Verizon is not known for being liberal with the OTAs, but Galaxy S4 owners have been on the verge of revolt waiting on this one. Now, the KitKat update is finally heading out to the Samsung Galaxy S4. Users all over the country are reporting it is available for download, so begin mashing the update button.


This update will tweak some of the UI elements and add KiKat features like HCE. The UI isn't going to be switched over to the Galaxy S5 aesthetic, though. It's still going to look like the GS4, just a little more clean. Make sure you back up and remove any mods you might have made that could cause the update to fail before going for it.

Verizon has yet to update its official support docs, so we're not sure of everything that is in the OTA. We'll update later when we have details.

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Ryan Whitwam
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  • casytsm

    PSA: Breaks foxfi wifi mode. Don't upgrade if you use it.

    • robtoledo23

      FoxFi has been updated to work with Android 4.4 now, at least for Galaxy devices. Carry on.

  • Tid Bit

    downloading now... hopefully I can now install the Google Camera app

    • TylerChappell

      It should work, it is at least working on my DNA after yesterday's KitKat update, as well as the Google Now Launcher for that matter. My DNA finally feels like a Nexus more than ever lol

      • Tid Bit

        Yep... It works!

  • turbooo

    is this going to break root w/o custom recovery on it?

  • RSA

    Keep clicking till you get rid of this message :(

    • jboogie1289

      I had this pop up on my Note 3. Thought it was pretty interesting to say the least. Was hoping to be in for a SURPRISE!

    • RSA

      I think those who are waiting for OTA can give a try using verizon software assistant!

    • verizon customer

      that doesnt stop it

  • TylerChappell

    wow, I got 4.4.2 on my DNA before my mom got it on her S4!? What has the world come to? Better late then never I suppose.

  • Tid Bit

    My apps on my SD card are still on the micro SD card and they work.

  • http://zachariahyounkin.wordpress.com/ Zach Younkin

    Any news on the Galaxy S3 receiving this update?

    • Brando

      The Galaxy S3 wont be getting kitkat. Sorry

      • ss1315

        Yeah it is... Samsung even confirmed it themselves. Verizon is said to be pushing it out withing the next 2 months. Get your sources straight before you start talking.

        • Alex

          Samsung galaxy s3 is getting kitkat :) sources :)

        • Frank

          So realistically it'll be more then 2 months... Funny I dropped HTC to get my S4 because of the whole Thunderbolt Crisis, and now Samsung falls behind HTC. I can't catch a single break anymore.

      • Troy Hicks

        LTE S3 will get kitkat. 3G versions in other countries will not. Read fine Print

    • Mrs Arby

      Lucky you won't have to deal with this crap! I wish I could remove the update on my s4.

  • Crispin Swickard

    Also US Cellular started rolling out their update earlier this week.

  • Adam Truelove

    Just in time for it to be outdated in a couple months.

  • Eli Shirk

    Any bugs discovered yet?

    • Jake

      On my S4 I now keep getting a constant tone every five seconds even on mute. Can't figure out what is going on. Anyone else?

  • Zach Berger

    Its about fucking time. Welcome to the party Verizon.

  • Jason

    DON'T DO IT! KIT KAT IS BEYOND AWFUL! I'm with ATnT, I've had this crap for over a month and want desperately to be rid of it. Crashing apps, dishonesty disappearing apps, excess battery drain, unstable Wi-Fi to name just a few of the endless bugs. Unless they've drastically changed things stay away from this 4.4.2 nightmare release!

    • Chad S

      Probably the reason it took so long, was Verizon was trying to fix those problems before release. So far my S4 that is updated on Verizon to 4.4.2 is working flawlessly (other than the slight lag present on nearly all Samsung devices since...like...ever)

      • cassidywise

        Its working fine on my phone, I just hate how it looks and how its changed the way my phone works. Does anyone know how to get rid of the update?

    • Bla Bla

      thts because at&t sucks . lOl !

      • Mrs Arby

        No, it's not only att. Verizon p pushed the same update and it SUCKS! kit Kat is horrible!

        • ZWizz

          I have to agee. I normally dont post but the update is a piece of .... ! Glitches all over the place. Pure sloppiness!

      • mamajessica

        Normally I would agree; however, as a Verizon customer with a Note 3, this is the worst update ever! I am getting half the battery life even with numerous power saving settings. And the Wi-Fi is unstable as well. Stay away from this update at all costs!!!

    • Cat

      I am feeling thee exact same way! Only I have Verizon and my phone has all kinds of other problems since this update! Nothing works right now and forget internet anywhere that i used to be able to get it. Major delays in loading apps, even the ones that were factory installed.This update ruined my perfectly great phone and turned it into crap that doesn't even work properly anymore! Dumbest update for me ever! Crazy how for some people it has been the best thing ever and for others a nightmare!!!!! How does that happen?!?

      • md

        ME TOO!!! And it is taking 10 or more trys to send text half the time...I also had 4 bars of 4g service at my house....and now NONE!!! I HATE THIS AND NOW HATE MY PHONE!!

    • jpender

      Yup EXACT same thing happened to my phone when I updated this crap! Ughh is there a way to get rid of it after already updated it? WORSE UPDATE EVER!

      • jpender

        Oh I have Verizon!

    • Sharlynn

      I really wish I had seen this yesterday morning. I got the update & dutifully installed it. Since then I have no battery life. I get about 4 hours tops, if I don't use the phone at all....less if I do. It's even losing charge WHILE it's being charged. It died again this morning while it was plugged in....now I can't turn it on and it's just sitting here vibrating every 5 seconds. It pretty much has to be off to get a charge faster than it uses one. Apps are crashing, I'm missing calls and texts, I can't even use the internet. The flip phone I had in the late 90's was more useful than this phone is after installing Kit Kat. WORST UPDATE EVER.

  • KanishkSingh

    Does google wallet work?
    It looks like ISIS is using the Host Card emulation but google wallet is blocked from using tap and pay?

    • William Hunt

      Wallet let me set it as the default tap to pay after the update.

      • KanishkSingh

        What did you do to enable it?

        • William Hunt

          I opened the wallet app and it asked me if I would like to enable tap to pay. (As a disclaimer I had previously rooted my device and have messed around before unsuccessfully trying to get it to work, so it's possible that this update just fixed something for me)

  • Guest

    And this is why I will never buy another samsung product for the rest of my life.

  • Richard Yarrell
  • C Scott Willy

    If you save data on your SD card be wary of this update. Unless you plan to root.

    • Ehernandez

      why is that???

  • William Hunt

    I did the upgrade and it seems like my Google wallet tap to pay is going to work now. I have not tried it yet but wallet let me set it up and replace Isis as the tap to pay client.

  • Josh

    Where are you guys downloading it from?

  • Daniel

    Finally, i can update it.


  • Jeffrey Fazal

    I was
    waiting for this update on my Galaxy S4 device since long time after my friend
    purchase Nexus 5 that launch with this new version on October last year. Once my
    phones get fully charged on wireless charging pad , I will update it with latest
    Android version.

  • Garrett Bridges

    I CAN HAZ ON MY NOTE 3 PLZ VERIZUN. But seriously. 4.4 please.

    • Justin

      lmfao good sh*t. Been waiting and waiting and waiting for this Verizon Note 3 KitKat update. Good laughs helps the painfully long f'n wait.

  • aljo

    Yeah.. till this update i was perfectly setisfied with my phone... now i am getting troubls with the phone. Each few days starts to be slow.. home button doesn't work, you can not switch between apps... I must take off batery and it works normaly for a few days. The the app for remote control it is saying that i dont have ir on my phone....

  • aljo

    4.2.2 is pure b... s... i was avoding this update because i didn't check the coments and not long ago i accidently pressed yes and here we go.. it is realy anoing that ewryday i find some new problem. If samsung doesnt relese some new update stable as it was the one before kitkat, i will change this phone..

  • mmaug

    Lots of problems on VZ GS4. UI does not refresh properly. Phone won't hang up. Wifi is unstable. Device is nearly unusable.

  • corrynn

    Kitkat update will not shut off mobile data when using wifi. Called Verizon. .. no fix can be made. Have to manually shut off mobile data each time accessing wifi, then back on when out of wifi area. Boooooo android and your crappy update!!!!!!


    I have an issue after the update, if it use twitter the keyboard stays on the screen and will not come off, it won't let me use the return button also. I keep hitting the home key and nothing happens. It locks up. I have to wait a few seconds and get it in lock mode to have screen go blank and then it will go away. VERY MAD. It was fine before this update. Anyone else having this issue?

  • John

    Every single time I read a blog about Verizon "finally" pushing an update you have people, who most likely half know what they are doing, have done something to their phone and the update is causing issues. Gee I wonder why Verizon, with the largest amount of customers, waits so long to roll out the updates. How much all these people on here complaining this and that don't work now are calling Verizon? You people are the problem, not Verizon.

    • mamajessica

      Agreed and am glad Verizon waits but unfortunately my hubs thought he was being nice by updating my phone when he used it and now I am getting half the battery life even
      with numerous power saving settings. And the Wi-Fi is unstable as
      well. Stay away from this update at all costs!!!

  • eri

    It's junk! Slowed my phone way down, avoid at all cost. Don't download!

  • dbmaster

    I got the update and my phone behaves worse now. Input with the keyboard in some apps and many sites is horrendous and frustrating. Its like randomly cycling through the shift and Sym keys while typing. At startup the OS has trouble killing off apps that want to start but shouldn't. It was stuck on an eternal loop informing me that Twitter had crashed. The only way to clear the message was to reboot the phone. Other little niceties like increased battery drain Andy phone running hotter are just sauce for the goose.

  • W

    Everytime I reboot my S4 now the wifi is turned off after it boots back up thats kind of annoying.. I've had numerous apps crash and disappear since upgrading.

  • big rig

    note 3 4.4 update has arrived for verizon...got it this morning 5/12

  • Andrea Thielke

    I just got my update over night, and I already don't really care for it. Its the small things like all of the icons at the top being all white now. Now my fancy phone with fancy screen settings looks plain and boring. Not to mention I can't see them as well with out my glasses, even my contacts don't help much. They all kind of blend together now. At least when the battery indicator was green and the signal icon had colors I knew what I was looking at at a quick glance. I guess maybe I'm to picky about the small things, but since I still only use my phone for calls, texts and the occasional YouTube for Facebook browsing its the small things that I notice the most. Wish they'd just leave the small things alone.

  • Keith Lawrence

    I haven't noticed much of a difference since the update. A few things I did notice is that the Assistive Light app no longer works and they added a cool Voice Mail update that allows you to read your voice mail..

  • verizon customer

    the update is nothing but a fuck up.and anyone pushing it is a total moron

  • Eric V

    My phone has been horrible since the update. Went from the best phone I ever owned to the worst. Problems include:
    - Battery drains WAY too quickly. I went from being able to squeeze a full day in (maybe have to charge around dinnner time) to having to keep it plugged in a majority of the day.
    - SLOW in changing apps.
    - Have to restart or remove the battery appx 5-6 times per day.
    I know I probably need to do a facory reset, but the time to backup everyting, reset and start over again is just not there.

    • scribby

      Seems to be a track record with all of these US Phone companies. I had an HTC incredible that great then It total was f.ed up. I really believe this is how they get you to buy the next thing. I did not upgrade my S4 this time I which I could keep it from asking. I feel they are all not honest from the get go.

  • Bridget Erlikh

    what's an OTA?

  • Lauri

    I stopped doing system and app updates but I accidentally updated about a week ago and I've had to reboot almost daily since!! 2 of my coworkers are having all kinds of problems too. After the reboot I unplugged it and it immediately went nuts because I was getting a text at the same time.
    The complaints here out weigh the success stories so what's our options? I loved this phone and am seriously considering changing phones AND carriers. I have Verizon and I'm getting sick of their crap.
    Do we complain to Samsung or our carriers or wait for a fix....which with the way most updates are, just get worse....

  • lilo

    Update just killed my memory & battery life time -.-

  • Bill Weihrouch

    I just bought my Note 3 with 4.4.2 (Verizon) and I agree, I am having disconnected internet issues, endless wifi cycling between differing wifi accounts, it's freakin horrible. What a waste trying ti use this On Verizon which is typically very strong connect wise.