Well I'll be gosh-darned. The Rufus Cuff, a super-sized smartwatch-smartphone hybrid powered by Android, has met and surpassed its ambitious $200,000 crowdfunding goal. It appears that at least a thousand people or so are excited enough by the prospect of a gigantic touchscreen wrist communicator to lay their money down. I'm going to assume that at least 800 of them are extremely dedicated Turanga Leela cosplayers.


The Rufus Cuff is technically a smartwatch, because it relies on a Bluetooth-connected Android device or iPhone for data when not in range of a WiFi network. The creators claim that the Rufus Cuff will run a full version of Android 4.4 on its relatively massive 3-inch screen, and according to the Indiegogo campaign, they'll submit the device for certification and access to the Play Store. The funding page touts full voice calls, video chats, and the usual mishmash of alerts and fitness functions. The Cuff differs from other watches (as you might expect from the name) in that it's designed to be worn with the screen on the underside of your wrist. Swappable wristbands, including premium leather versions made by DoDoCase, are planned. The IG page says that the creators are not interested in using Android Wear.


To celebrate their victory, Rufus Labs is extending the IndieGogo campaign for an extra 20 days, now ending on May 17th. If you want one of the ginormous smartwatches, you've got until then to select a backer level - hardware rewards start at $269. (And considering the hardware compared to other "watches," including GPS, 16GB of storage, and 2GB of RAM, that's not unreasonable.) Delivery is planned for September of this year, though ambitious crowdfunded projects like this one have a nasty habit of slipping far beyond their initial schedules.

Rufus3 Rufus4

To me and some of the other Android Police team members, the Rufus Cuff seems more than a little ridiculous. What's the point of wearing a gigantic touchsreen watch that's nearly the size of a smartphone, if it still needs a smartphone for a mobile connection? But then again, none of us are sitting on nearly a quarter million dollars for a design idea, so I suppose Rufus Labs can laugh all the way to the bank.

Source: Rufus Cuff Indiegogo

Michael Crider
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  • GreatNews

    The founder was like "Hey how about putting your tablet on your hands with straps...???" And bingo Done!

  • bedwa

    Agreed.... I'll stick with my Neptune Pine coming just into May (first few days of May) and these backers can have their Gigantic fun....

  • morteum

    It looks like the future! If you're living in the 90's.

    • Jalok Xlem

      Instead of calling it the "Rufus Cuff." It should of been called, the "Pipboy" 9000.

      I mean seriously! If you look at it in a angle, it sort of does look like the Pipboy from Fallout.

      • morteum
        • Jalok Xlem

          ఠ_ఠ touché!

      • MyLeftNut

        Would be awesome though if it tied in to the next Fallout and you could use it as an actual pipboy to check your inventory etc without having to pull it up on screen.

        Technically they could do that with any smartphone but how much more easier would it be if it was already attached to your wrist so your hands are free and it's bigger than the average smart watch screen. I would buy it just for that if it became a reality.

  • tsu takamoto

    This sounds more like trolling gone bad and now with a massive cash flow coming their way, they now need to actually produce the watch they were making fun of. It literally is a smart phone on your wrist, which completely defeats the purpose of having a smart phone in your pocket. The point of a smart watch is to be small, yet give you enough information needed that you don't always have to take our your phone from your pocket. The Rufus Cuff defeats the purpose, and actually is just another phone on your wrist.

    • Hpoint

      Thats your definition of a smartwatch. Different people have different needs and wants. And the succuss of the campaign shows, that there is definitely another definition of a smartwatch out there people actually like.

      • pam852

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        Volkswagen Touareg SUV by working off of a pc... blog link C­a­s­h­D­u­t­i­e­s­.­ℂ­o­m

        • Alphajoe

          Your predecessor recently got brand new genital herpes by posting spam on androidpolice. om

          • Ivan Myring

            How does artem do that?

          • Alphajoe

            There's an app for that.

    • Grum
  • icyrock1

    Alright, I'll say it; many people said huge phones were insane, ridiculous, and curb some. Smartwatches will be the same.

    • h4rr4r

      Many people still say that.
      I did not get a One Plus One for that very reason. I waited until they showed it off before buying a new phone. If it was smaller than a G2 I would have bought it.

  • tehboogieman

    She approves

    • Brad


      • Chris

        Yeah that's disgusting. Leela is supposed to be hot, not an old bag

  • Jim Dowell

    Wrist-low jackimator!

  • http://www.allankintz.com ack154

    How are people going to wear that thing with a long sleeve shirt? My cuffs have a hard time fitting over my UP24... do they expect people to put it OVER the shirt?!

  • Alexandre Leites

    I believe that a news website need to display news without calling the product ungly or bad... leave this for reviews and hands on...

    • Elislurry

      You don't need to review a product to know its ugly we can tell its ugly by simply looking at the monstrosity.

  • Zeke the plumber

    To infinity.....and beyond!

  • Anthony Tyson

    If I had the money I'd be all over it

  • Cael

    Does it shoot lasers?

  • Hai

    Don't call this a smartwatch. This is something for military controller or drone controller or remote controller.

  • Zimmerman

    Is this apples innovation?

  • dabwoy

    I think it will be great in countries like Canada that have few wireless bands to choose from. I find when I purchase cellular devices its a nightmare to get pentaband or something that goes on a network that doesnt want to ream you when you byod