Update: Google Says the link to purchase Glass is supposed to be for Explorers who were already waiting from last week when the device was out of stock. Still a bit odd that a public link was the best way Google could think of to do that. (Thanks, +Rafael Morales)

Apparently that one-day Glass event earlier this month was just a trial run for something much bigger – Google Glass is now public. The Glass store is accessible to everyone with the Explorer Edition still selling for $1500. This could (finally) signal big things for Glass.

2014-04-24 11_12_21-Glass

Most people who were interested in buying Google Glass have probably already snagged an invite by now, but having it on sale to the general public is an important milestone. It's kind of like a real product now. Your $1500 purchase gets you the Glass itself, a cable/charger, mono earbud, pouch, and your choice of free shades or prescription frames.

2014-04-24 11_12_04-Glass

Keep in mind this is the same device Explorers have been using for the last year, so the only thing that's new is that you can buy it without an invite. An updated version of Glass is expected at some point, but that might still be a way off with the Explorer Edition price unchanged. Keep in mind this might be a US-only deal.

[Glass Shop via GoogleGlass.gs – Thanks, Riciu]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • Aooga

    The price needs to be lower. Nothing more. <500 would be ideal for this.

    • Jovie Brett Bardoles

      <300 ;)

      • Aooga

        We all wish. :)

    • http://AndroidPolice.com/ Liam Spradlin

      I have no doubt the price will come down when Glass leaves... whatever stage it's in now. I get the feeling it's in limbo between beta and public release, but it definitely isn't finished and ready for mass consumption yet. When it is, I think they'll take down the price barrier.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        You guys have one? Let's get an updated preview

        • Ivan Myring

          Of course they have one. Liam is even wearing his in his disqus pic

      • Aooga

        See thats the thing. Where is it? Google isn't saying it's in beta anymore, but they're not saying that it's ready for mass market either.

      • Matthew Fry

        Yeah except Glass users have become synonymous with wealth and pretentiousness because of that. I fully support the gradual introduction of a product that is so different and such a privacy concern but they need to do some giveaways or something to get people seeing it as a universal product and not a symbol of wealth.

        • pfmiller

          "Yeah except Glass users have become synonymous with wealth and pretentiousness"

          Is that a bad thing? It's worked well for Apple products.

          • pam852

            My Uncle Harrison recently got Infiniti Q50
            Sedan from only workin part time on a home computer... go to this website

        • Derik Taylor

          I would guess the high price point is so that only those who really know what they are buying can easily get it, and so that it is not dismissed by the general public for its current shortcomings/bugs. Get the people who really want to test it and make it great, then make it more easily accessible to the general public.

        • a

          Said the guy with an $800 smartphone in his pocket.

          • Matthew Fry

            The difference, which I think is a misled notion, is that the smartphone is now considered a utility device and Glass purely a novelty. I've not seen a Glass user but I imagine the looks they get are similar to what I got having a smartphone before it was ubiquitous. I remember people looking at me funny when I pulled out my giant ipaq (with detachable thumb keyboard).

          • Chris

            And again, we go back to the stages. It's not purely a novelty, but may be impractical for most people right now. They're still experimenting and trying to figure out ways to make this technology useful for everyone.

      • Matthew Fry

        ZDNet claims that Google Glass as a concept is dead and says they are certain hundreds or thousands of explorers no longer use them. I can see where they're coming from. The product is definitely stronger than it was but the shine has worn off for me and I haven't even seen one yet.

        Are there enough "Explorers" in the AP audience that it would be worth a poll to see what the attrition rate is?

        • AbbyZFresh

          ZDNet says a lot of things. That site is practically MS apologists that shun anything Google and Apple.

      • http://www.LOVEanon.org/ Michael Oghia (Ogie)

        On the contrary to @Aooga:disqus's point, it could also allow for Google to gather more UX data, so that they could more rapidly improve it now--understandingly presuming people will buy them.

    • bL4Ck

      This is a public beta program, price tag is high so scrubs that just want a new gadget and don't contribute or are going to make it look bad will think twice before buying it. At least that's how i see it, otherwise there's no reason, Google can mass-produce these for less than $200 a piece.

      • Aooga

        It's been in beta for so long, that no one really knows at what stage it's at right now. I have a feeling Google doesn't want to mass produce hardware. That's not their "thing". Maybe they'll do something like the Nexus line and give it to another manufacturer. Who's making them now?

        • bL4Ck

          That's not the issue here, this is clearly more of a cultural acceptance problem than real hardware manufacturing/advertisement problems, people are still scared of seeing others with a camera on their face, and some still need time to get into the whole "face mounted computer" thing.
          This isn't like selling a new gadget, smartwatches got accepted quite easily since they were always around, more or less old time multifunction watches were the precursors of this ideal, but face mounted computers are more of a sci-fi movie thing, no one ever done this, and clearly this needs time to be accepted by the masses.

          • Aooga

            That too.

    • Mit10

      I don't think they want every average consumer purchasing one of these. It's an expensive buy-in to a relatively closed beta test.

      It obviously doesn't cost anywhere near $1500 to produce.

      • http://rootzwiki.com/news Max M.

        This is the exact reason it is $1500.

    • http://www.vrdwellersblog.com/ Miles Reiter

      Yeah, personally I /might/ consider picking one up, if on the full release they price it between $99 and $199. I've used a friends Glass and it's pretty damn cool, just nowhere near useful enough to justify paying any more than that for what is essentially a wireless heads up display for your phone. So yeah, $99 and I'll almost certainly pick one up, $199...I'd consider it at some point.

  • http://youtube.com/jedijens Jens Törnblad

    I just get this when I visit the link.

    • Tony Byatt

      Works fine for me...

      Are you in the USA?

      • http://youtube.com/jedijens Jens Törnblad

        No I'm not. I just thought that I could see the page at least. The text seemed like something that was shown to everyone. It has never been available for purchase outside the US? So I figured they had a few spots when Ryan wrote the article but then disappeared.

        • Tony Byatt

          Right, I'm in the US so that's probably why I can get it...

          • http://youtube.com/jedijens Jens Törnblad

            Probably. Are you going to get them? I wish I could.

          • Tony Byatt

            Nah, don't really have a use for them at the moment and they're far too expensive...

    • JonBurm

      That's shown to everyone outside the US. Try a proxy server if you really want to see the page.

  • Aleksey_US

    Almost feels like their one day sale turned out to be a bust and they're trying to clear more of thier stock at the ridiculous $1500 price tag.

  • irtechneo

    This is a little concerning. If its released to the public and still 1500 that might not be a good sign about the final price. Google does know this however so we can only hope the price will come down to a good range eventually.

  • RiciuAndrei88

    The original source can be found here: http://www.googleglass.gs/google-glass-goes-public-no-invitation-required-anymore/ Can you cite the source in your article please?

    • Chris

      They did it and thanked you!

      • RiciuAndrei88

        ty again!

  • Abhishek Kulkarni


    • Trader

      Don't forget the price can still go higher on eBay, depending on demand.

  • Alireza

    It seems no more! INSIDE US!

  • MarkG54321

    Google Glass Store Is Now Open To All
    (as long as you live in America)

  • Zak Taccardi

    if you buy an Explorer Edition, do you get the consumer edition when it finally comes out?

  • szabox

    Cool! If they sell enough, they will have enough money to produce the next, better version!

  • jamaall

    Even if this thing is still in beta, how are they selling a hard case for glass for $75, and a pouch for $50? The charger is $50? Why?

  • Justin S

    Guessing that one day sale didnt give them the numbers they expected

  • Alberto

    They are out of stock already. When Google glass came out everyone wanted to buy one, now is out for public to buy it and nobody got the money it typical.

  • Milton

    Waste of money...

  • Fonce Falooda

    I'm in the US and it's telling me they're all sold out (even Tangerine!!!). Pretty sure this wasn't the "Going Out Of Business Clearance Sale" people are painting it to be.

    Everyone desperately waiting for Glass to fail might have to wait a little longer. And ultimately this is all just a trial run for the Google Contact Lens, which will be $3000, and will sell out immediately, too.

    But oh, look! They're making the iPhone a little bigger. Oh, and it weighs less, too? Well, I'll be. Will wonders never cease? ;)

  • HDScorpio

    I went a shoppin' but everything is sold out! Guess the price is right for some people.

  • TheFirstUniverseKing

    I got it in my cart before it sold out! I don't have $1500 but I got it in my cart! Will I have $1500 before the end of this year to throw away? Probably not, but I got Google Glass in my cart!

  • Suhrd Joshi

    Does anyone realize how big a news this is?

    It's like 30 years ago, like the launch of the Macintosh, but also it's NOT like the launch of the Macintosh, because it's being done in the opposite manner, very quietly and subtly with zero secrecy - probably because controversy is bound to arise for this product.

    Learn from history, or you are bound to repeat it. People who say, 'Meh, this is too expensive!' and that they would rather wait for a 'more publicly acceptable' version should do it at their own peril.

  • Sean Donovan

    regardless of the supposed overpricing, it seems its already out of stock for all colors

  • Munchy

    Glass is not on sale for everyone. The Glass team just never pulled the URL after the 15th. All Glass orders Placed after the 15th will unfortunately not be honored.

  • Danny Holyoake

    "for all"

    US only.

  • ElPayaso13

    This is the difference between Google and Apple. Apple will do all their product research and testing internally and secretly. They will then announce the product on a certain date ready for pre-orders that same day and shipped out in a week or two.

    Google will announce vaporware, post hype videos and have limited or broken launches long before the product is even ready. Google should have gotten Glass fully ready for mass market launch instead of announcing it and getting Microsoft and Apple in on their secret product.

  • JG

    I don't have any explorer ID or anything... But the site allowed me to put a pair of glass in my cart.... I emptied the cart (would rather save the $1,500 for a Moto360 and/or some other device ATM) and when I went back to the main page, all of a sudden everything was out of stock...

  • CharlieSheenSucks

    If google silently puts the glass on sale like it has been doing for some of its other devices, it would be one of the most disappointing product launches for an amazing product.

  • Isaac

    Have you guys ever considered that they have just opened it to clear their stock so they can launch their new "Glass"?