much better and more elegant solution.

          • SSDROiD

            It's been a long time since I saw how it looks on the Google Experience, but either way, if it's "ugly" is a rather subjective matter. I think the fact that it's somewhat easy to miss makes it easy and more enjoyable for the eyes. I know where it is when I need it, and when I don't need it, I don't have to look at it. I'm not even sure what you meant by "skinny", though.

          • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii
          • SSDROiD

            Well, we'll just have to agree to disagree, then. I think it's a very good button to have there.

          • EH101

            I agree work you. Much better than stock android implementation.

          • Renan Lazarotto

            Well, not at all. Stock Android is always at the same place, no matter how many notifications I have, so I can clear them all at any given time. Samsung's TW I have to scroll it all up in order to do such a trivial task.

          • EH101

            That just means you allow too many notifications to accumulate. The majority of people, I assume, act on their notifications shortly after they are received. For them, and myself, the clear button more than suffices without any need for scrolling.

            Furthermore, if I remember correctly the stock implementation is at the very top of the notification drawer. (may have changed since the last time I used stock) On large screens, this may be a bit of a stretch for the average person further suggesting Samsung's button placement is better.

          • NF

            It seems to work well for me after class on my tablet

          • Renan Lazarotto

            I'm afraid that no, I don't let notifications to stack. The main point is that I'm out of home most of the time and my internet connection here at work is very limited (many sites and services are blocked), so when I get home I recieve a huge pile of notifications.

            Also, I have a quite big phone (Moto X - 4.7") and I have no problem at all using the clear all button. In fact, even when I used a Galaxy Tab 2 (7", running CM) I didn't had any problem to clear notifications.

            My POV about Samsung's implementation is that it doens't feels like the Clear button belongs to where it is. It is like out of place, like it has been put there in a urge to finish something.

          • EH101

            As to your first paragraph, that makes sense but how many people do you think experience such an issue? I'd guess very few relative to the Android using population. A real issue none-the-less, but more an issue with poor data coverage or ridiculous data fees.

            And I'm sorry, but 4.7" does not make a big phone. My S5 is 5.1", my previous device was 5.5". Those are big phones. Furthermore, unless you used the Galaxy Tab 2 with one hand, it doesn't count in this conversation. I implied earlier one-handed use, but perhaps I should've just stated it and for that I apologize.

            My point is Samsung's implementation works great for the vast majority of users who don't get hit by a wall of notifications like you and a relative handful of others do, and that the button itself is well within reach where it is currently located in regards to one-hand usage. I would take this implementation over stock Android any day of the week.

      • EH101

        Really? The bright green for the active toggles is what gets to me the most. Just plain ugly. Only thing I don't like about my S5, so far.

  • Gaurav Arora

    I read this Samsung news while pooping. I say, aptly done!

  • ScratchC

    Same problem as the last one though...That screen resolution...

    • Austin Akens

      Because 720p on a 4.8in screen is horrible?
      Get outta here, you picky baby.

      • ScratchC

        I am a picky baby lolz...If this is aimed towards the photography inclined customer (like me) it doesn't make sense to have the screen resolution less than 1080p ...I even find the Galaxy S4 screen being 1080p lacking; as far as screen clarity is concerned...but it works. I didnt say 720p was horrible it just isnt ideal...and considering their usual high asking price...I can easily buy a compact for that price as my back up. The point here being that If i could have my cell phone be my back up camera i wouldnt be carrying as much gear..which is what makes having the screen be the absolute best possible crucial. to edit photos on the fly. but the whole back up camera vs cell phone camera is another argument

        *Note - im big on mobile photography. I use my Galaxy S4 daily as my second shooter to get all kinds of shots ... Most of the time I edit on the fly ... If the screen wasnt up to par I wouldnt. and would probably discard alot of shots that "looked ugly" on the screen

        check me out http://instagram.com/scratchc

        • Austin Akens

          Lol all jokes aside, I understand.

          I'm just playing with ya.

          I'm stuck with a 4.7incher with 720p :b

          • ScratchC


            on the other hand the Lumia 1020 takes some amazing pictures...Android needs to catch up in that department. If it weren't cause I cant see myself using iOS or Windows Phone not offering everything I need I wouldve probably Jumped on the Lumia 1020 cause of that image quality

  • GreatNews

    Make up your mind Mr. Cameron Summerson first you wrote its a 20.7MP than you say 20.4MP I know it's not that big of a difference but which one is it for real??? I think is 20.7MP if so please fix the 20.4MP typo

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Cameron Summerson

      Oops. Yep, 20.7 is correct. Thanks for pointing that out.

  • bullonie

    Are there sales figures available for the S4 Zoom? I can't imagine that sold well at all.

    • Mark Washington

      I know someone that has one .... The cool factor runs out when know they have to live with their purchase

  • jjrudey

    I might be the only one, but, I think this is actually a cool idea if it were a good camera.

  • http://twitter.com/anishbhalerao Anish Bhalerao

    What I find funny about Samsung's devices is how they can make 2 GB or 3 GB RAM devices work buggier than say a 1 GB RAM device with cleaner Android! It is funny.

    • hot_spare

      It is also funny that no "cleaner" Android phone has better battery backup than TW-phones. For example, my N4 sitting in my table compared to my S5. It's not even a contest. So much for being cleaner.

      • NF

        Samsung generally includes bigger batteries. Hardware is also a factor on battery life (and batteries do tend to charge less over time)

      • http://twitter.com/anishbhalerao Anish Bhalerao

        2012 phone vs 2014 phone. Not an even contest.
        2100 mAh battery vs 2800 mAh battery. Not an even contest.
        $349 vs $749. Not an even contest. NOT EVEN CLOSE..

        And in the end, on stock:
        4.5 to 5 hours of Screen-On Time vs 5 hours of Screen-On Time. CONTEST, finally! It's a tie!

        So much for your "comparison". Better luck next time.

        • hot_spare

          Nice try Anish, but you failed pathetically.

          -- > 2012 phone ve 2012 phone (I also had GN2). Not to forget N4 has much better processor compared to GN2 (S4 Pro vs Exynos 4412). GN2 rapes N4 in terms of batterylife, forget about S5.

          -- > N4 isn't $349 phone universally. This happens when you think the world is centered around US. N4 was 349 in US only because Google subsidized it. In most countries (yes, in hundreds of countries where it wasn't sold through Play Store) it was priced like a normal smartphone. I paid equivalent of $500 when I bought it. This was the "standard" price, not some black market or some unusual price that I paid.

          -- > If you think Samsung included larger batteries, I will say Google must be an idiot to include smaller battery. Don't forget much larger screen in GN2 (37% larger screen surface).

          So much for being a "cleaner" Android. Hardly around half the batterylife of a so-called bloated phone.

          Stock Android is a useless bragging right for nerds who would use inferior products just to make themselves look cool.

          • http://twitter.com/anishbhalerao Anish Bhalerao

            Note 2 had 3100 mAh battery.

            Your point that JUST BECAUSE OEM INCLUDES LARGER BATTERY AND SO GETS BATTERY LIFE is NOT a feature. Compare a Galaxy S3 to N4 if you like. We'll see then. Because the S3 cost $749 worldwide when it came through as well!

            And again, all devices have advantages and disadvantages. But comparing apples and oranges and then saying orange is better because it is ORANGE in colour makes nada sense.

            P.S. I bought an N4 for the equivalent of $400 myself. But that still got me a BETTER deal than S3 ($600 equivalent) or a Note 2 ($700) equivalent.

        • hot_spare

          ^^ Forgot to attach the image..

  • Andrew Techson

    Samsung Galaxy K Zoom epic fail. Check this video taken during the launch event today.


  • jeff

    I want that phone regardless of the storage as an upgrade from s4 zoom .it has a micro sd slot and integrated dropbox so problem solved.my s4 zoom does much better than almost other phones out there in photography.thats my point.


    I remember the time when people thought the original Galaxy Note was a complete fail. Now the new Galaxy Note 3 sold over 10 million units. I'm happy Samsung is trying new things instead of going with the mainstream stuff. Kudos to you, Samsung!

  • Nasir Uddin

    Are they serious? Coming out with a new a phone every few months and all

    • SSDROiD

      How DARE they try and make new devices!?
      It's not like this is the Samsung Galaxy S6. They have different devices for different usage forms released different times a year. I think it's a rather fantastic idea.

  • CT

    But let's be honest here. Samsung's cameras aren't all that good to be totally honest. I'd still go for the Sony or Nokia for quality picture, or straight up use my SLR.

  • https://twitter.com/#!/psychomaniac189 psychomaniac189

    finally a newer os. last time it was gingerbread wasn't it? lol

  • Chris

    This looks way better than the last one. I'd make this my "vacation phone" for sure.

  • F Young

    I, for one, think there's a use case for this camera/phone.

    With geotagging, maps, web browsing, email. texting, writing and ready access to photo uploading to Facebook, dropbox, etc, I think it would be great for photos for tourists, real estate agents and even journalists, assuming it has pretty good low-light capability as the article claims. Apparently, it can even do selfies with the main camera.

    While it's big for a phone, it's smaller than most point and shoot cameras, and you only need to carry one device for everything,

    Now, if only it were more rugged.

  • NF

    This is a pretty awful device. 20MP back, but 2 front? Only 8gb storage? 720p? Those are odd design choices.

  • Joe Swain

    I think it seems ok, I would buy it, I only have so many pockets, and I like having a good camera, if it's attached to my phone then even better, OBVIOUSLY if I buy a DSLR then I will get much better photos but I'm never going to carry a bulky DSLR around with me and if I had a phone and a separate compact camera then chances are I will never take both out therefore I will always use my phone camera anyway. (I actually do have a compact camera but never use it it's just too much hassle having to charge it and then lug it around with me.
    So this kind of device is perfect.
    I bought a Nokia N95 for the camera, that's pretty thick and fits in my pocket ok, this being a little more curved will probably fit in my pocket better, the weight is acceptable, 200g isn't exactly much, I've had mp3 players more (and this would be my mp3 player too).

    As long as it can save the photos direct to the microSD then that's fine I have done that for years a few more won't harm me, you can swap them out no problem.

    I'm glad they didn't call it an S5 Zoom, it was a con Samsung calling everything "S4" last year, call things that are similar similar names low range or 'camera' devices should be named accordingly.

    I find it funny when people say but if you buy this and this and this and this then you will have much better pictures/better music quality/better gaming... yeah that may be the case and if you want to carry all that around with and manage it all then I am not stopping you, but I'm not going to.

  • ashouhdy

    So u all left the phone and discuss the storage ! I have a note3 4.4kitkat and a 32GB class10 sd card. And I already set my default storage ti the memory card and all my pics vidz music goes there .. Whats the problem guys! 8GB leaves about 5.6GB useable memory for apps.
    And u can free ur cach every while and then. My only problem is if u r a gamer u will those 8GB so easy. But in the first place if u r a gamer go for a device as the note3 it has by default 32gb internal memory.
    The k zoom is targeted directly to people who love taking quality photos so the sd card will be a nice option for storage. Any way I will trade my note3 with k zoom as the regular smartphone cameras Sucks big time specially at low light. I had htc one and xperia z1 and now note3 all my pics with all devices with flash are mostly blurry or noisy my only solution is to trade off my big fhd screen with alittle smaller 4.8inch one.

  • andandroid

    It is no longer a compact apn which was grafted a party telephony low end, it was the case for the galaxy s4 zoom, yes, but not for accessoires galaxy s5 K zoom.

    After that people do not like this mobile, it does not shock me at all since it corresponds to a market of users like me who waited for years to have an all in one that we always carry with us. some people like to buy ipad air avec forfait with this price, and other like an all in one camera and smartphone