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Featured App

Passport Photo ID Studio

This week's roundup is brought to you by Passport Photo ID Studio from Handy Apps. If you need a photo for your passport, visa application, or any other kind of license or ID, you don't need to go to a drug store to get one. Just install this app, take a selfie with your front-facing camera, and the app will help you apply the correct format for what you need. It supports live capture and photo imports, direct printing via Google Cloud Print, and a staggering variety of sizes for various national passports.


Passport Photo ID Studio is a completely free Android app that allows you to capture, edit, share and print your passport photos and ID photos in as little steps as possible. With this free app, you can make professional-looking passport photos and ID photos at the comfort of your own home. Passport Photo ID Studio also allows you the flexibility to customize your passport photo sizes.

Features include:

  • Create passport photos that will automatically be saved to pre-selected photo sizes
  • OR import photos from gallery to make passport photos
  • Supports both rear and back-facing cameras
  • General guidelines before you create your passport photos
  • Select your passport photo size that corresponds to a list of countries available
  • OR customize your photo size
  • Zoom, crop and rotate your photos
  • Adjust brightness and contrast of photos
  • Preview your photos before you print
  • Select different photos to print on the same page
  • On the printing page, photo positions will automatically be adjusted based on pre-selected photo sizes
  • Print directly from your phone (provided you have Google Cloud Print pre-configured)


XCOM®: Enemy Unknown

Android Police coverage: [New Game] PC And Console Strategy Favorite XCOM: Enemy Unknown Is Now Available In The Play Store For $10

XCOM: Enemy Unknown started out as a PC and console game, and I don't mean the rather skimpy indie variety that usually makes it to Android. No, this is a full-fledged, AAA turn-based strategy game that's been given a faithful mobile adaptation. In XCOM, you manage a team of soldiers who kill aliens, and their base of operations with barracks, research facilities, and weapons plants. The game is a balancing act, equal parts risk and reward in both modes. You'll need powerful hardware (and nearly 4GB of space!) to play it.


The award-winning PC and console game of the year comes to Android devices. Threatened by an unknown enemy, Earth’s governments unite to form an elite paramilitary organization, known as XCOM. As the commander of XCOM, you must create a fully operational base, research alien technologies, plan combat missions, and lead your soldiers in fierce battles against a terrifying alien invasion. The decisions you make will affect the fate of humanity. You are our last hope.

Smash Bandits Racing

Android Police coverage: [New Game] Smash Bandits Racing Crashes Through The Play Store With The Heat Hot On Its Tail

Smash Bandits recreates the best part of the Grand Theft Auto games (running from the cops) in a top-down racer format. The game is unflinchingly polished in graphics and sound, though the actual mechanics are pretty simple: blow through police and anything else that impedes your escape on land or sea. The free-to-play formula is in full effect, and the only multiplayer is a leaderboard system, but you do get to drive the van from The A-Team.


Named as one of TouchArcade's Top 10 Games of the year 2013. From the makers of Smash Cops – crash through America in the craziest road race to hit the Google Play Store. Power up to faster cars, get the edge with getaway gadgets and outrun the cops as you speed to the state line. Smash Everything! Well, almost. Whichever route you take through an ever-changing world of dirt tracks and dusty logging towns you can crash and bash your way through smashable scenery in the most intense display of destruction you have ever seen.

Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition

Android Police coverage: [New Game] Classic RPG Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition Finally Arrives On Android

Baldur's Gate is an undeniable classic of the dungeon crawler genre, and its top-down, mouse-driven style makes it perfect for tablets. We've been waiting for an Android port for more than a year and a half, but it's finally arrived, so go grab it if you're a fan of the lore or the genre in general. The game's main quest is a sprawling 60+ hour tale, which might help justify the $10 price tag. If even that isn't enough for you, the original expansion packs are available through in-app purchases.


The dawn is especially cruel this morning... For as long as you can remember, your view of the world has been limited to the heavily fortified walls of Candlekeep. Your foster father, Gorion, has done everything in his power to protect you and keep you out of harm’s way. All of that is about to change. Forced to leave your home under mysterious circumstances, you find yourself drawn into a conflict that has the Sword Coast on the brink of war.


Android Police coverage: [New Game] Flashout 2 Races Into The Play Store With Guns Blazing And Dubstep Blasting

Flashout 2 isn't trying to hide its Wipeout (PlayStation) inspiration. Though it certainly isn't the only futuristic hovercraft racer we've seen on Android, it seems to understand the most important part of that formula: speed. True, you can shoot your enemies off of the hover-track, but go fast enough and you won't even need to. The sequel features full online multiplayer, but unfortunately combines a $2 asking price with in-app purchases.


FLASHOUT 2, the sequel to the highly-acclaimed anti-gravity racer FLASHOUT 3D is finally here. Get into one of many ultra-fast ships and use your arsenal of rockets, guns, bonuses and upgrades to fight your way to victory. FLASHOUT 2 offers a fresh and addicting racing experience featuring a redesigned and enhanced Career Mode with story elements, massive improvements in matter of steering, physics, opponent’s AI, and other gameplay elements.

Defender of the Crown

Android Police coverage: [New Game] Cinemaware's Amiga Classic Defender Of The Crown Invades The Play Store

Defender of the Crown was an interesting new idea when it debuted on ancient hardware nearly 20 years ago. In a mix of role-playing game and Civilization-style strategy, you play as a knight trying to hold the kingdom of Britain together after Arthur's untimely death. You'll collect resources and raise an army, but a few action sequences for battles and tournaments show off the game's incredible graphics - for 1986, anyway.


The Age of Chivalry. A time of lusty wenches and black hearted villains. King Richard has been murdered and England is thrown into civil war. Amidst the ringing clash of steel and the thunder of charging steeds the bold Saxon knights have chosen you to lead them into battle against the hated Normans. Victory will not come easy. To save England your skills as swordsman and military leader will be severely tested. But should you succeed you'll win the Crown of England and the love of many a beautiful damsel.

Abyss Attack

Android Police coverage: [New Game] Chillingo's Abyss Attack Is An Endless Shooter So Pretty You'll Almost Forget About The In-App Purchases

"Bullet hell" space shooters have been done to death, but there's always a fresh angle, and Chillingo has found it. Abyss Attack takes place underwater, with the player controlling a trigger-happy submarine instead of a space fighter. The gameplay is entirely 2D but the graphics are 3D - and what graphics they are. With both enemies and backgrounds inspired by deep-sea life, it's almost worth a play through just to see the colorful and impressively unique visual design. International readers, here's your link.


Pick your submarine and use weapons and power-ups to tear through relentless creatures like you’ve never seen before and battle against giant bosses. Create rare and epic Relics to enhance your submarines stats and give you a fighting edge against the sea’s monsters. Combining a steampunk art style with neon-like 3D visuals, watch as your attacks fill the screen with color. A chilled-out soundtrack perfectly fits this action/arcade shooter.

Soccer Rally 2

Android Police coverage: [New Game] Soccer Rally 2 Drives Into The Play Store With Fresh Tires And Tread Mark-Covered Soccer Balls

Soccer? With cars? What is this madness? Soccer Rally 2 delivers a new twist on the top-down foosball/air hockey-style game, in which two players control cars battling over a gigantic soccer ball. The game is designed for local multiplayer, with two opponents facing each other on opposite sides of a device (ideally a tablet). Challenge modes and a bit of customization add to the fun. It has lots of soccer and very little rallying.


Rev up your engines and get ready to experience soccer like never before. Smash, shoot and score your way to victory. Drive to glory through 20 challenging tournaments, featuring different balls from a Soccer ball all the way to a Tennis, Beach ball and Hockey Puck. Prepare for the Tournaments and hone your skills in the Academy. Here, your skills will be tested to the limit with intriguing challenges such as Multiball, Ball Sorter, Cannon Defence and Time Attack.

Dethroned! Early Access

Android Police coverage: Early Access Version Of Treehouse's Steam Greenlit Action RTS 'Dethroned' Comes To Android

If you're the kind of gamer who just can't wait to try out the latest and allegedly greatest, take a gander at Dethroned. This hero-based real-time strategy game was recently Greenlit on Steam, which means it's still pretty rough around the edges. But it's free in its current form, including online multiplayer that follows the popular MOBA style. The graphics are simple, but the colorful style works well for mobile.


Dethroned. A strat ’em up multiplayer game with celestial fairytale combat. Dethroned. is an action RTS where you command a hero, gather a scruffy band of soldiers, construct defenses and attack your opponent with unstoppable force. Choose a side, select a hero and head into the battle. Dethroned. is now in early access and bit rough on the edges. Some things are not yet in their finished form.

Where's My Water? Feat. XYY

Android Police coverage: [New Game] Disney Continues To Milk The Where's My Franchise With New Where's My Water Game Featuring The Popular Chinese Sheep XYY

It has been many, many years since I was a regular watcher of The Disney Channel, so I have no idea who this XXY sheep fellow is (unless he stars in a cartoon about Klinefelter Syndrome). Disney is basically hoping for a few more bucks from the tired Where's My Water franchise, and if you've played any of the previous titles, you know how this physics puzzler goes. Get the water from the top of the stage to the bottom by whatever means necessary.


Introducing the latest chapter from Disney’s most popular puzzle game franchise. Where’s My Water takes the brightest Chinese TV cartoon character XYY on a medieval adventure through China. Help XYY save his friends trapped in the underground city and play brand new elements such as fire and oil to defeat the clumsy Big Bad Wolf. Put your puzzle-solving skills to the test and enjoy all the fun physics-based gameplay you love in Where’s My Water.

Mystery Shack Attack

This here is a tie-in game for Disney's Gravity Falls cartoon. You help Dipper and Mabel to defend their uncle's store in a standard tower defense mode, building barriers and defensive structures like tesla coils and balloon launchers. This won't be anything new for serious tower defense fans, but devotees of the show will notice plenty of familiar characters and locations. Thankfully, this kid-focused game has no in-app purchases.


Help Dipper and Mabel defend against creatures from all sides in this wild and funny strategy game that features five Gravity Falls locations with over 40 waves of excitement. Li’l Gideon has reassembled the shards of the Amulet of the Doomed and summoned supernatural minions from the great beyond to descend on the Mystery Shack and other locations around town in an all out assault meant to scare Dipper, Mabel and Grunkle Stan clear out of Gravity Falls, once and for all.

FarmVille 2: Country Escape

Android Police coverage: [New Game] Zynga's FarmVille 2: Country Escape Leaves Limited Geo Beta, Now Out Everywhere

Though it's perhaps the quintessential Facebook game, the official and full sequel to FarmVille hasn't made its way to Android before now. But lo and behold, we finally have it, so you can finish your grueling day of toil at work and then simulate it with a go-happy game about grueling subsistence agriculture. The gameplay is pretty much the same as the original with a bunch of activities tacked on, and you can log into the same farm you play on Facebook, complete with your friends' additions.


A new mobile-optimized FarmVille experience is now available. It’s FarmVille tailored for you and the way you want to play. Best of all, it’s free. Farm at your own pace, whether you have 30 seconds or 30 minutes. Play with friends or on your own in our new Anonymous Mode: Facebook not required. You can also play when not connected to the internet. Join a Farm Co-Op to trade and share, and go on Farm Adventures to collect rare goods. Now, you can finally play FarmVille anytime… anywhere. Best of all, it’s free.


What happens if you combine the maddeningly frustrating mechanics of Flappy Bird with the insanely addictive math gameplay of 2048? Something that's at least as crazy as both of them put together. It's a blessing that the game's rather shoddy Unity port is crashing on my daily driver phone, or I might have been sucked into a mobile gaming black hole by now.


Flap your way to greatness as you gather multiples of 2. Based on the mega-popular titles: Flappy Bird and 2048. Coming soon: Google Play Games support and ability to disable ads.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Android Police coverage: [New Game] The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Swings Into The Play Store With In-App Purchases Caught In Its Web

Another Marvel movie in the theaters means another Gameloft tie-in game in the Play Store. To its credit, this one actually looks like a superhero game (lookin' at you, Iron Man 3) that at least tries to emulate the wide-open feel of some of the earlier 3D Spider-Man titles. The story seems to take a few liberties with the movie, but the gameplay itself is heavy on combo-happy web attacks. Note that this game is unrelated to the console title of the same name.


Become the Amazing Spider-Man in this open-world 3D adventure full of crime-fighting and non-stop action as you face the web-slinger’s greatest challenge yet. New York is under threat from a city-wide crime spree and only our hero Spider-Man can stop it. Standing in his way are Venom, the Green Goblin, Electro and other nefarious villains. Can Spider-Man restore order and safety to Manhattan?!

LEGO® Star Wars™ Microfighters

We usually applaud Lego games for their kid-friendly focus, because most of them feature no advertising or micro-payments. Of course that first point is kinda moot: Lego games ARE advertisements. For Lego. And the latest one is actually an advertisement for Lego's real-world take on micropayments, the adorably chibi Star Wars Microfighters line. But it's hard to stay mad at Lego, especially when they're offering a solid if simple top-down space shooter. You can fly or drive six of the tiny vehicles from the toy line through four separate worlds.


LEGO® Star Wars™: Microfighters featuring the brand new LEGO toy range. Get ready to step into the LEGO Star Wars: Microfighters’ digital universe for fun, blasting action. Playing with your Microfighters toys just became more fun as you can wield them on the go with your mobile device. Pilot up to six iconic LEGO Star Wars ships like TIE fighters and X-wings as you destroy enemies, collect studs, and control the galaxy. Download now, engage your hyperdrive, and jump into your very own mini-battles.

WH40k: Storm of Vengeance

Android Police coverage: [New Game] Warhammer 40k: Storm Of Vengeance Marches Single File Into The Play Store

Warhammer 40,000 is an intensely complicated and story-driven tabletop game, blending elements of high fantasy and grim science fiction. If you told a 40K fan that the series was coming to Android, he'd be excited. If you told him it would arrive in the form of a somewhat uninspired Plants vs Zombies knockoff, he probably wouldn't be. True, there's an element of strategy and customization, but I doubt it will be worth the $5 asking price (plus in-app purchases - for shame!).


Warhammer 40,000: Storm of Vengeance is a lane strategy game for PC and mobile devices set in the dark, gothic universe of Warhammer 40,000. Storm of Vengeance tells the story of a pivotal moment in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, during the legendary planetary conflict on Piscina IV. Storm of Vengeance offers the player the chance to command the tenacious defence of the planet with only 100 Dark Angel Space Marines, or attempt it's annihilation using the cunning of the Ork Waaagh.


If Bejeweled and a jigsaw puzzle had some kind of bastard offspring, it would look a lot like Polymer. The playing field looks like a Rorschach test, but you slide the various blocks around to connect amorphous blobs and create closed forms, which then explode. It's an interesting take on a crowded genre, but I get the feeling that the contrasting colors and crazy shapes will put off fans of more conventional, structured puzzle games.


Polymer is a strategic shape-creating game that combines the logic of Rubik’s Cube, the sliding mechanism of Chuzzle, and the creativity of Lego. Slide columns and rows to create never-before-seen shapes.

• Two Minutes: Casual and fast-paced
• One Polymer: Stress free and thought-provoking
• Bombs: Destroy the endless waves of bombs.
• Endless: No points. No time. No restrictions. Relax.

Bomb Buds

You know what classic ballistic games like Scorch and Worms are missing? If you said "Angry Birds-style star challenges," you're wrong, but you're probably the kind of gamer that Bomb Buds is aiming for. Turn-based strategic shooting on destructible 2D levels is the order of the day, and you've got a choice between the usual multiplayer maps or puzzle-style challenge maps. Beware of those in-app purchases in multiplayer, and also watch out for some buggy performance reported by early reviews.


Battle other players in an all-out war in BOMB BUDS, a brand-new action game. Your tiny garden warriors shoot weapons out of their heads with explosive results. Red Buds, Blue Buds, Robot Buds and Kitty Buds go “KA-BLOOM.” with over 12 crazy weapons. Pick your Buds and get in on the action.

  • CHALLENGE YOUR FRIENDS in multiplayer mayhem. Earn experience and climb the ranks.
  • SINGLE PLAY CAMPAIGN includes over 100 levels and a unique storyline for each Bud.
  • 30 MIND BENDING CHALLENGES to puzzle over. Try to 3-Star them all.
  • SPECIAL SKILLS for each unique Bomb Bud. Upgrade your Buds to boost their stats.
  • MORE maps, campaigns and Bomb Buds to come. Play to unlock them all.


Clumsy Ninja

Ninjas are, almost by definition, assassins, shadowy agents of death who strike silently in the velvet night. But the ninja in this game seems more interested in jumping on trampolines and popping balloons. Though there is a sort of story to Clumsy Ninja, it's essentially a more polished version of the old "Talking Tom Cat" digital pet games. This is the first Android game to come out of NaturalMotion (creators of CSR Racing) since they were published by Zynga.


Meet Clumsy Ninja, the most hapless ninja ever to grace a touchscreen. Train him, throw him, tickle him, and even tie balloons to him. Everything you do will make Clumsy Ninja more skillful, and help him find his missing friend Kira. Clumsy Ninja is the next generation of interactive characters. He can sense, feel, move, and react uniquely every time. Prepare to be amazed…oh, and please take good care of him.

Mini Warriors

Mini Warriors is an interesting mix between real-time strategy and the kind of on-rails defense seen in Plants vs Zombies. Your army is made up of a few customizable hero units who each command a legion of grunts. Deploy and move them effectively and you'll slice through your enemies before they can whittle you down. That said, the game has a depressing focus on dual-currency purchases and level grinding (which is mobile game language for "give us real money, you cheap suckers") that will probably make for a very unbalanced online multiplayer mode.


HUNDREDS vs HUNDREDS. prepare for WAR. rally your warriors and go forth on a mission of TOTAL DOMINATION. Algers was once a peaceful land, but battles over scarce resources have left the continent ravaged. The time is ripe for a leader to rise and unite Algers beneath his flag, and that leader is you. Do you have what it takes to turn a city into an empire?

• Gorgeous 2D cartoon graphics
• 50+ different heroes to command
• 10+ amazing skills
• 200+ challenging stages
• Thrilling battle
• Play online with thousands of other players

9 Elefants

An adventure game masquerading as a series of puzzles, 9 Elefants [sic] is charming in its presentation. A German professor is missing in Paris, and his daughter has to trek all over the city in the roaring twenties in order to find him. Gameplay is a series of puzzles and tableaus, and the art is captivating, but those looking for twitchy action should skip over this one.


Professor Weismann has disappeared. After arriving in Paris to present his latest invention, the Time Camera, at the Universal Science Congress, Professor Weissmann disappears without a trace. His daughter, Laura, believes he has been kidnapped. Aided by Eustache, the Professor's cat, Laura sets out on the trail of a mysterious sect, whose symbol is 9 elephants.

Pocket Gunfighters

Imagine a gritty, realistic first-person shooter starring Clint Eastwood's character from The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly. Now imagine him as three feet tall and starring in an arcade shooting gallery with Jack Sparrow. Gamevil's latest casual title is a pretty shallow affair, and though you can choose from various types of guns and progress through a story mode, you're basically just tapping endless waves of bad guys. Look out for Gamevil's usual atrocious IAP.


Play the ultimate action shooting game on mobile. Get into intense shoot-outs armed with pistols, shotguns, and machine guns. Evil villains are traveling through time trying to change history, and only you can stop them. Go on a shooting spree to save the world.

  • Collect over 50 popular gunfighters for your master collection.
  • Experience different gunfighters from all around the world.
  • Test your ability and see how far you can go with the endless stream of enemies.
  • Be on the top ranking listing to unlock exclusive and powerful gunfighters for your collection.

WTF Game(s) Of The Week

Beach God

Android Police coverage: [New Game] Beach God Is The Latest Impossible Game To Steal Your Time And Your Sanity

Flex your pecs as the ladies walk by, or you'll literally die from embarrassment. If you can't hold your manly pose until they're all out of sight, you're dead... and if you hold it for too long, you're also dead. Beach God is self-evidently impossible, but in that maddeningly addictive way that makes otherwise useless games like Flappy Bird so addictive.


Beach God -- The game to help you answer one of history’s lingering question: will YOU impress the beach babes? Act quickly and flex your guns to impress as many babes as possible, BUT be careful not to overexert yourself and finish the game all alone (again).

  • Simple one-touch controls that can be operated by all man-children
  • Incredible 16-bit graphics that will appeal to your inner hipster
  • Innovative AI. As usual, beach babes are harder to impress than you think.
  • Marvellous reviews. Including “This looks fun” by Dave in Accounts and “What do you want me to say?” by Tina on reception.
  • Finally, a healthy dose of irrelevant fun.

unnamed (1) unnamed (2)

Hairy Balls

I suppose Hairy Balls is a sliding puzzle game, at least based on the video below. I don't really know. I'm not spending a buck on it, since I don't want "hairy balls" in my app history.


Simple to play, hard to put down, highly addictive, it will challenge your brain. If you like brain training, you will love this puzzle game. Roll the balls towards their correspondingly colored mushrooms. The balls can only move in straight lines and will only stop when they hit something or another ball. Place your balls strategically to solve the puzzles. All balls must reach their correspondingly colored mushrooms to clear a level.

Llamas with Hats

Who would put a llama on a cruise ship? Llamas make excellent guards for livestock, but not for sea-bound tourists  - they object to the smell. (The llamas don't smell very good either.) Your job is to kick them off. No, I don't know why the llama is wearing a hat. This may be one of those Internet things that's beyond me.


In "Llamas with Hats: Cruise Catastrophe" you play as Carl the Llama as he joyfully kicks vacationers off the side of a cruise ship.

  • Full voice acting.
  • Action-packed action. And kicking.
  • Minutes upon minutes of gameplay.
  • Graphics and sound.
  • An icon with Carl's face on it.

If you love Llamas with Hats, you'll probably be amused by "Llamas with Hats: Cruise Catastrophe". Only 99¢ for a limited indefinite time. Every sentence in this description ends with an exclamation point.

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