The seas are beautiful and deadly in Chillingo's new game Abyss Attack. All the creatures in the deep are out to get you, and all you have for defense is a heavily armed submersible. Although, you are sort of shooting everything in sight. It's possible the luminous sea life is just defending itself, you monster.

This is a top-down scrolling shooter with an array of glowing creatures, some of which can fire projectiles, and others that simply try to swarm you. Every so often there is a boss battle, but you just go on fighting until the inevitable happens and you die. Each run is a little different, but the bosses still pop up. Along the way you earn gems and find other valuables that can be used to upgrade your sub to become even more formidable.

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The visuals are staggeringly beautiful in Abyss Attack with smooth otherworldly animations and cool lighting effects. It looks awesome. In-app purchases are not so awesome, but Abyss Attack actually seems to do an okay job here. There is just the one main currency type (gems), which you earn a lot of by playing the game. The gems are used to buy upgrades and powers, but you can also get bundles of gems and power ups with real money. Unfortunately, I'm not seeing any game data syncing, though there is support for Google Play games.

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Ryan Whitwam
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  • Jephri

    Most have been made in Washington or Colorado.

  • Gokh

    Is there any cool racing game this latter times?

    • someone755

      Maybe there's a kool racing game?

  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    Yeah, "Skool", because replacing C with K is so KOOL

    • someone755

      Reminds me of AVGN's review of Kid Kool.
      *KOLL is written in a dialog* "Spelling errors, yup, you gotta have some of those. Not that 'kool' was ever spelled correctly in the first place. It just makes it more cool when it's with a 'k'".

  • Kraken

    Hmm, I'll pass thanks.

  • WhoaManWtF

    Nether are compatible with my Stock G2 in USA :/

  • unhappybirthday

    I remember checking out the demo a few years ago (http://www.androidpolice.com/2011/03/15/37-best-and-3-wtf-new-android-apps-games-and-live-wallpapers-from-last-week-3911-31511/#abyss-attack-demo). It never got updated and was pulled from the Play Store so it's nice to see it is back (and finished).

  • jeffhesser

    Holy crap guys, they have done F2P right! They actually offer a reasonably priced ($3) gem doubler that does not expire. Just a legit way to balance the game and make progression feel natural. There is plenty of dirty stuff in there but also plenty of things you can buy that are not just consumables. I am kicking them $3 just for finally offering the kind of free-to-play unlocks that I feel are reasonable.

  • John Smith

    In this game, what is a "superboost"? It's a mission you get on Level 5

    • John Smith

      I found it - when starting a new game, on the left side of the screen, for about 3 seconds the superboosts show up