The Galaxy S4 Zoom, Samsung's strange combination of a standard Android phone and a point-and-shoot camera, was a bit of an odd duck. But it seems to have sold enough units that Samsung intends to release a new model, if only to continue their strategy of covering every possible cell phone niche. Photos posted on Baidu show what's claimed to be the "Galaxy K," which certainly seems to be an updated version of the S4 Zoom.

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Readers will recall that Samsung has set a press event for April 29th in Singapore, coyly including "K" imagery and the phrase "Kapture The Moment" on the invitation. It's not over till the fat lady sings, but it certainly looks like this is the upcoming addition to the Galaxy line. According to PhoneArena, the Galaxy K will have an impressive 20MP camera with a 10X zoom lens and a true Xenon flash, though the front-facing camera is a mere 2MP. Inside will be an Exynos 5 Hexa processor, 2GB of RAM, and a 4.8" AMOLED screen. The source says that it will run Android 4.4.2 at launch, which seems about right, since the S5 does the same.

The physical design seems to match a previous (and likewise unsubstantiated) leak, though we still haven't seen the screen of the device, so I suppose it could just be a camera. Note that there appears to be a clear plastic cover attached in these new photos. We'll see if these leaks bear out after Samsung's event next week.

Source: Baidu via PhoneArena

Michael Crider
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  • Jon Snow

    There has to be a point where they have to up the storage as these massive MP cameras will need room to store the photos.

    However, this camera won't swing my vote towards them.

    • John Longson

      Expandable SD, bro.

  • jeffhesser

    that looks dangerously close to something I would be willing to replace my phone for...


    If there's one thing the Samsung haters can't say about Samsung, it's that they only do the standard smartphones and tablets. Samsung has a whole range of different types of devices to fit everyone's needs, and personally, ever since I got the Note 3 in my hands, I am pretty confident Samsung's Note line is my type of devices. I know the Internet bullies demand smartphones to be small to fit in the pockets, but having a large device is pure awesomeness to me!

  • Kashmieer

    Lumia 1020 would be my favourite if i wanted a phone with cool camera and awesome design.

    • Senad

      Kidding me??? WP is a joke i sold mine

      Optical zoom >>>>>>>lossless shit zoom

      S5 and LG G2 is in pair with the microsoft lumia.

  • AndroidMasterrace

    To think they couldn't make an uglier device.