KitKat has started to come to the international variant of the Galaxy Note II. As SamMobile has reported, the update is currently available to users in France. It's an official build available through Kies, with no word yet on when an OTA is scheduled to go out. When it does, it should hit other regions as well. The update bumps the software version up to N7100XXUFND3.

NoteII1 NoteII3 NoteII2

This update includes the goodies that come with Android 4.4, such as white status bar icons, a camera icon on the lock screen, and wireless printing. Samsung's own perks are included as well, including KNOX. For more of the details, hit up the source links below.

Source: SamMobile, Samsung Updates

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  • Krzysztof Bryk

    or to download that firmware in 5 minutes not 5 hours visit http://sammytoday.com/news/kitkat-for-galaxy-note-2-online.html ;]

  • Sal

    Look forward to installing the Google camera.
    Do I need to enable apps (mostly Samsung ones) that I've disabled before applying the update?

    • Roh_Mish

      No need

  • MeCampbell30

    App drawer really doesn't work with translucent decor. That needs to be changed.

    • http://k3rnel.net Juan Rodriguez

      You can install an alternate app launcher, like Nova :P

    • Guest

      I guess they're really trying to maintain differentiation (in terms of UI) between different generations of devices, because the Galaxy Note 3 Kit Kat release doesn't look anywhere near this outdated. Then again, it doesn't really surprise me that a company is artificially limiting features or design to entice people to upgrade from a still perfectly capable phone to a newer model.

      • HugePotato

        I guess my next phone is Oneplus One. Less than half the price of S5 or HTC One(having nearly the same specs, well more ram) and I don't see Cyanogenmod leaving development for that in at least 4 years. Killer

  • Christopher Robert

    any word on anything from the Carriers? Been waiting on this update for FOREVER!

  • http://www.jomarx.com Jose Marie Maquinay

    I hope they release the firmware for the LTE version next (N7105), so that the deal can work on the Knox disabled, pre-rooted version...

  • http://k3rnel.net Juan Rodriguez

    Been waiting since forever for a Galaxy Note 8 update. It's been announced, but so far, a no show.

    • Nathan Starr

      I hear you.

      Love my Note 8, but the locked bootloader and 4.1.2 make it almost a waste.

  • Justin

    Well Verizon won't get this on their Note 2 until December of this year probably as they can't even push out a KitKat build for their S4 or Note 3. While many other carriers have had it for at least a month now, some 2 months, all while some have received 2nd KitKat updates, as well as the Galaxy Note 3 Neo getting it too and the S4 active. I'm sure the carriers will push this out for the Note 2 in 2 months or so, but if you have a Note 2 on Verizon, I'd say December.

    • bassman418

      I got tired of waiting for it on my note 3 and rerooted my phone again and install it on Tuesday. It works great. As minimal as people say it is coming from 4.3 it's has some little changes here and there that I like. This is the official leak not a rom.
      Check it out here. 😃


      • Justin

        lol I hear ya. I just don't have the time these days to tinker with my phone, got a lil one running around, keeps me busy. But I saw the NC2 leak on easter, everyone says it's stable and full SD card access. I hear the OTA for the Galaxy Note 3 should end in ND4 or NDXX so it won't be the NC2 build, which I know offers a lot of flexibility in terms of development since it isn't as locked down as this OTA will be whenever it gets released. Maybe.....a few months from now??? :-)

  • Nick Cannon

    Hope N7105 comes out later today too

  • C Scott Willy

    PSA Update your Note II to kitkat and you can throw away your SD card.

    • Roh_Mish

      No music playback? Solid explorer had some hacks to make it work if I am correct.

    • ProductFRED

      Or root it, run this one, and get it working 100% again:


      Working 100% on my Note 3

      • C Scott Willy

        Root is needed at a minimum.

        Reading the comments for SDFix on Google Play many reports of SDFix working on the S4, but few saying SDFix does not work on their S4. Your milage may vary.

  • Chris

    Samsung's been doing pretty awesome with updates...


  • Android Developer

    Will this brick the N7105 device (the LTE model) in case you flash it?

    • SaD

      Yes.dont flash it

    • Steve Siva

      Yes it will. Wait for the actual firmware for 7105. Hope they release it soon :-/

      • Android Developer

        Why does the LTE model get so neglected?
        Isn't it supposed to be superior than the normal one?

        • Steve Siva

          Two reasons; it's either they need to test more due to the type of 4G radio used in N7105 as opposed to that of later models, or it's "marketing for the masses". As for the latter, not many countries sold the LTE model, unfortunately. More N7100 were sold internationally especially in large markets like India. It's probably an appeal to the majority to start liking Samsung again for their sluggish updates released over the last 2 years.

          • Android Developer

            Why not making just the LTE version, which also supports the traditional, more common way to communicate?
            I think they are about the same in terms of specs, no?

  • Mystery Man

    What about T-Mobile

  • http://twitter.com/anishbhalerao Anish Bhalerao

    Ok- did I read that right? 1.74 GB? Wut?
    That is TEN times what stock Android KitKat update was! WTF does Samsung have going in it, anyway?

    • 4laptop4

      Read again it's the RAM not the update package

      • dude

        Samsung ODIN image is like 2GB+.

  • Aki I.


  • gordon brown

    My suggestion : Forget this update and Give your N7100 a Ditto Note 3 (DN3) ROM treatment with KitKat in it
    How To Install Flash Player on Samsung Galaxy S5

  • Ban

    My N7100 is not showing me updates at all. I tried with Kies and the same thing.
    It's still on 4.1 -___- I don't want to root my device please help!!