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For anyone who likes a nice structured itinerary for their weekend Vegas bender, TripIt is a handy app that combines flight, public transit, hotel, and restaurant info in to a tight little scheduling interface. And to make said interface even more tight, TripIt has revised the UI in the latest build. Well, at least some of the UI - from what we can tell, you'll only see the spiffy new blue-tinted screens if you're using a phone. Tablets default to the older UI, which admittedly seems to make a better use of the larger screen.

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New version above, old version below.

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TripIt says that the update has a "new card view," but that's not to be confused with Google's official "Card" UI principles. (Hey, at least it's not a straight-up copy of the iOS app, right?) The trip view defaults to a friendly listed schedule, with the item type (food/travel/lodging), time, and location nicely spread out in an easy-to-read format. Tap on any one item and you'll bring up the card with contextual add-ons like a map or flight info. If you use TripIt for business trips, you'll be happy to hear that the app now supports the TripIt For Teams functions previously limited to the web.

One last thing: TripIt 3.5 adds support for Gingerbread devices. By the last official count that's less than one in five Android phones, but hey, better late than never. TripIt is a free download, but to get access to advanced features like real-time flight tracking and seat selection you'll have to purchase the $49 yearly subscription separately. If you want the same experience as the standard app without the advertising, you can shell out a buck for the privilege.

Michael Crider
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  • Shawn

    GB support? Talk about late to the party!

    • jade laby

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    • Melissa M

      Hey Shawn, Melissa here from the TripIt team. Our recent Android
      release had us reintegrating Gingerbread support after removing support
      in our previous release. The reintegration was due to popular demand
      from TripIt Android users.

  • http://www.LOVEanon.org/ Michael Oghia (Ogie)

    @MichaelCrider How are you going to make it from the Japanese restaurant to the airport in 10 minutes?