One of the most iconic games of the late 90s has finally come to Android. Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition re-launched on iOS a few months ago, but it was a rocky ride as licensing issues nearly killed the game. Now Android users get the chance to spend $9.99 to relive the glory days of Dungeons & Dragons-style computer RPGs.

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Baldur's Gate is an epic RPG set in the Forgotten Realms. A mysterious iron shortage has gripped the land as tools and weapons suddenly disintegrate, and it's up to your character to figure it all out and do battle with the bad guys. The interface has been tweaked in this version of the game to be more usable on a touchscreen, but it's still pretty complicated. You might want to play on a tablet rather than a phone.

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Baldur's Gate consists of a huge 60+ hour main quest, along with two expansions to the original game. There are also four additional expansions that can be obtained via in-app purchases. The developers recorded new voice sets that can be bought as well. The introductory price does get you quite a lot, though.

Ryan Whitwam
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  • pyroflyx

    Don't know if I will get this version - I have the original 5 disc set, the release from GoG.com and the EE from Steam... think that is enough.

    • Justin Swanson

      Your EE on PC saves can be transferred to android. with a cloudsync you could easily play the same save on both devices.

  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    Now we only need Blizzard to port Diablo 2 to mobile..

    And Bethesda with Fallout 1 and 2

    Then my life will be complete

    • Mike Smith

      I agree . It woukd be EPIC if it happens XD

    • clkjmngfds

      oh yes, would pay even $50 for proper Fallout 2 port to Android.

      • cwagner

        You can play FO 1&2 using QEMU or DosBox on Android:

        • asdsad

          I wrote "proper" - the emu one, requiring Windows emulation, is not playable enough

          • cwagner

            No clue, tried neither ;) But according to the thread the dosbox turbo version runs better, maybe give it a try?

    • neolid

      Would instantly buy both Fallouts. Not sure about the Diablo, though.

    • Robin Chiu

      Patience is a virtue :-)

  • Francois Roy

    The iOS version was released on november 28th 2012 !!!!
    Enough is enough. I bought the Walking dead but I'm not falling for this.

    • David Hart

      "I'm not falling for this"
      Playing an enjoyable game that was originally released like 15 years ago?

      • flosserelli

        His point is, the android version is (finally) released 16 months after the iOS version. But iOS usually gets first dibs, so nothing new.

        • David Hart

          I get that, but how itchy could someone be to play a game that's over a decade old?

          • flosserelli

            You are still missing the point.
            He is not upset about waiting 15 years to play a game. He is upset that it came to android so late after iOS.

          • David Hart

            I didn't miss the point. You said it yourself, it gets old.

            Why cry over spilled milk.

          • cwagner

            That's because profits are simply better on iOS. I don't like it either and there is nothing that could make me switch over to Apple, but it is the reality we live in.

          • Aaron

            Profits are better on ios? I doubt it. I believe it's just developer mindset.
            We all know the highest selling point for most app/game is the first month, so whatever platform it launched first will got the most profit.

          • cwagner

            First, sorry. I obviously meant revenues.


            And I could go on, and on, and on. Every single study shows that iOs users are willing to pay more (not exactly weird to me, they are willing to overpay for their phone after all).

    • dude

      Well on the bright side, at least it probably work. I bought Sonic Racing Transformed for my niece on iOS and it ran great. On Android, it did not load on all of the half dozen Android device I've tried download it on.

    • SuperMario7

      It's a difficult one, iOS has a smaller market share and less app downloads but generates more money from paid apps so that's why a lot of publishers do this. At the same time if no one buys these games when they're released on Android then the situation isn't going to get better.

      I switched from iOS to Android, and I really like my Nexus 5 but the only games we seem to get is the junk from EA and Gameloft, there's still so many amazing indie devs like Simogo who haven't released an Android game, and I miss most of Telltales back catalogue, as well as things like Square Enix's best mobile game which was The World Ends With You with it's enhanced graphics which still hasn't come out on Android but they release rehashed Final Fantasy games every few months.

      • Shodan

        You seem completely missed emulator games on Android.

        I suggest install DraStic DS so you can start playing NDS games right on your Nexus. Then you won't need all those crappy ports of NDS games that plaguing iOS platform. It's worth it believe me. Even Nintendogs is fully playable, try calling your dog name on phone mic.

        Just don't complain about insufficient storage space later because too many game ROMs/ISOs on your phone. Mine always suffers from low storage with just 7gb DS roms + 30gb of PSP isos.. And remember those are full games, unlike those crappy-ports IAP-infested game plagued iOS and Android recently

        • Mozaik

          You are wrong , you can play nds emulator game without jailbreak on latest ios with smooth framerate.

        • SuperMario7

          Yeah very good point about emulators, Snes9x was probably the first thing I installed on my Nexus... and I've just bought DraStic, thanks for letting me know about this, it looks pretty good from the reviews and there seem to be constant improvements

    • Ganmoth

      Well you can thank to:
      a)Atari for waging legal war with Beamdog causing couple months of delay.
      b)extreme fragmentation of android causing need of much more testing and also they had to rewrite most off Infinity Engine to make it even launch on android. For example the way IE worked before was not able to deal with the way how android works with application archives, also they had to add more texture compression support and shittones of other things to make it even launch.
      c)and ofc the fact that even with lesser market share, you still make a better money from paid apps on iOS. You might not like it, but its a fact that really a lot of android users do not pay for apps.

    • Professor Murder

      When you make apps for iOS, you are making them only for the iPhone/iPad.
      When you make apps for Android, you are making them for 100's of different phones/tablets. All of those different models need to be geared towards and tested. They are different hardware and you can't just release it for Android and think it's good to go.

      That is why stuff comes out on iOS first most of the time.

      • earthtone55

        This. If you look at revenue gap, as of this year, Google Play/Droid has effectively closed with Apple App/IOS. While there are some differences, any developer that ignores one or the other is giving up a huge part of their potential market.

        The reason IOS apps/ports usually come out first, is because its easier to create them. IOS is running on a lot of individual devices, but in reality its only a small number different models of Apple phones and pads. This makes it relatively easy for developers to design apps that will work on all of them, and to test them to make sure they do work OK With Droids, there are dozens of manufacturers, and hundreds of individual devices, with different processors, graphics capability, and even screen resolutions. Getting one program to work on any significant number of these things requires quite a bit more actual programming, and a huge amount more testing. And even then, its still not practical for any individual developer to test EVERY possible Droid device for compatibility.

        The biggest developers have the resources to devote to developing Droid versions in parallel with IOS ones, so this isn't so much of an issue for them. But getting Droid versions correct is a huge challenge for smaller developers with limited staffs and budgets. I've seen several of them say the exact same thing, namely that it takes them a full extra year or more to get Droid versions of their games/apps ready for market, and in the meantime, they can't afford to keep IOS versions off market.

  • asdsad

    use GemRB, GoG version of Baldur's Gate and you can get it running, you can even merge BG1+2+mods (BGTutu) to make one-freakishly long, continuing game out of them (warning, takes BG1+2+Tutu takes 5GB). Probably not so comfortable to use as Enhanced Edition but offers way more.

    Also works with Icewind Dale and Planescape Torment I think.

    • fake_red

      I've found using GemRB to be very buggy.

  • catpunt

    I bought this without even thinking. Best day ever

    • nyr2k2

      no kidding. my reaction to seeing this relEase was OMG OMG OMG

  • xxxseiglexxx

    multiplayer too?

    • Justin Swanson

      I believe so, but I haven't tested.

  • dude

    I prefer the original version over the enhanced version, so I'll skip.

  • Matthew Fry

    It took 21 months to complete. That's one complicated port.

  • Robb Nunya

    I may have to dig up the old CD and play this through again on the PC...

  • Nathan Talbert

    Has anybody tried this yet? Just how many IAP's are there?

    Reading the reviews, it sounds like there are npc's that have to be purchased. As much as I want this game for android, the 10 bucks is too much for a game full of IAP's. I'd gladly pay the 10-20 dollars for a good game without them, especially this one.

    • Ole Albers

      Exactly the same what I was thinking. I was already willing to throw my money when I read about the in-game purchases. Also the iPad-Reviews from gaming-sites where catastrophic. (unplayable, full of bugs). Would love to see a complete review here.

    • Justin Swanson

      IAPs are not required. 2 don't have anything to do with gameplay (portraits and voice overs). The other two are companions. One a Wild Mage, the other a Blackguard.

    • Professor Murder

      As Justin said, IAPs are only for extras like character voices and portraits and two full characters. NOTHING within the campaign requires money. The initial purchase is exactly that. THE PURCHASE. I'm loving reliving this experience. It's too bad we don't see these types of top over dungeon games anymore, but with how much they cost, compared to how much they make compared to easier developed games like Flappy Bird or Plants vs Zombies, the net profit vs time to make has hurt this industry.

      • Nathan Talbert

        I ended up buying it just because I wanted the option to play it on my phone if I had to. Even though I got it on GOG as well. Sadly, I have been putting my time into another game. I shouldn't say sadly though because it is a very good game. Divinity: Original Sin. I recommend it if you haven't tried it yet.

  • Ole Albers

    Ok. I bought it. Works great on Galaxy Note 10.1. Pitch-2-Zoom also works nice. The only (small) thing I don't like is that they did not fix the messages in the tutorials. I have no Right-Click on my tablet or the Quick-Key-"W"

  • Soulgerman

    Beamdog should look towards adding NWN to the menu. Don't get me wrong...I'm all for Fallout 1 or 2.