Ever since Google Now became a thing, I've used the hell out of Google search on my phone. Need to find a gas station? "Ok Google, where's the closest gas station?" Trying to find someplace I've never been before? "OK Google, navigate to <address>." You know, common stuff that just makes sense.

Now, Google is making it easier to find a restaurant near you, which includes a new "filter" option that lets the user define certain criteria, like price, rating, hours, and type of cuisine. Here's how it works: fire up your phone and say the hotword ("OK Google" on Nexus devices, "OK Google Now" on the Moto X) and tell it to find restaurants in your location. I'm outside of Dallas, so we'll just go with "downtown Dallas."

Screenshot_2014-04-25-15-51-48 Screenshot_2014-04-25-15-44-45 Screenshot (03_58PM, Apr 25, 2014)

As you can see, it spits out a pretty typical list of options. But then there's the "filter" button. This helps break things down nicely, so you can find the perfect restaurant. Simple, quick, and convenient. I dig.

This feature should be available now in Google Search on mobile – give it a shot.


Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • remister

    This and restaurant menus, Google is getting to the foodies out there.

    PS I am still awaiting the bill reminder. COME ON!

    • Dakota

      You could say "remind me to pay rent on xxxx" for it to send a reminder, couldn't you? And then set it up. Monthly

  • bigbee

    This is great, and the UI is really nice. The voice response, however, says "Here are addresses for restaurants near Dallas," but the addresses aren't actually shown. Google needs to update the voice response to "Here are restaurants near Dallas."

  • MO

    dallas texas representing sun! there's a burrito jimmy downtown thats good mmmmmm..

  • whispy_snippet

    *sigh* US only it seems.

    • Andy

      Yeah not working in Australia either... :(

      • whispy_snippet

        I'm in Australia myself, mate! ;)

        • Andy

          Nice, Sydney here! Frustrating when we don't get new features considering that we speak the same language!

          • My name is….

            yeah, because the problem is the language.......

        • Bruce

          Yeah mate another Aussie here

          • GG

            Not working in the UK either mate :-(

    • jason

      There are other countries? ::shrug::

    • pharmacy

      Doesn't work in Portugal either. = Such a shame, this is a feature i've been waiting for, a long with the menus.

  • Dakota

    It would be nice if when features like these are added, Google would somehow inform its users. No doubt there are many things googly can do that users don't use because they don't know. Most customers will never see the random post. At least on a Nexus, why isn't there a notification that links you to a page which explains these changes

    By the way, my Nexus 5 isn't showing any of these features and Ive tried 4x. But then most features often don't work

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  • Kevin Aaronson

    Aside from the awkwardness bigbee stated this is awesome!

  • Marc

    Google want 99% of your activity to be spent under Chrome and Google Now.
    It would help stop the fragmentation problem.

    Yup... I'm suggesting that Google want to pull the Card System as your home screen.
    Basically, if Google boosted the launcher to be more diligent, the.I'd never have to bother with the app or the mobile news site cause Google "everywhere news" or something cheesy would be tracking my searches and listening to the TV.

  • Zimmerman

    Cool I'll try it when I get to DC

  • DirkBelig

    No filter option for me on my Nexus 5; just a list of restaurants within 4 miles. I'm in America, too.

  • John Longson

    Would it be too hard to ask Google Maps to just return its Nearby Places option? Google+ queries it (and even requires you agree to GMaps terms upon signing in), Whisper queries it...