The tinny speakers on your smartphone are no good for listening to music (HTC One owners, please ignore), so Samsung has decided to offer you a new audio option. The Samsung Level series consists of four mobile audio products – Level Over, Level On, Level In, and Level Box. So what the heck are they? Here's a hint: the names describe their relationship to your ears.

LevelOver_Black_1 LevelIn_Black_2 LevelOn_Black_1

The Level Over are over-the-ear headphones with Bluetooth and big 50mm Neodymium drivers. A step down from that are the Level On headphones, which sit on your ears and have a 40 mm dual-layered diaphragm. Then there are the Level In – can you guess what they are? Yes, earbuds packing a three-way speaker system. The Level Box is the odd man out – it's a wireless Bluetooth speaker with 56mm stereo speakers and a passive radiator. All the specs you can handle are just below.


Level Over

  • Sound: 50mm Bio-Cellulose Diaphragm with Neodymium Magnet, Active Noise Cancellation
  • Bluetooth: BT 3.0 / apt-X, SBC
  • Interface: Smart Touch Control / 3.5 mm ear jack
  • Features: S Voice, Bluetooth pairing, 2mic noise reduction / Echo cancellation
  • Talk(Listening) / Standby time when ANC On : 15hr/30hr
  • Talk(Listening) / Standby time when ANC Off : 30hr/200hr
  • Dimensions: 175x190x78 mm, 350g

Level On

  • Sound: 40mm dual layered diaphragm
  • Interface: 3.5 mm ear jack
  • Features: S Voice
  • Dimensions: 161.75x181.4x70.4 mm, 209.8g

Level In

  • Sound: Three-way speaker system
  • Interface: 3.5 mm ear jack
  • Features: S Voice
  • Weight: 15.7g

Level Box

  • Sound: 56mm Large stereo speaker with passive radiator
  • Bluetooth: NFC, Bluetooth pairing button
  • Interface: Smart Touch Control / 3.5 mm ear jack
  • Features: S Voice, Speaker Phone (Conference Call), Built-in MIC & Noise reduction/Echo cancellation
  • Dimensions: 164.3x62.3x69.2 mm, 600g
  • Battery: 15 hours of playback

LevelOver_White_2 LevelIn_White_1 LevelOn_White_2

There will be a Samsung Level app in Google Play and Samsung Apps specifically for the Level Over with custom EQ settings and effects. S Voice is included with all these products, a selling point for users of Samsung devices. Although, users of other devices ought to be able to plug them in and hear sound coming out of the other end.


s_LevelSeries_Black%5B3%5D s_LevelSeries_White%5B3%5D

So that leaves us with two questions about Samsung Level: when and how much? On the first count, around the middle of May in most markets. As for the price, your guess is as good as ours. Samsung neglected to list the price in the PR, so we'll have to wait and see.

[Samsung Tomorrow]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • Bluewall

    Expert knowledge here ! "Although, users of other devices ought to be able to plug them in and hear sound coming out of the other end."

    Kidding, I got a good laugh :D

  • SVem26

    Not bad.. they actually look good..

    • Boston D

      But do they 'sound' good?

    • Sean Lumly

      And they have a great set of features! The Level Over are very complete: Wireless (lossy/lossless) BT connectivity, 3.5mm wired connectivity, noise isolation, active noise cancelling, capacitive gestures, sound isolating mic, amazing battery life (15-30 hours), software suite for Android, and sleek, sophisticated styling.

      If they do indeed sound good (I suspect they will), then this is an easy purchase decision for me.

  • Jephri

    Level: Not interested. Keep your plastic Sammy.

    • lordmerovingian

      Why not wait before you "level" judgement, young Padwan...

      • Jephri

        Obi Wan don't ask me to hide my anger. I've moved on from Samsung.

        • lordmerovingian


          • Jephri


  • Sean Lumly

    Hmmm... Samsung could teach Google something about brand image...

    • Jephri

      Yeah, because leopard print hats are always in good taste.

      • susan596

        My Uncle Aiden got an almost new cream Lincoln MKS Sedan by
        working part time off of a laptop. have a peek here C­a­s­h­D­u­t­i­e­s­.­ℂ­o­m

    • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

      Samsung: DAYUM THAT'S HOT, DOG!

      Google: derphurdpurp

    • AbbyZFresh

      I wonder what kind of style Larry Page has in his social circles to be using these bland and ugly marketing pics.

      • ddpacino

        Not a marketing picture. It's a sample photo from the camera update.

        • AbbyZFresh

          I just told you that same answer above my previous post. lol.

          • supremekizzle

            They know. After you told them the answer they felt the need to spread the knowledge as if they knew it themselves all along. Basic internet etiquette...

          • ddpacino

            I know, and kudos to you. This post was made After I was informed, lol. I'm quick.

    • ddpacino

      What ad is the picture on the right from?

      • AbbyZFresh

        That's the pic from the Google Camera update.

    • supremekizzle

      C'mon now. I admire Google for being brave enough to show their diversity in the workplace and being an equal opportunity employer by hiring transexuals.

    • flosserelli

      I wouldn't kick out the Google Glass girls for eating crackers in bed.

    • RyanWhitwam

      A marketing image for a new product vs. in-app tutorial for a camera app. They are very different things.

      • Sean Lumly

        Yes indeed. This is why I said "brand image" specifically, and made no mention to marketing.

        Here's one definition of "brand image": http://www.businessdictionary.com/definition/brand-image.html

        • RyanWhitwam

          I see. So using someone in an app demo that isn't a model means Google needs to work on brand image? Got it.

          • Sean Lumly

            No. It's about presenting the brand in a consistent way; typically in a way that is constructive. I anticipate that the Samsung image above would be received better than than the Google image.

            I have nothing against how the model on the right looks. However, I don't find the photo flattering in its overall composition. I don't think I'm alone.

      • Thatguyfromvienna

        You might wanna look something up.

    • nxtiak

      Dude finally. I was looking through the comments in the Google Camera update post and no one mentioned the lens blur demo lady. My friends and I all thought the same.

    • My name is….

      And Samsung could learn something from google about how to make good products

  • Frank Lindner

    The white and brown ones look actually quite good, they remind me of the Philips Uptown Brown and Silver I am wearing right now.

  • Sean Lumly

    I hope these are well tuned. I love the fact that they support Bluetooth and AptX*, and also have an optional 3.5mm line. And they have a built-in mic! They are also very stylish. Samsung audio on the Galaxy Devices line has been extremely impressive over the past 4 revisions and I hope that these perform to that standard: well balanced, and optionally promote an equalizer for those that crave that artificial bass.

    *AptX is wireless lossless audio codec over bluetooth. It is supported by many Android devices. It is not supported (AFAIK) by Nexus devices or iPhone devices.

    • Gustavo

      They were demoed at Coachella. Will retail for 349. They sound great too.

      • Sean Lumly

        Great! I'm going to look that up! The price is right, and the features are too. If they perform well then I will certainly pick up a pair.

    • Sean Lumly

      Wow! I didn't know that "Smart Touch" was a capacitive sensor on the outer part of the Level Over ear-phone. The video below (in spanish) show a few gestures for raising volume, playing and pausing. I think I must buy these.

      The videos below demo the headphones (in Spanish):
      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=erxUBiq4nsE (part 1)

    • jesuguru

      Agreed about apt-x, just wondering why bluetooth 3.0 and not 4.0. Wouldn't 4.0 have better battery life?

      • Sean Lumly

        Good question! I guess we will have to wait for the reviews!

      • Mike Reid

        BT 4.0 Low Energy Profile etc is more for low bandwidth things like health/fitness devices or wearables.

        Streaming A2DP / AptX requires much more bandwidth and thus more power.

    • RadarJammer

      AptX is great. I can hear the difference compared to regular bluetooth audio on my Samsung DA-E651 bluetooth stereo box.
      Thus I recomed everybod to look out for AptX enabled bluetooth audio devices. The Galaxy Notes since II and the S4 and S5 offer AptX support, that's why I preferred them to Nexi or LGs.

      • Sean Lumly

        I've never sampled aptX, but I can hear the artefacts in BT audio. I too would prefer lossless compression for wireless audio.

    • andy_o

      APT-X is higher bandwidth, but it's not lossless. In fact, their marketing has been pretty sketchy in this regard.

      • Sean Lumly

        Very interesting. After having looked into this a bit, it seems that aptx.com lists certain headphones with apt-x lossless, though others do not mention support. I am interested in determining if the Level Over headphones support the codec.

        • andy_o

          Can you link to those pages directly? There is one "aptX lossless" version, but it's not for use in Bluetooth. And apparently even that is not fully lossless:

          The audio codec however has a hybrid near lossless feature where the dynamic application of a mild form of lossy coding only for the short sections of audio where complete lossless coding cannot respect the bandwidth constraints required.

          • Sean Lumly

            Sure thing! Here is the product that I was referring to:

            There are also receivers, etc that seem to have the lossless codec, but I agree that it is rare.

          • andy_o

            Frankly, I think the Klipsch marketing materials are incorrect or are taking an extremely liberal use of the word "lossless" (I have seen companies use the weasel term "audibly lossless" before.) I haven't seen any reliable source (something more substantial than marketing) indicating that the BT implementation of aptX can be lossless.

            Besides, if it were, they would be shouting it from the rooftops. For example, I don't think I ever saw anything about Kleer that didn't make it extremely clear that it was an uncompressed 16/44.1 transmission. This is what I meant that their marketing was sketchy. I don't see anything on their site indicating their lossless codec can be implemented in BT (they have several different codecs for different applications), but information from third parties, like brands' marketing and tech blogs, throw around the word "lossless" without any qualification.

          • Sean Lumly

            Good to know! Let me know if you find anything more concrete. Such is the problem with proprietary, tightly controlled technologies.

  • adfadf

    I'm here because of ifttt recipe.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/TheBBRgameplays TheBBRcast

    They look awesome! I would love to have Level Over ones : )))

  • AbbyZFresh

    These look pretty good coming from a copycat like Samsung. I might consider getting the white Level Over headphones.

  • Elliot Kotis

    I'd still prefer life Logitech UE, those things are great!

  • Thatguyfromvienna

    Shut up and take my money!

  • Hobie Helbich

    These look surprisingly great!! Let's hope they sound as good as they look, but most importantly, that they work with phones other than Samsung ones!

  • dude

    If I want audiophile headphones, I'll still with more professional brands like AKG and BeyerDynamic.

  • HotInEER

    I can't wait to try these new cans by Samsung. I'll try the Level Over if the price is fair. Probably around $299 if I know Samsung, but would not be surprised if they tried $349.

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