The latest Humble Bundle was already a great deal with the likes of The Room Two and Carcassonne up for grabs. We knew more titles were coming, and here they are. The Humble Bundle blog now lists Paper Monsters, R-Type, and Enviro-Bear 2010 as part of the Humble Mobile Bundle 5.

2014-04-22 13_43_36-Humble Mobile Bundle 5 (pay what you want and help charity)

All three titles are in the locked tier that you only get for paying over the average. As of right now, that is at $5.14, but it's only going to go up the longer you wait. A few of these games go for $5-6, so it's a certifiable good deal (and helps fund charity).

Just head over to the Humble Bundle site in the next week to buy the games. You'll get a link to download the APKs of each game after you pay, and there's no DRM to deal with.

[Humble Bundle Blog, Humble Bundle]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • http://twitter.com/shamus_carter james kendall

    eh not bad not great. still think ill skip this bundle as I already have Carcassonne.

  • Nes

    5 bucks, wow. For that much wait for play store sales, get them for a buck each and you don't have to worry about the terrible Humble app. I have purchased 2 humble bundle mobile sales, and all of the PC ones, but the mobile ones are way too expensive to be mobile games.

    • RyanWhitwam

      I don't know what planet you live on, but $5 for 9 good/great games is a solid deal from my perspective.

      • Nes

        My problem has more to do with the Humble app, not the cost. 5 bucks for these apps redeemed in the Play Store is a great deal, but since you don't get that, and you can definitely grab these games for 99 cents eventually on the play store and that makes this a lacking deal imo. The bundles do help charity, and I support them by beating the average for PC releases always, but then for pc games I get steam codes as well.

        Also, I'm from Planet Earth, currently live here too.

        • CERN

          If you look closely at the app title, I believe it says "beta". Could those letters arranged in that particular order mean something?

        • Pratik Holla

          Why complain about the app? Sure its not prettiest but it does its job. The only time you ever need it is to just install the game you want. Never had any issues with that at all.

          If you are complaining about the UPDATES to the game, then I can agree. Humble games don't get updated as often as play store games. But that doesn't really make this a bad deal in anyway. Its still way cheaper than buying it off the play store.

          • Lumi

            Only if you are interested in ALL of the games.

        • Tom Storm

          They let you just download the APK's directly from the website if you dislike the app that much.

    • Lumi

      Indeed, even though I bought it for $3.80 on launch, I wish I had waited it out for the Cave's Play store sale. The only things I really wanted to buy was The Cave and The Room 2.

  • alexcue

    I bought Enviro-Bear back when it came out. The craziest game I have ever played. The Room 2 and Carcassonne sold this for me last week, though.

  • http://www.youtube.com/crisr82 Kristian Ivanov

    This is easily their weakest mobile bundle so far...I still bought the BTA on release day and I don't regret it XD

  • Sergii Pylypenko

    Why do they keep adding games which I already own? :( Why there's never a Final Fantasy game in the Humble Bundle sale? :`(

    • tehboogieman

      Humble Bundles usually only include indie titles, FF is not indie

    • Lumi

      Square Enix won't agree to that :P

  • CERN

    Room 2 plus the Cave makes this a good bundle, also the karma I'm gonna get fer donating to charity,

    • Lumi

      The Cave is on sale for $2 on the Play Store

  • Cheeseball

    DRM-free R-TYPE and R-TYPE II are practically two of the best reasons why getting this bundle is a Good Thing(tm).

  • Forget_you

    so if we bought the bundle last week do we get those added games?

    • Robb Nunya

      Yep. As long as you paid more than the average.