Google Calendar is one of those services that just makes sense with Glass. Upcoming meetings, appointments, and events are the type of things that, at some point, all of us have wished we could be reminded of without having to make an effort. Now there's a new Calendar Glassware available that makes this a reality, at least for people who own a pair of Glass.


The app is essentially a pinned card to the left of your homescreen. Here, if you have any events, Glass will list your agenda. If you don't, then here is what you can expect to see.


When there are appointments present, you can tap on each card for the option to change the title, time, or location. Users can also RSVP, dismiss events, or delete them entirely.

Calendar4 Calendar5 Calendar6

Google Glass had previously given users the power to search Calendar events using voice searches, but these changes make this information even more accessible. They come soon after the recent arrival of KitKat for Glass and a one-day sale where the product was temporarily available for anyone in the US to buy. The software is available under the Glassware tab in MyGlass, which you can browse via the widget below.

Source: +GoogleGlass

Bertel King, Jr.
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  • Kcls

    It would be nice if it would do that with Google Keep and Now reminders. I don't have anything important enough to use calendar for at this point in my life (as a 17 year old) but I do set a TON of Google Keep reminders. And I use Keep because the reminder system is far superior to that of Google Now.

    • Pierre Gardin

      I didn't know Keep and Now had different reminder systems, and don't see the point in it.