The unique hybrid calling system used by Republic Wireless introduces some additional delays in updates, which is why the Moto X on this MVNO is just now heading out to users. It's not full steam ahead, though. The first wave of OTAs are going out today, but Republic is taking it slow.


This is essentially the same update other versions of the Moto X got late last year with a few extra bits, but here's the changelog from Republic Wireless.

  • Improved Google Now Search
    Google Now is even better. It can predict information based on location or favorite sites. Android 4.4.2 also features a new app-linking feature, which allows Google Search to deep-link search results to applications on the device. So for instance, searching for restaurant information via Google Now can direct you to a reservation app.
  • Camera Update
    You’ll be able to take even better pictures—the "touch to focus" option is enhanced with a new circular, on screen control that can be dragged by your finger around the viewfinder to adjust a photo's focus and exposure.
  • New Dialer & Caller ID functionality
    KitKat includes a new design for the dialer—it’s got a search field that can be used to search your contact info. Additionally, the new phone app also prioritizes contacts based on the people you talk to most to make it easier to reach your faves.

There's obviously more than this (you know what KitKat consists of by now), but we don't need to dig into all that again. The update will hit 2,000 Moto X devices at random today, and Republic will monitor feedback. If all goes well, another wave will go out at the end of the month. The carrier hopes to have everyone updated by May 9th.

[Republic Wireless]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • Damon

    Come on, Android Police...gank and host the update file already! :)

  • h4rr4r

    Wow, they are late.

    • usamaisawake

      True but some sacrifice is okay for the rock bottom prices. I got my uncle on this, his income is tight so he was living off feature phones. He couldn't tell you the difference between JB and KK but he can tell you that he's paying far less for much more service. He also gets better "reception" in his basement apartment since he calls over Wi-Fi.

      • h4rr4r

        Absolutely. I just wish they would make a dialer APK and let people bring their own devices. A services like this on GSM would have my subscription in no time.

        • atlouiedog

          I'd switch immediately. I'm already on a Sprint MVNO and the service is great where I live. Being able to use my own phone and ROM is all I need to move.

  • Sasquatch4ever

    I got the update this morning, seems to have speeded things up a bit. The biggest update for me was Tap-and-Pay, which finally works with Host Card Emulation.

  • JohnnyRockets

    Let me know when they support GSM. I'll switch immediately. I've been watching this company for years waiting. But T-Mobile's $30 plan with a Nexus 5 has been bliss.

    • ProductFRED

      Seriously, they could have easily just used T-Mobile's Wifi Calling instead. Sure, you would lose being able to transition from Wifi to 3G during a phone call, but at least you'd get GSM. I guess Sprint just provided them with better rates for using their network, and to be honest, even though their network sucks, it covers more of the country than T-Mobile.

  • lordkeynes

    based of my experience something will be broken and they will be lucky to roll this out by the end of may.

  • bp86

    Here's the update.zip


    If rooted on 4.2.2, restore stock 4.2.2 using the Republic Wireless 4.2.2 SBF and RSDlite

    If on stock 4.2.2:

    1. Rename the update to update.zip and copy to the root of your internal storage (name it update.zip, it didn't work for me this way with the original file name)
    2. Power down, then hold volume down while powering back on
    3. Press volume down to go to recovery, then volume up to select it
    4. When you see the red exclamation point android icon, hold volume up and press Power
    5. In recovery, use the volume up/down icons to navigate and Power button to select. Choose Apply update from SD card.
    6. Choose Update.zip
    7. The recovery will update and restart. Apply the update.zip a second time and wait a few minutes
    8. When the flashing process completed, reboot. Remember to update the Republic Wireless app after the upgrade finishes.

    • Damon

      You sir, ARE THE MAN!

    • Kt86x

      Well how bout being able to send video via mms or email?? My moto x always says my file is too large.

      • BillyClue


    • Raj

      Thanks for the guide. Do you have to have a custom recovery installed to do this or can this be done on a bone stock RW Moto?

      • bp86

        It's the unmodified OTA update and should be installed with the stock recovery.

    • misoQ

      Do I need to be rooted to do this?

      • bp86

        You should not be rooted. The file system needs to be stock. If you're rooted, you need to restore back to stock using the Republic Wireless 4.2.2 sbf and RSDLite.

    • Erick

      Thank you so much! I couldn't wait a few more days! Thanks for the link and great instructions.

    • bobbo

      thanks for this

    • chaddesch

      Thanks. I knew someone would be willing to share: just another reason why I love the Android community so much. Did you catch the "Motorola A Google Company" addition to the boot up screen?

    • Keith

      Will this delete my current settings / do a hard /factory reset? Thanks

      • bp86

        If you're coming from unmodified stock 4.2.2 your apps and data will remain intact after the upgrade.

        • Keith

          Thank you. Updating right now!

  • Andrew

    Nice to see they're getting with it! Great company I have a Moto G on the way.

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  • ColonelCockman

    Where the fuck is 4.4.3?

  • Steve

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  • Matthew

    I am looking forward to my update. Have yet to receive!

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  • Tom V

    Prior to going over to Republic Wireless, I had been with Sprint for many years. I was reluctant to switch since I was getting a 25% discount through my work and anything out there could just not beat their price, but I was tired of their poor customer service and barely use any of the data that’s on my plan (got really annoying when I was forced to pay an additional 10 bucks) when I’m still using my old Blackberry Curve 8300. I never had any complaints with the service though. Rarely dropped calls and I had reception wherever I would expect it. With that said, at work I have zero reception.

    However I do have wifi at work of course and with almost all my calls are being done at home or at work Republic Wireless works out great for me. When I’m outside a WIFI hotspot, the old sprint network or verizon kicks in and I have even better coverage than before. When I got Republic I started with their Defy XT. Despite that many say the phone is “old” technology, I actually like the smaller size and it’s very robust. That’s all about perspective of course. I mentioned my old bberry, so I felt the Defy XT is a huge upgrade for me. When I truck ran over my phone 2 weeks ago (the Defy could not handle that after all).

    I decided to go with the Moto X instead of replacing the screen (yes the phone actually still worked). The Moto X blew my mind away. Technology wow! Yes I know I’m a bit of a Luddite when it comes to phones, but this one seems to do everything that over phones seems to do and is comparable to the latest Galaxy, iPhone etc. It’s bigger than my old Defy, but it’s very slim. Fits nicely in my pocket, fits nicely in my hand, easy to type on, and it’s not a clunky UI like the Defy. It of course still has all the benefits of Sprint/Verizon network + WIFI, and that WIFI to Network handover seems to work fine for me. I got the 3G plan for $25 and the speed is more than enough for my needs.

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  • Valeria Martinez

    I have been using Republic for about a month now and I have to say it has been smooth sailing so far. I have the Moto G and the operating system seems thus far to work flawlessly. The handoff between wifi and cell service works great. I have started calls on cell, then arrived home and I didn't even notice until later that the service switched over to wifi. My first bill arrived and with tax, it was only $29. Less than $30 a month for unlimited phone, text and data. Gotta love it! If you need a referral code to save $20 on signup, feel free to use my link below. Cheers!


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