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The first notable update for the new Android version of Mailbox adds a spiffy, time-saving feature: action buttons in the app's email notifications. Users should now see a "Reply" button on the expanded Mailbox notification, as well as "Archive" and "Snooze" buttons, which are activated via swipes while in the app itself. These should help achieve the app's stated goal of making email organization faster and easier for time-strapped mobile users.

2014-04-26 19.11.54 2014-04-26 19.12.08

The notification buttons are pretty similar to the ones for Gmail, though the icons have been adjusted (and Gmail doesn't have a snooze function). Aside from the new notifications and the usual "bug fixes and UI improvements," there doesn't seem to be any other substantial additions to Dropbox's email app in version 1.0.1. It's still free, and compatible with any Android device running 4.0.3 or higher.

Michael Crider
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  • Nate

    Whatever they are doing to overlay their "custom-iOS-clone" status bar on-top of Android's... really needs to stop. That's the only reason I'm not using Mailbox. I don't want an iOS7 app.

    • Gator352

      But...But...But...it's pretty....

    • Martin

      Because it looks like iOS you don't want to use it? This is sick man, you are sick.. Is this the most important thing in your life? It looks great.. Full of weirdoes.

      • Aooga

        Developers need to realize that Android is different than iOS. It has a different design language, and different icons. What looks good on iOS, looks horrible on android.

        • Martin

          Maybe they want to make Android like iOS and it will be so much easier to update their apps in the same time.. And this is a good thing. Let's be honest, most of Android apps look awful, and it's so much better with iOS style apps.. At least they look beautiful.

          • Casin

            There's a whole website from Google teaching you how to natively make Android apps beautiful. It doesn't involve cloning iOS.

          • Martin

            Google is making their own app not a lot different from iOS.. Especially with the new leaks for redesign OS.. :-)

          • Aooga

            My point still stands. Developers need to actually READ the design guidelines and follow them. It actually takes MORE work to make an android app look like an iOS one.

          • miri

            A few things to keep in mind:

            1. Most of what people associate with iOS actually has nothing to do with it. They're typically patterns and building blocks that are used everywhere but aren't used much on Android because they conflict with Android's excessive differentiation. This can potentially hurt both devs and Android as it can result in devs making awkward design decisions trying to shoehorn their features into native solutions that don't quite fit or they may need to spend additional time and money creating assets that they wouldn't needed to have made otherwise.

            2. Design documentation doesn't cover every use case and the handling of the use cases that it does cover may not always be ideal. If a developer needs something that isn't adequately covered by what the target platform offers, there's no issue with creating a new solution or porting one over that served their app well on another platform. Google, Apple and Microsoft and many other software developers do it and most times their apps are made better for it.

            3. A developer's primary goal is to get their app to best serve it's purpose and no one with any sense will tell you following design guidelines to the letter is the way to accomplish that. The guidelines are a starting point, not the goal.

          • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

            If a developer just says "fuck you" to the guidelines of designing an app for another OS - that means he is lazy and doesn't care about the audience. Such devs deserve to be 1-starred on the Play Store until they realize their "efforts" are not welcome

          • Martin

            Yeah it's so easy to talk "he is lazy, he doesn't care".. Why don't you try to make a good app, used by 1000000 people and support it in two different OS? All people know is talking BS.. So sad..

          • bL4Ck

            Indeed they're not lazy, they're extremely stupid, because maintaining a custom navigation top bar requires more work than just following Google guidelines and add one system component and a couple of icons into a folder.

          • Just_Some_Nobody

            "Why don't you go make and app..." That is such a pathetic and illogical argument.
            There's nothing wrong with not liking an app because it doesn't follow the platform's design language.

          • Paparazzi

            Why do they want Android to look like iOS? If they really want to make life easier for the purpose of updating, why not just make the iOS version look like Android?

          • Martin

            Because Android apps look ugly.. Who will destroy the good work to make it bad? Think man.. It's not so hard..

          • gh

            "Who will destroy the good work to make it bad?" Grammar man.. It's not so hard..

          • Martin

            English is not my first language man, when you speak Bulgarian as good as I speak English, we will talk again :-)

          • Just_Some_Nobody

            Wait, so you offer up your OPINION that Android apps look bad, and then you have the audacity to tell Paparazzi to "think"?
            LMAO, you're so brainwashed.

          • Just_Some_Nobody

            It would be easier for them to update their app if they stuck with Android's design language. They had to add an extra UI layer in code to get it like this. That's just asking for more bugs and and slower updates.

      • Raloc

        It's not the typical "it looks like iOS7" thing, it aggressively overlays system functions to emulate iOS7. On refresh it completely masks out your notification bar with its own hacky implementation.

        • Martin

          Only in you head man, only in your head :-)

        • Jackson Cunningham

          This is the exact reason I uninstalled it.

        • JuryDuty

          This is total bs. It does nothing like you've mentioned. Nothing. Stop smoking crack already.

      • Say

        Keywords : "Integration" and "Consistency"

        both OS have their own guidelines. On Android you expect an android look&feel, not a bastard override.

        If you are forcing iOS guidelines over Android ones, or vice versa, then it means you don't really bother about respect for the user experience on this OS.

        • Martin

          And if they make all apps like in iOS they will have the same guidelines. Win - win. I don't give a F for guidelines I want beautiful OS with beautiful apps.. This is all I care.. I don't care if it's copy from Apple, webOS, WP.. Just make it beautiful.

          • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

            So go buy an iPhone and have your dose of iOS design

          • Martin

            So I want to customize my phone, SO iPhone is not for me right now. If Android looks better + customization this is the perfect phone.

          • Say

            So get out of an OS if the guidelines don't satisfy you, learn about ergonomic and don't bother us with your preference for the disorder.

            Better solution, use paper.

          • Martin

            You are getting angry for mobile OS.. Pretty sure you are the idiot.. And I am sure how Android looks is your last problem in life but you are to dumb to realize it.. Sad story..

          • gh

            Says the person who is complaining about how android apps should look like iOS apps.

            "And if they make all apps like in iOS they will have the same guidelines. Win - win. I don't give a F for guidelines I want beautiful OS with beautiful apps."

            " I am sure how Android looks is your last problem in life but you are to dumb to realize it.. Sad story.."

          • Martin

            Follow the conversation. I don't say for good looking apps they are ugly because they don't follow the guidelines.. And never said they need to look like iOS.. I don't care if they are HOLO or iOS. And yes, you can say this is my last problem :-)))

      • Just_Some_Nobody

        There are these things called design guidelines that each platform has and developers should adhere to. It makes most users happy because there is a consistent, predictable user interface, then.

        Get off you attitude.

      • Nate

        If you get a new email, my statusbar disappears to show me I have a new notification. What it *should* do is use Android's Ticker Notification API and use it like everything else. It's bad UI to make something disappear that doesn't disappear in all of my other apps. I dont' want to support an app that doesn't make an effort to use the design language of the platform they're developing for. I don't think that's "sick".

    • Damian


      • susan596

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    • Frank Lopez

      Are you seriously complaining about that lol - soundsl ike you need to get a life.

    • Phil.i.am

      I reckon Google should share some blame here. Yes being "free" is good and all, but as shown by many apps, some devs don't care about the guidelines and spit on it, and everything looks inconsistent as a result.

      I reckon the Big G needs to be more strict on the guidelines

    • JuryDuty

      This is you and all you. If you don't have a fscked up phone. This doesn't happen.

  • Marcus Clendenin-Bey

    This was the reason I deleted it when it was first released. I'll give it another shot now, I love it on my iPad

  • AOSPrevails

    Installing Malibox ranks #2 on my list of "things I did just for getting 1GB of Free Dropbox space".

    • sssgadget

      Same here. I got my gig of storage and uninstalled the app.

  • David Jacka

    I would love to give it a try but apparently it's not compatible with Nexus 5!

    • G3Sidhu

      It is.

      • David Jacka

        I get the "this version is not compatible with your device" message in the play store. Running 4.4.2 rooted on nexus 5.

        • G3Sidhu

          That's weird, i have it installed on mine. Try downloading the apk perhaps?

        • JuryDuty

          Stop fscking with your DPI or navbar height and it'll install just fine.

          • David Jacka

            That makes sense. I use DPI 400 cause 480 is just to big for my liking. I'll just use the xposed mod to allow all apps to show then. I didn't realise that the pay store checked more than just the model and is version.

          • JuryDuty

            That won't do it. Have fun wasting your time though. Either get the apk separately or set your phone back to 480 and 48 point navbar.

          • David Jacka

            Just ran the xposed mod and it worked fine. Mailbox installed fine. Best of all world's. 36 point nav bar with 400dpi and app issue fixed.

  • abobobilly


    Moving On .....

  • Casin

    I can tolerate the iOS cloning as the app itself looks pretty. What I can't tolerate is the fact that all the good features in Gmail have just gone poof in Mailbox. There's no labels so I can't categorize my mail by subject. There's no auto filter tabs so now my promotions and social stuff is mixed in a big jumble with my regular inbox. Mailbox has potential, but it's not going to win me over until it adds back all the features in regular Gmail.

  • http://iron2000.blogspot.com/ iron2000

    No 'mark as read' ?

    • Jonathan Daggar

      I have the same complaint.

      Unfortunately, from what I've read (and I could be wrong), Android has some built-in support for things like "Archive" and "delete" but none for "Mark as Read."

  • Ray Bear

    What it needs is a widget that lets you do your email sorting from the desktop, like Gmail, the stock email app, and K9.