Google bought Nest and its smart thermostat a few months ago, and now it's integrating the product into its ecosystem more completely on Earth Day. The Nest Learning Thermostat is now available in the Play Store. It's selling for $249 and Google will plant a tree for every unit sold today, presumably because of Earth Day. Yay, Earth!


The Nest seeks to save energy by innovating in the traditionally boring thermostat market. Rather than rely on static scheduling or a single temperature control, this device knows when there is activity in the house and can be controlled remotely from your smartphone or tablet. It also tracks energy usage over time and can automatically build a more efficient schedule for your heating and cooling. Plus, you can get rebates in many places for buying a Nest (sometimes as much as $100).

2014-04-22 12_34_30-Nest Learning Thermostat - Devices on Google Play

Nest has a 320x320 full-color LCD, WiFi, and an array of sensors. It replaces your current thermostat and should be compatible with most existing systems. Installation is simple enough that most buyers are able to get it up and running in about 30 minutes. According to Google's Devices support page, the Nest is on sale in the US (except Puerto Rico), Canada, and the UK. Google lists 1-2 days for shipping right now, but that might slip if sales are good.

[Google Play]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • Nathan

    This is a cool idea.

  • Brian Walker

    I love my Nest. Easily my favorite piece of tech in my house. I just adjusted my AC while sitting on the toilet, which is mind blowing stuff.

    • dd

      whats the difference between the nest and any other wifi thermostat? is the extra 100$ worth it?

      • brkshr

        It has rounded corners... err no corners. I hear that's a huge selling point for things...

        • someone755

          ^Cannot stress enough.
          If you've ever wondered why people go crazy over potatoes, this is it.

      • http://www.twitter.com/ninjustin ninjustin

        The ease of install and set up and nice software and automation.

        • DD

          how is that different than any other wifi thermostat?

          • http://www.twitter.com/ninjustin ninjustin

            There is practically no input into setting it up other than turning the dial. It will auto program for you to save you money. It's like nice thermostat for dummies. Or yes like an Apple product.

          • wampdog29

            What ninjustin said, plus the fact that the Nest's have the ability to work with one another and other and other products. If you have 2 Nest thermostats in one home, they will work together and not just act separately.

      • markgbe

        google is the difference now

        • KingRando

          Not yet. Once it's integrated into Google services, it will be the difference.

          • markgbe

            well yeah, that's what i meant. Soon it *should* be the smart thermostat to have.

  • jpelgrom

    What's next for Google Play's devices section? Smart dishwashers? Solar panels?

    • Danny Lewis

      I hear the smart dishwashing solar panels are booming now.

      • Justin W

        I'll take three.

        • Mayoo

          Ok Google, start the dishwasher, walk the dog and start dinner.

  • brkshr

    It cracks me up that Tim Cook unfollowed the Nest team when Google acquired them

    • ElTimo

      He's trying to be as bratty as his predecessor. I can't tell if it's working or not.

    • APReader

      You must be thinking of Phil Schiller -- not Tim Cook.

      • brkshr

        You suck! It took 6 hours for someone to correct me :-/

        Good job though. You're right

  • Martim

    Maybe this is more of an American thing, but I can't understand the appeal of a fancy-pants thermostat. I never mess around with my heating at home.

    • someone755

      I never mess with my heating anyways. Each radiator (or whatever you call that) has its own knob and, like it or not, you have to turn it for every one in the house.

      • wampdog29

        eh? Are you talking about window unit ACs and adjusting each radiator separately when it comes to heat? This wouldn't help with those unless you used your thermostat for your radiators. Central Heating and Central Air Conditioning is all this would help, but again, you could still use it for a radiator setup as long as you didn't manually adjust them.

        • blahmoomoo

          In other words, rather than having a central heating system, they have radiators spread across the house. Each radiator has a knob that controls the flow of the hot water going through it. There's no thermostat involved there.

          • wampdog29

            It's just odd because I also have radiators, but there is still a furnace/boiler and thermostat to control the heat of the water flowing through the radiator system.... so Nest would still work here.

          • blahmoomoo

            Hmm, I guess so. In my case (admittedly, it's not a house), the rate flow knob controls the temperature of the room, based on the radiator heating the room up to the point when the heat it's producing is equal to the heat that's being lost through windows and such. I don't think it actually has a temperature sensor though. And when it isn't cold outside, the hot water stops flowing as well, so there's a little bit of central control.

          • someone755

            Actually we can't access the control thingies. It is a house but it's rather big so a few families share it. We don't own the place, and only the owner has access to the "main heating controls".
            Also we don't really have an AC. :P

            Ah, the wonders of simplicity. Don't have to worry shit because the "landlord" opens the main water flow in winter and closes it in spring. And not a single app is needed for this automation :D

    • DD

      i use a wifi thermostat mostly to turn off my AC. I live in a hot climate and keep the windows and doors open a lot. Very annoying to walk upstairs every time. Well worth the extra 50$ over a regular thermostat

  • Owen Finn

    Didn't they used to sell for $199?

    • http://www.twitter.com/ninjustin ninjustin

      The 1st gen dropped in price to sell out but the 2nd Gen and Original price for the 1st gen was ~$250

  • bydavidrosen

    So what if you have a thermostat on both floors of your house? Do you need 2 Nests? And do they integrate with each other?

    • http://www.twitter.com/ninjustin ninjustin

      That's a good question. I do know that multiple Nests will work together though.

    • wampdog29

      If you have 2 thermostats then you must have 2 cooling/heating systems. So, yes, you would need one for each. However, as ninjustin said, they WILL work together which is something that separates Nest from many other SmartStats.

      • bydavidrosen

        Interesting... I gotta look into it some more cause it's impossible to keep the temperature right between the 2 floors with the regular scheduling. its always freezing somewhere and hot somewhere haha.

        • wampdog29

          Although, thinking about it more, it's possible you have a more complex setup especially if you have a radiator type system. You could have one heating system, but a cutoff that will stop water flow in one section of the system when that section's thermostat hits its temperature. Either way, you would still need 2 Nest's.

      • Mike Harris

        That's pretty cool. I have a new home that also has 2 systems, but the thermostats are very basic, so I was thinking of upgrading them. I'm quickly getting tired of running up and down the stairs – especially because the temperature changes right now are so drastic – so being able to control them from an app would be very nice. Having them work together would be a very nice bonus. I think I'll go ahead and order a pair.

        Two trees for me please, Google.

        • wampdog29

          LOL sounds good

      • Bud Lutz

        That's not exactly correct.....It could all be one system, but it could be separate zones within the same system, or it could also just be a temperature sensor that will kick on the same system when either of the thermostats are calling

        • wampdog29

          Yeah...I mentioned this down below

  • Luis Alicea

    "Except Puerto Rico." Well, not that we really need it.

    • armandocj

      Wepa Boricua!

    • Nes

      I wonder if the Nest is an even better purchase here. I mean, the electricity costs are absurd here, so maybe you can have even more savings. I myself can't afford even AC, but I still wonder...

      • defbsce

        Thermostats are meant for houses where central heating/cooling systems are in place not like our houses that use individual fans/ inverter a/c

        • http://the-jade-domain.com Jaime J. Denizard

          I had central air in my house in PR, and some of my friends do as well. We could make use of this in PR. I think @disqus_MVv6Yrtvo3:disqus was being sarcastic.

          • defbsce

            Yes, still a low percentage of households, the few that have central air units should be able to buy them elsewhere... Its not like its the only thing google wont give us in pr... All access used to be available, movies has never been available, nor books...

  • Christian T

    with $249 i can buy 25 trees :'(

    • DD

      hope they get planted.....digging holes is way harder than buying trees

  • JordanMcRae

    That Nexus 5 on the product page is running Jelly Bean lol

    • grumpyfuzz

      Could be ICS too ;)

      • JordanMcRae

        Yup true haha

    • jamesfuston

      those blue icons tho.

    • jamesfuston

      Also, is that the first app ever to put the hamburger menu on the right?

  • rmkilc

    Have they HOLOified the app yet? Until then, I will stay away from that crap.

    • Aooga

      No, it's still a bad iOS port.

      • rmkilc

        That's sad. The nest thermostat does not belong in the Google Play store.

        • Aooga

          I'm betting IO will have a nice surprise to do with the nest app :)

          • rmkilc

            And.... no surprises. Same crappy looking app.

      • J2
        • Aooga

          It looks nothing like an android app should be. It's like they looked at the android design guidelines and said, "How can we make this app break every single one of them?"

          • Justin W

            And is there a reason the hamburger menu is on the wrong side of the app?

          • Aooga

            Ask the developers. :)

            I'm almost positive Google will fix this soon. Probably saving it for IO.

          • J2

            OK, maybe, but if it was that big a deal, don't you think Google would have had it updated? And if Google doesn't see it as a big deal, should we?

          • Christopher Mason

            First of all, he's right. The app doesn't look that bad from the screenshot. Second of all, Google has said before you don't have to follow the guidelines if you believe you app looks good enough, and Matias Duarte has encouraged devs to not strictly follow them before.

          • Aooga

            But wouldn't it look better if it was more "holo"?

  • remister
    • Aooga


  • dogulas

    But can I watch Youtube videos on the Nest? Thought not. Checkmate, Earth Day!

  • KingRando

    Notice that the biggest utility supplier in the US, Duke Energy, does not offer any rebates.

  • Nathan Olsen

    You should probably check out all the furnaces and/or routers that are incompatible with Nest prior to purchasing one.

    It's not an insurmountable problem, but it can be SUPER annoying.

  • dangerdad

    What I love is when your thermostat gets a pushed firmware update that causes it to hang and it's 10 below zero outside.


  • Bud Lutz

    The part where you say that utility companies will reimburse you for purchasing a Nest is just plain wrong. The rebate is for installing a programmable thermostat. If someone purchases a Nest while having already used the rebate on their current thermostat, they would NOT be eligible for another rebate.

  • Mayoo

    I came for the Nest, then realized the Dark Gray N10 cover was AT LAST back in stock in Canada :)

  • godutch

    What is the point of this thing? Buy a $250 thermostat to save a few $$/yr on energy? And in the Netherlands modern houses have floor heating, it takes several days(!) to warm up or to cool off

  • Tom

    Wow, lot of money for a termostat though..

  • Bruce

    Wtf is a thermostat?

  • Zimmerman

    I have this and I love it. I'm savings about $100 a month!