With more and more smartphones featuring water resistance as standard, particularly Samsung's Galaxy S5, it seems like weatherproofing may be on the uptrend in the smartphone world. It's easy to see why - countless phones are lost to moisture-related incidents, whether it be a pool, toilet, or washing machine. Building phones designed to withstand the elements only makes sense, as nearly ever-present companions in our daily lives, our phones are bound to end up exposed to some less than electronic-friendly conditions during their lifetime.


So, with that in mind, how important is water-resistance, in particular, going to be for you when you make your next smartphone purchase? Vote in the poll below and sound off in the comments section.

How important will water-resistance be as a consideration for your next phone purchase?

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David Ruddock
David's phone is whatever is currently sitting on his desk. He is an avid writer, and enjoys playing devil's advocate in editorials, and reviewing the latest phones and gadgets. He also doesn't usually write such boring sentences.

  • Ciarán Kenny

    I'd rather not have water resistance if it meant not having to deal with those flappy openings. I've never water damaged a phone and would rather take the risk of that continuing to be the case than having to deal with those flaps.

    • Jephri

      I charge my z1s with a dock that connects to pins on the side of the phone. No flaps, no fuss and no worry about rain, condensation or drive by water balloon assaults.

    • http://www.flickr.com/photos/77537273@N03/ Herman

      It may be just me, but I actually prefer the flaps. They add a very clean look to a device, and I personally don't care about having to open a flap from time to time. Then again, with my current Z1 I almost never need to open flaps as I'm using the magnetic charging cable and since it has an uncovered headphone jack (which is why I like it so much more than the original Xperia Z).

      My previous Xperia S that I had for about two years had flaps too without being waterproof, and they're still all intact. So durability is fine to me :)

      • fzammetti

        Couldn't agree more. I love the flap on my S5, or more precisely, I WILL, once the damned wireless charging backs are available. Definitely better than the naked port on my previous S4 aesthetically and I already do all my data transfers wirelessly so there's no downside to the port once I have wireless charging.

        BTW, damn it Samsung, what in the BLUE HELL is taking so long for those backs?!?

      • Chris

        I miss the sliding door from my Vibrant (GS1)

      • yankeesusa

        Great point. It does give the phone a nice look. And with wireless charging you woudn't have to worry about charging with a plug.

    • Jephri

      In 2 years time there will be few other options on the market. LG has been following every move by Samsung for years and Sony already is on board the waterproof boat (pun very much intended). Watch, it will become another standard feature every flagship has in common.

    • Jordan

      I think having the flaps but also having wireless charging built in is a really good combination. I haven't had to plug in for a data transfer in years.

  • Jivester

    unbreakable screen certainly....but waterproof isn't essential

    • peatcoal

      Lol, like that will ever happen..

    • jonathan3579

      I scratch screens more than I break 'em so in my case I'd like more resilience towards scratches.

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/77537273@N03/ Herman

    I was in doubt whether I would get myself a Nexus 5, or Xperia Z1 for about €40 more. In the end I picked the Xperia Z1 for being waterproof.

    I've always been overly careful with phones: I wouldn't dare to let a single raindrop fall on my phone before. Now I'm happily taking my Xperia Z1 with me when I'm taking a shower to listen to music, and I can finally enjoy taking pictures in the rain. So for me, it's a very welcome addition (but I wouldn't rule out a phone without it yet).

    • Ibrahim Yusuf

      With a phone that don't have any kind of water resistance, it still can be used in the rain. even back with feature phones. I never had problems with this issue. I smeared my Sony Ericsson C510 with chocolate, so I just washed my phone in the sink. And my currently Xperia P I accidentally showered with it (don't ask), and it still works.

      tl;dr rain is never a problem with phones

      • PhilNelwyn

        Don't ask?!
        Man, how could one accidentally shower with a phone?

        • xHabeasCorpusx

          Drunk. Sexting, end up taking a shower.


          Pooping. Girl sends message, distracted. Take a shower.

          Texting at beach, tripped fell into a shower.

          All possible scenarios.

          • Sky

            the pooping sounds like the most reasonable situation.. of course,i only speak from experience ;)

          • Andrea Christopher

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            ★★★ ★★�★ ★★★ ★�★★ ★★★Wiped them down, put battery back in, and the phone booted up normally.

          • John Smith

            Rusty trombone... distracted... showered. I can see that one.

          • susan596

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          • John Smith

            blow me and your uncle

        • lancebukkake

          It happens

      • shonangreg

        I ruined the feature phone I had before my first android phone (Xperia X10) simply by walking on a very humid Japanese summer day using my phone under an umbrella. No rain ever fell on the phone, but a day or so later the camera lens was cloudy and then it all went haywire.

        Every phone should be rain and humidity resistant. Actually being able to drop one in a puddle or spill a drink on it is a bonus.

        • Ibrahim Yusuf

          that's why I buy sony phone, they are most of the time water resistance (read: not proof). My old C510 wasn't officially water resistance, it had a water resistance cover on the speakers and the ear speakers.

      • KojiroAK

        My Samsung Galaxy S2 says otherwise.
        Though, it rained really heavy and I had it out the whole time.

      • Hisham

        Actually i was with him when he accidentally showered with his phone, no homo not with him in the shower but we were taking showers before we hit the pool and he totally forgot about it, plus @disqus_pnRtQ4w8nx:disqus you should have mentioned that you went to the steam room and it still working hahah

    • Chris

      I've used my Note 2 in the rain plenty of times and nothing negative has happened.

  • yodatom10

    Only reason i'm picking up the GS5 next week is the ability to wireless charge... wouldn't want to deal with that flap every day

  • Captain Canada

    I think it's great that manufacturers are doing this but considering the GS5 and M8 have almost identical specs other than the camera I still believe design trumps water resistance. I just couldn't willfully use a GS5, design is too important to me. I do however have a problem that a limitation of water resistance requires flaps, I don't have a problem with the actual flaps but that these OEMs (other than Sony who includes their pin dock with the Z2 apparently) refuse to include a Qi charger in the box. Samsung is just so awful, every year their flagship seems to use cheaper materials and they don't even include Qi capabilities out of the box. Nobody wants to deal with those stupid flaps which must be easily breakable. Water resistance is welcome, the first OEM to include a Qi charger with their water resistant phone will be rewarded.

  • Nathan Talbert


  • Jephri

    Some of us really need waterproofing.

    • theunknown

      Remember that one episode of Dexter's Lab (the cartoon series) where Dexter covers himself in something to avoid flu germs from DeeDee infecting him?

      Maybe you can ask him, how he did it

  • MeCampbell30

    Waterproofing makes cooling phones difficult and hurts performance. It's a detriment more often than it is a benefit.

    • Sergii Pylypenko

      I'm sure it does not. Where did you see cooling fans on a phone?

      • MeCampbell30

        Why even comment without checking to see if you're wrong first? I don't understand fanboys.


        Cell phones are passively cooled by ambient air. When you seal them up and add a bunch water resistant coating it becomes much harder to cool.

        • Sergii Pylypenko

          Xperia Z1s has the same FPS number as One M8 in that article, with S5 lagging far behind. Z1s is even more water-resistant than S5, so I still do not see how did you reach that conclusion that water resistance ruins performance.

          They talk that One M8 is faster because of metal body, so you should compare two identical plastic phones to support your claim, like S4 and S4 Active.

          • MeCampbell30

            The Z1s has an aluminum chassis just like the M8 and a giant heatsink (unlike the M8) and it still performs worse on the same silicon (MSM8974).

        • shonangreg

          If your phone needs airflow through it for heat dissipation, then you're just asking for trouble. Water-resistant phones are designed to move the heat to the outside of the body and then have air flowing over the phone remove the excess heat.

    • Xman845

      .....You can just put it in water to cool it down. Never thought of that huh?

  • Trent Callahan

    Great, people will be ordering pizza from their showers.

    • Krzysztof Jozwik

      Though shalt not forgeteth the eleventh commandment. Though shalt not ordereth pizza from the shower.

  • firsta90

    Water resistance is only as good as the durability of the flaps. My z ultra's rubber gasket came loose after only 2 month usage and the manufacturer wanted to charge me for replacement as it is not covered by warranty.
    What a joke!

    So much for waterproof phone. I rather pay less for similar phone without water resistance claim.

    • Krzysztof Jozwik

      I'd rather a phone that's waterproof inside and out, with something like liquipel or some other molecular adhesive thing.

    • a

      This is very good argument, not something like 'sony xperia is best waterproof hurr'

    • shonangreg

      I have a Fujitsu Arrows X now. it is water resistant, but the USB flap is as thin as other, non-waterproof flaps. I've actually taken it into the shower not noticing that the flap was not fully seated.

      My old Casio G'zOne, on the other hand, has nice thick flaps on the side that are 4 or 5 millimeters thick. If they don't seat correctly, it is easy to see, and even then they are somewhat water resistant.

    • yankeesusa

      that can definitely be a problem. But my wifes z hasn't had any issues and she uses the cable charging every time and is not as easy as I am with phones. I will most likely get her the z1s on tmobile since she doesn't care what os version its on and the z1s is a great step up with better waterproofing.

  • steelew

    Water resistance is only as good as the person using the phone so far. If you leave your flap (he he) open you're done. If you get any knicks in your phone from dropping it... Those flaps though.... No, didn't someone come up with a spray that coats all of the internals and provides water protection, a couple of years ago?

  • knickly

    I'd strongly prefer one that had it - because I operate a waterjet cutter, I'm always afraid of my phone falling in and being ruined.
    Now if there were a phone that weren't waterproof, there are cases... but they're mostly hideous.
    The Xperia Z was my dream phone, and was absolutely gorgeous... stupid Verizon.

  • Krzysztof Jozwik

    I would LOVE to have it, but I'm buying the next Nexus regardless of if it's there.

  • http://twitter.com/qngml KONG!

    If no water resistant mean cheaper then I'd rather have no water resistant✌

    • Jephri

      water resistanty eh.

  • Jack Dunn

    Most phones have a degree of water resistece anyway, minus the ports obviously, I'm sure someone could make rubber covers for these ports to increase it slightly.

    I have a Galaxy Note 3 and have previous owned the water resisrent Xperia Z, I have used both in the shower in the same way (checking time, replying to texts etc). Both were fine.

    Most mobiles wouldn't break after a light soaking (phones can't be designed without taking rain into consideration) and I think waterproofing isn't useful for myself (I see it will be for others) until screens can still be interacted with reliably when wet.

    Although I have enjoyed taking video underwater with my Xperia Z before, but if it stops recording I can't restart it until the phone is dry again.

  • Sergii Pylypenko

    It's about time for some manufacturer to release a phone with no connectors at all - wireless charging, Bluetooth for music, and WiFi for file transfer, fill insides with a glue, and sell it cheaper than Nexus4, because less parts to assemble.

    • Christopher Mason

      That doesn't sound like a good idea - wireless charging & Wi-Fi File Transfer are both slow as hell, and not everyone has bluetooth in they're cars, nor does everyone want to shell out extra for bluetooth headphones.

      • Sergii Pylypenko

        Not everyone has cars, uses headphones, or transfers files from PC, but everyone loves cheaper phones, especially waterproof ones.

      • peatcoal

        Also you'd be fucked if anything ever went wrong with the software.

        • Christopher Mason

          Exactly. And you wouldn't be able to root or flash recovery/Roms, and even if you were, am unstable nightly/mod could break your phone.

      • Stacey Liu

        Is Wi-Fi file transfer actually slower. Local transfers on 802.11n/ac should have more throughput than USB 2.0.

        The limiting factor would be the device's NAND.

        • Christopher Mason

          In my experience with AirDroid and Wi-Fi file transfer, yes it is.

  • chris

    Who cares?

  • http://www.facebook.com/lucyparanormal Daniel Tiberius

    I'm spoiled by my Xperia Z Ultra. It's one less thing to worry about, though I've yet to ruin a phone with water.

  • Damian

    Not as important as battery life.
    It's a nice feature but what good waterproof phone that need to be charged every now and then?

    • firesoul453

      I think every phone in existence needs charged every now and then lol. But I'd totally buy a smartphone that could go 4+ days without needing to be charged.

  • gspida

    Not important at all. I don't trust people who like to take pictures underwater in a pool.

  • Trysta

    I've never actually had a phone with water resistance but I must say of all the features that the Galaxy S5 has the water resistance is probably the one I'm most jealous of. I usually keep my phone in the outer pocket of my purse for easy access and whenever it rains I have to move it to an inside coat pocket or something for fear of it getting wet. I've also spilled a mimosa on my old GNex, and dropped it in the snow and both times water resistance would have spared me that near heart attack moment when I wonder if I've completely ruined my phone. (although the Gnex was actually a tank and survived all of this abuse and more)

    Water resistance won't necessarily be at the top of my list when I upgrade my phone but if I was trying to decide between two equally good handsets water resistance would definitely tip the scale. (I know the chances are small but a water resistant nexus 6 would be sweet)

  • Jadephyre

    Not important at all, I don't plan on taking my phone into the shower with me, nor do I work at or frequent places that contain lots of water. I also don't drop my phone into puddles as I keep it in my friggin' pocket when i'm walking around outside (unlike those junkies looking at their cell all the time as if their friggin' eyeballs are glued to the screen).

    • shonangreg

      When it rains, just keep your phone in your protected pocket till you find an overhang. Meanwhile the people with water-resistant phones will be able to use them without a care -- and even take pictures of the strange creature hiding from the rain ;-)

  • miri

    My current rule is that it needs to have at least some attempt at protecting against water damage. Doesn't need to be as dramatic as port covers, Motorola's nano-coating is good enough for me.

    • peatcoal


  • firesoul453

    I'd use it as a tie breaker and thats about it.

  • ThomasMoneyhon

    Where is the 'if its on the nexus (or phone with unlocked bootloader) it matters, if not I will have to live without it' option?
    Basically saying unlocked bootloader is the first step in a phone purchase. Everything else is secondary.

    • KojiroAK

      That's under "nice to have".

    • peatcoal

      You mean unlockable bootloader? As far as I know, no phones come with an unlocked bootloader (well, maybe these newfangled CyanogenMod phones do, I dunno).

      • EowynCarter

        Geeksphone did that.

      • Christopher Mason

        My Samsung Galaxy Tab & my old Samsung Galaxy Exhibit both came with unlocked bootloaders, I was able to just Odin a recovery to them.

  • Alex Blair

    Ziplock bag has yet to fail me in the shower

    • peatcoal

      So many people in this comment thread take their phones into the shower.. wtf? I just don't get it at all, isn't the point of showering to get clean? How do you do that while using a phone?

      • Alex Blair

        Easily but it's mostly for music usage

        • peatcoal

          So you can't take a 10 minute break once a day from horribly tinny music from your smartphone speakers? Can't imagine how bad it sounds if your phone is also inside a sealed ziplock bag..

          If you really wanted music, wouldn't it make a huge amount more sense to have some non-shitty speakers somewhere else in the bathroom with your phone connected to them, where you're not risking destroying your very expensive smartphone every single day if one of the seals (or the ziplock bag) just happened for whatever reason?

          • Alex Blair

            Nexus 10 outside the shower sounds worse than my S3 in a bag inside... sounds perfect with the acoustics of a shower, will sound better with my One+ One when I get it

          • peatcoal

            I guess if it works for you, fair enough, but it's not something I'd even consider doing. Hope you have smartphone insurance is all I'm gonna say.

          • Alex Blair

            I do but with real Ziplock, not just store brand, the max that's ever happened was 1 or 2 drops getting in because it was a bag that had been used for like 2 weeks and was getting a lot of water on it

        • flosserelli

          That is why I have a boombox in my bathroom. Much better sound, and I don't have to worry about getting my phone wet.

          But to each his own...

  • smeddy

    I like the feature, but don't want to sacrifice removable batteries, until battery life increases to a 2 day minimum

  • Woe, Is [S]unjay

    "With more and more smartphones featuring water resistance as standard, particularly Samsung's Galaxy S5"

    It's sad that Sony doesn't get more recognition even though they were one of the first on the waterproof bandwagon. We all know that Samsung got waterproofing and the UI for the multi-homescreens from Sony.

  • David Trent

    Make a phone with a screen that won't crack. Now that would be impressive.

  • GraveUypo

    had a defy, had no problem switching to a galaxy s3 and didn't miss the water resistance.
    still, it's something i'd rather have than not

  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    Absolutely unneeded. It's not like I'm going swimming with my phone in hands

    • shonangreg

      It never rains where you live?

      • SSDROiD

        Most phones these days are waterproofed enough to handle rain (at least all the phones I've used). It's the volume of consistent, heavy amounts of water that becomes a problem.

      • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

        Do I look like an idiot who would walk under a rain without an umbrella and with a phone out?

        So why should I care about if the device is waterproof/resistant or not?

  • supremekizzle

    If the LG motherfucking G3 has it, then ya. If not, I don't need it...

  • Anthrox

    I would rather have good speakers more sensors than worry about waterproofing

  • dude

    My next phone is likely going to be the Moto X+1 and I hope they continue with the water resisting nano coating.

  • Roderick Gadellaa

    Waterproof is a nice feature but only if it doesn't get in the way (flaps that cover connections, for example). I was pleasantly surprised by a video on youtube that showed a Moto G being submerged in a sink for 30 minutes - you may not want to try that at home but when it accidentally happens it shouldn't be a big deal.

  • Merri Mogridge

    Having just replaced the antennae and volume/power button ribbon cable in my Xperia Z due to water damage, I don't think I'll trust waterproof phones 100% in future. Also the touchscreen seemed to work pretty erratically when it and your hands are wet.

  • Rick N

    Sony and samsung are asian phone :p

  • hot_spare

    If you ask android fans about anything not found in Nexus, that's a bloat. Not long before some Nexus fan call this as a Samsung bloatware. Obviously you will find this as useless as it not in Nexus.

    //useless poll.

    • Krzysztof Jozwik

      Are you retarded or just unable to comprehend poll results?

      • hot_spare

        The only retard here is you! This poll is in a android fansite, which itself makes it irrelevant. Can't you read that? Get your glasses if you can't see what I type. No wonder Samsung sells 1000x more than any Nexus because they don't worry about such irrelevant polls in android fansite which is not a representation of the actual smartphone population.
        Tons of polls will tell you how Nexus is better than Samsung phones, yet they sold 89million smartphones last Q. How many thousand Nexus got sold? When I say this poll is useless, it means it's useless. Read and understand. If you can't, don't bother to reply. I don't like wasting time with uneducated guys.

        • Krzysztof Jozwik

          Ok, so you're stupid. Clearly you didn't look at the poll, as a full 86% of people would like to have / require it. NOT quite "if it's not on nexus it's bloat". Only 14% think it's a gimmick, you're a fucking idiot, thank you, have a nice day, drink some mercury, it's good for you.

          • hot_spare

            some babies were dropped on their heads. you were clearly thrown at a wall.

          • Krzysztof Jozwik

            Looking back at your previous comment, Samsung cannot sell 1000x times Nexus because the N5 sold at least millions, which would mean billions of units moved by Samsung, which would translate to trillions in revenue.
            You don't like polls because? The masses buy whatever is better marketed to them?
            I don't get it. Just because people buy shit doesn't mean it's better, in the US we subscribe to this two party system, it's breaking the country, but there's so much money in these two parties we keep voting for them.

            tl;dr: (I know you need this since you're a moron)
            More popular != better.

          • hot_spare

            What are you on about?? I never knew one could be such a fucking retard. WTF politics of US got to do with what I said? I couldn't care less about what you do in your politics, none of my damn business.

          • Krzysztof Jozwik

            Once again:
            Samsung does not outsell Nexus 1000:1
            Popular != Better
            Case in point, the US political system.


          • hot_spare

            Not only you are an idiot, you are an absolute retard. How did they let you out of treatment so soon??

            I don't care about US politics, don't care if you guys kill each other or eat each other like cannibals. None of my business, and not interested. For the last time, I give a shit about US politics. If you want to discuss about politics, go to some other political forum..

            Bloody idiot..

          • Krzysztof Jozwik

            You don't seem to care about comprehending the English language either.

  • Ahmad Nadeem

    While it is important, it isn't that would rule out a phone that i'm buying..........Heck, phones that don't advertise water and dust resistance sometimes surprise us with what they can endure
    I've seen videos of the HTC One(M8) being submerged in a bowl of water for quite some time coming out virtually unharmed. Also the Moto G. which just says it has a "Water repellent coating" on the back was put in running water for 30 minutes and came out unscathed. Yes I won't be able to take them in a shower like newer Sony smartphones, but hey, why would you?

  • LeCool

    No interest whatsoever. Had a mobile phone since early 90's, used in all sorts of weather., never had any inclination to go swimming with it or flush it down the toilet.

    Beats me how we have managed to use mobile phones for past 20 years.

    A manufacturers gimmick and more added bloat features for the gullible consumer.

  • Danny Holyoake

    I would much rather prefer a phone that's useable with one hand, please.

  • pharmacy

    It's not quite waterproof, but water repelent, but I was really happy when I found out my Moto G had an hydrophobic coating.

  • https://plus.google.com/+TroyLeonard Troy Leonard

    Be an adult take care of your investment. Then no need. I have Never I mean NEVER broken or got wet any of my phones.

    • flosserelli

      You realize that you just jinxed yourself, right?

      • https://plus.google.com/+TroyLeonard Troy Leonard

        Nah I don't believe in superstitions, myths, Bigfoot or God. I am good. I am made of the dust of dead stars. My fate is my own. As are my successes and failure.

    • Ameshican

      Exactly. I have never submerged my phone in water and have just become accustomed to protecting it when I'm around any kind of water.

      • https://plus.google.com/+TroyLeonard Troy Leonard

        I am the manager of a computer and phone repair shop. It amazes my the stories I hear about how people ruined their phones. This one gal was sun bathing near a pool last summer. She said she set her phone on the edge, THE EDGE, of the pool and knocked it in when she rolled over. It was a brand new iPhone 5. WTF was she thinking.

        • IncCo

          She wasn't

    • Cuvis

      How's life inside the bubble?

      • https://plus.google.com/+TroyLeonard Troy Leonard

        What bubble I hunt fish camp and boat. I have a very active life. I just believe in taking care of my things.

  • Christian Wagner Jr

    well considering I dont take my phone near bodies of water or use it in the shower...its not to important to me. When it rains..it stays in my pocket anyway

  • Kolyan24k

    Never had an issue with water so not a problem for me but its a nice feature to have if u need to fish out your phone from urinal :)

  • Johnny Bravo

    Ive lived this long without a waterproof phone, and have been successful so far. If its there, ill take it, if not, then ill just see what comes out next year

  • Alain Lafond

    Yes it's important. But in fact... More important... I'm tired of being scared every time my phone fall on whatever surface.
    For me the next real advance will be unbreakable screen!!!
    Show me one, and I buy right away.
    And please don't talk about Gorilla 3 like resistance...

    • peatcoal

      As I said to the last guy who commented this (although I think he was joking, whereas you seem to be serious), that will never happen.

  • shamatuu

    Only way to buy a waterproof phone is if very company uses waterproof materials for all their phones for every relasese for both low and high end

  • JT3

    I would love to have a water resistant phone. However, phones like the S5, like the S4 Active before it, are only water resistant if the back is put on JUST right, the flaps are closed, etc. In other words, all factors have to be just right. Unfortunately, that means it can't be counted on in real-world situations, so it's kind of pointless. Make a phone that, like my watch, is just water resistant no matter what, and I'd call that an attractive feature.

    • peatcoal

      I don't think that would be possible if you wanted to keep any ports and the removable back. I'd definitely rather have those than full waterproofing.

  • biggerguysf

    This topic was a non-issue for me until a freak accident last week. I was putting my S3 into my back pocket after getting out of my car (at the laundromat) when it fell out and slipped through the grate of a storm drain I was standing next to. After a frantic moment, I went inside and the attendant on duty just happened to have some grabbers that we could use to retrieve it.

    Long story short, pulled it from the watery mucky after almost 10 minutes. Rinsed, removed battery, blew water out of ports with compressed air, then put both phone and battery into uncooked rice for 2.5 day. Wiped them down, put battery back in, and the phone booted up normally. Thank GOD for the slight amount of water-resistance.

  • Cuvis

    Water resistance would be a great feature to have, but if it means paying twice as much for the phone, I can do without it. I'm so over contracts and $600 phones.

  • namesib

    Not very.

  • Bryan Pizzuti

    Definitely nice to see availability expanding, especially with the "water exposure" excuse that carriers use expanding too. Wonder how they'll claim "water damage" with all the water resistant phones?

    • peatcoal

      Quite easily, because they're not claimed to be fully waterproof, it's a last resort thing, if they get water damaged it's still 100% your fault.

  • Stanley Chan

    Whaterproof is just for show of to your friends: hey look I trow my cellphone in a glass full of whater! Wow! Look the screen still works!

    • primalxconvoy

      You need to waterproof your spellchecker. I think you dropped it in a puddle.

  • Ricardo Kummel

    After losing my HTC One to water damage, I think it's pretty important.. That's why I'm thinking on getting me a Z2 or a new HTC Butterfly (if it comes with waterproofing - I love HTC phones).

  • jamesfuston

    This is a hard one. I have a Nexus 5 and Galaxy S5 that I switch between for daily drivers and the IP rating of the S5 wasn't a factor in my purchase at all. I can't remember the last time I lost a phone to water damage, but I know as soon as the S5 goes for a swim, I'll be glad I'm not out $600. That said, I can't stand port flaps.

  • Eric Santos

    Odd hype. Motorola has waterproof Android flagships since 2011, and from that year on, I've only bought Motorola phones due to their durability and reliability. Samsung and Apple, never again.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Motorola doesn't have any devices that are water resistant on the market right now.... So what does buying moto now have to do with this topic?

      • Eric Santos

        Both Moto X and G can hold 20 minutes submersed under 1ft of water without any sort of damage.

  • wcjeep

    On my previous Galaxy S3 I had a Lifeproof Nuud. Very convenient to use in the rain. The Lifeproof was bulky. With my Galaxy S5 I have a very slim Case.

  • dizel123

    i'm not gonna pee on my phone so who cares.

  • Sootie

    I think an option of I would love a waterproof phone but only if it comes with wireless charging might be a good additional option for the poll. The only time I plug my phone in these days is for charging it every night, other than that you would never need to open any waterproof flaps or anything else.

  • lossi amn


  • Android Developer

    It's a good thing, but if it ruins the day-to-day usage (like the cap for the connectors, especially the USB connector), I would probably prefer the one without it.
    But this is only because I use smartphone for development. If I didn't, I'd probably prefer the water resistant types, especially if the battery would also be improved to have quick charging.

  • Emme Di Kappa

    If every phone finally became water-resistant, pool parties would start being funny again rather than having everyone too worried about falling (read: being pushed) in the water to enjoy the pool itself, and THAT'S what matters

    • Peter

      No, the problem is too many morons who think they need to have their phone with them every second of the day. I hate to use the phrase, but "get a life."

      If you're at a pool party, leave your phone behind, or inside. Problem solved!

      Learn to actually have fun with OTHER PEOPLE, like 99.9% of the world did before phones.

  • gacl

    Water resistance is really important if you have small children. Those of you who don't have kids probably don't understand: my kids are climbing on me for hours every day, they get food on me and my phone and spill drinks constantly even from sippie cups. Also, with any kind of pool, sprinkler, splash pad play, getting wet is inevitable.

    • Peter

      I have two children, 4-1/2 years old and 15 months old, and it's never a problem for me. I simply don't get my phone near them. Better yet, I prefer to spend time with my kids, instead of on my device. Only after they're in bed do I worry about things on my phone. Problem solved!

  • John Smith

    Shower selfies on FB.... come on let's do this !!!!

  • TheBlueF0x

    For me, it isn't a necessity at all. I've never lost a phone to water damage, so it's not a big concern as I'm usually really careful with where I place my phone, etc. Plus, I hate those flaps to cover the ports.

  • needa

    as long as i can drop in a toilet or sink without having to worry i am good. current coatings already take care of this. ip67 would be cool and all. but not a necessity for most.

  • anonman

    It's nice, but I'd much rather have other features above it (MicroSD, non-glossy screen, physical buttons, unlocked bootloader).