Samsung's newest budget line of tablets will be on sale in just over a week on May 1st. WiFi-only versions of the Galaxy Tab 4 7.0, 8.0, and 10.1 will be available from retailers like Amazon, OfficeMax, and Best Buy, but you don't have to wait a whole week to make your interest known – preorders start tomorrow.


The Tab 4 line comes with more modest specs and a lower price than Samsung's other tablets. The 7.0, 8.0, and 10.1-inch variants will sell for $199.99, $269.99, and $349.99, respectively. You can check out our original announcement post on the Tab 4 for all the specs, but we're mostly looking at mid-range quad-core processors, 1280x800 LCDs, and 1.5GB of RAM.

nexusae0_Galaxy-Tab4-7.0-SM-T230-White_1 nexusae0_Galaxy-Tab4-7.0-SM-T230-Black_2 nexusae0_Galaxy-Tab4-10.1-SM-T530-Black_1 nexusae0_Galaxy-Tab4-8.0-SM-T330-White_1

The devices will come in both black and white at release, but you'll have to wait a bit longer to get the LTE variants. T-Mobile will offer the 4G LTE Galaxy Tab 4 8.0, Verizon will offer the 4G LTE Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 and 10.1, and Sprint gets the LTE 7.0 this summer. AT&T will offer one or more version on its network, but we don't know which yet. Also worth noting, T-Mobile will offer 1.2GB of free data through the end of the year on the Tab 4 if you have a Simple Choice plan.


Ryan Whitwam
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  • Arthur Dent

    Oh good, more crappy tablets that are too expensive from Samsung. YAY!!!

    And not even a screen rez bump from Tab 3? TOTAL FAIL.

    • http://robert.aitchison.org raitchison

      Better processor, more RAM, still low price, yeah that's a total fail all right.

      • Arthur Dent

        Except the price isn't really low compared to the Android based competition, especially when more of them are putting out higher rez screens

        Yeah, that Snapdragon 400 (based on Cortex A7) is a real barn burner. G Pad 8.3 can be had with more RAM (2GB), faster Snapdragon 600 (Krait based), and much higher rez (1920x1200) screen for around the same price as Tab 4 8.0. Newegg had it for $230.

        So yeah, FAIL.

        • http://robert.aitchison.org raitchison

          G Pad 8.3 has an MSRP of $350 and is selling for $289 on Amazon right now.and the MSRP for the Tab 4 8.0 is only $269.

          Also I don't think the G Pad has KitKat yet while the Tab 4 is shipping with it. Which brings me to if history is any guide the custom ROM community for the Tab 4 will be MUCH bigger and healthier than any non-Nexus tablet.

          If you don't like it don't buy it but you're mistaken if you think Samsung isn't going to sell (literal) boatloads of these things. I'm going to buy one to replace my Tab 2 7.0 which has served me well for the past 2 years.

          • Arthur Dent

            Yes, the G Pad does have Kit Kat, along with CM support among others. Samsung might sell a bunch, but it is not the best deal, nor the best performer by far. IMO, it is a FAIL. A 1280x800 tablet with an A7 based CPU should be closer to $100 than $200 for a 7" and sub $200 for an 8"

          • Jackal Redpaws

            Bull. I did my research. By far this is Samsung best tab compared to the pro they sell. This model is better than the 3. And it has expandable memory up to 32 gb.

            The graphics of the screen are amazing compared to the nexus 7.

            it will come pre installed with 4.4 kit kat and the ux magazine system that Samsung rolled out this year.

            The camera on the tablet sucks.. but the tablet itself is worth it for the price you pay. I pre ordered the 199.99 model in black because it is worth the wait.

            you may think it's bad but it isnt.

            This will come pre installed with snapdragon quad core graphics... capable of playing high end games.

            The long battery life is another plus about it. Compared to the tab 3, the tab 4 will usher in a new generation of tabs. Compared to the ipad.. mini.. and the nexus 7.. This is far out the top three 7 inch tablets on the market.

            In europe... it's selling like hot cskes.

            I own a note 2 and soon a note 3 and u use my phone for graphic illustration work so the tab would be my continuation of that. I can show my work on a bigger screen and have a photo portfolio on my system to replace my first gen ipad.. 1..

            not only that...

            but on release day

            Samsung is offering you 25 dollars of free Google play cash

            free 90 days of hulu. Plus and sirius.. xm.. satellite radio

            50gb.. of free Dropbox space

            1 year free subscription to the new York Times

            this is only just the begining.

            I think that the new tab line will market Samsung well.

            It took them X2 years to make the new tab to how it is. I watched a video interview with Samsung president.

            If your looking for an affordable tablet then Samsung has raised the bar.

            Would I recommend the tab 4 to others? Yes

          • Arthur Dent

            Does the Samsung marketing department pay well? How are the benefits? Good retirement plan?

          • Logical Reason

            No shit. These people are either paid, complete and utter mindless zombie like fanboys, or complete and utter fucking idiots.

            The fact that they can even attempt to support Samsungs ridiculous antics proves that they're one of those three options.

          • Robert Boluyt

            I played with a Tab 4 7" this morning. The screen looks very good compared to other comparable tablets, I'll give it that. But the CPU is slow as molasses. Home screen transition lags, app drawer lags, browser loads slow, web pages stutter with scrolling, zooming, Gallery app loads slow, stutters with transitions, etc. They really should have stepped up the CPU in these a little more vs the Tab 3s. Both the Nexus 7 and G-Pads are better buys than these.

        • Jackal Redpaws

          No fail. People. This is installed with snap dragon quad core processor.

        • ~J

          thank you so much for this info! I was thinking of getting Samsung, but was disappointed with their speed going down, even though it is quad quore, which is the only upgrade from last year. What a joke! I am going to get LG after seeing your post. My first tablet here I come. Getting a tablet that isn't HD nowadays is a big huge FAIL! It's 2014 FFS!

      • Jackal Redpaws

        Nope it's not I pre ordered. Screen res is higher.

        • Jane parishoner

          The screen res is exactly the same as the Tab, Tab 2, and Tab 3. No difference at all. I don't think you have a clue what you're talking about. The Galaxy Note 2014 tabs and the Galaxy Pro tabs have the hi res (better than the iPad) screens. Stop already, you're making a ass out of yourself with your ignorance.

    • MisterRight

      This is new cheap line for cheapos who can't get the high horsepower. So the rez is the same as the Tab 3.

  • CharlieSheenSucks

    Devices that do not need to exist

  • ddpacino

    Seriously.... how many different tabs does Samsung have now..??

    • xanok

      Three. Tab, Tab pro, and the Note tabs.

      • ddpacino

        I mean individually. There's what, 4 Tab Pros, 4x3 Regular Galaxy tabs, and 2 or 3 versions of the Note tab with a generation or two of those devices.

        • http://robert.aitchison.org raitchison

          I know giving people different choices is terrible, I don't know what Samsung was thinking. They should totally just offer one or two sizes and tell people to just take em or leave em.

  • Rohan Shankar

    1280x800? ... Close Tab.

    • http://robert.aitchison.org raitchison

      So buy a Tab Pro and pay ~$150 more for more pixels

  • http://batman-news.com TechGuru

    Is this tab seriously better than the Galaxy Tab 2? I'm wondering if I should upgrade or not..

    • Himmat Singh

      Not really to be honest. Now they have the Pro line which is their premier tablet line...so the old Galaxy Tab line are just mere low-end offerings.

    • http://robert.aitchison.org raitchison

      It's actually a decent upgrade in specs across the board compared to the Tab 2. The Tab 3 was barely an upgrade from the Tab 2 but this one at least gives us more cores, more RAM, slightly better resolution, etc.

      I'm almost certainly going to upgrade my Tab 2 7.0 to a Tab 4, the only question is whether I'll go for another 7.0 or pony up for the 8.4.

    • Jackal Redpaws

      Yes you should. I recommend it. It will have a high powered processor snap dragon quad core and will run like the nexus 7 tablet in speed

  • Simon

    Year 2038. The Galaxy Tab is still 1280x800

    • Jackal Redpaws

      Nope they changed that...

      • Jane parishoner

        No they didn't. Stop spouting misinformation! You are making an ass out of yourself. Try reading the specs and educating yourself.

  • Anmol

    wat should be the price
    and till when it would be released

  • Anmol

    pls reply me by this text - "hey anmol your answer is.........,"
    or i woud be confused that to whom have you all replied
    please do this for clear answer

  • Emi Jitaru

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 is better from Tab 3 with the design ( less weight and non-glossy finish on the back) and the multi-window option when working with multiple apps. Still lack of RAM ( only 1,5 for Android 4.4 ) and low-res screen are it's weak points .. Samsung wanted that Galaxy Note and Tab Pro customers not looking at a cheaper model ..

    You can read a full review of the Tab 4 10.1 inch here :