A mobile keyboard is only as good as the number of languages it supports. Keyword: supports. The keys we press on our keyboards may seem pretty simple to get right, but sometimes manufacturers don't ship devices with everything functioning and available out of the box, including entire languages. In those cases, the sooner an update arrives, the better. So HTC is making over 40 Sense Input languages available on Google Play, speeding up and simplifying the way it can push out future updates and language packs.

Input1 Input2

Here's a manually compiled list of all the HTC Sense Input languages now offered through the Play Store. In case some slipped through the cracks, here's HTC's Google Play page with all of them, though the listing is somewhat of a pain to sift through. Some of the languages come bundled together with others.

HTC Sense Input languages on Google Play

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  • Krzysztof

    can someone post apk for polish language? i have htc one m7 with insertcoin rom and can't download it from play store

    • Daas Nahk

      Use apkdownloader.

  • Steven A.

    Not compatible HTC M8 T-Mobile

    • Matthew Fry


    • Cory

      Compatible with HTC m8 on Sprint

  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    Aw, I was hoping for Sense keyboard... I like how it was back on Sense 4.x

  • GeeKLoRD

    Couldn't they upload one keyboard, and make dictionaries available for download? -.-

  • someone755

    Whoever made these screens uses a task killer. I'd be way less disgusted if it wasn't an OLD task killer!
    Come on people, even low-end devices don't need them, and you're using one on a 4.4 HTC device?

  • diff7

    Not compatible with HTC desire 601