HTC has reportedly snagged up Paul Golden, a former Samsung US marketing executive who helped turn the Galaxy brand into a household name (or at least the closest an Android device has come), according to a Bloomberg report. He will serve as a consultant for Chairman Cher Wang. During his time with Samsung, from 2008 to 2012, the company's global smartphone market share jumped from 4.5% to 21%. HTC's, meanwhile, currently sits at less than 2%.

HTC knows how to make phones. The HTC One M7 was a beautiful piece of craftsmanship that raised the bar for what an Android phone could look, feel, or sound like. The One M8 doesn't rock the boat too much and remains a highly competent device. So why, then, is the company struggling to get more devices into the hands of consumers? It still believes marketing is the reason, and it's actively trying to address this.

Last year the company brought in Robert Downey Jr. for a series of ads that emphasized rebranding the letters HTC (previously High-Tech Computer) with such memorable alternatives as "humongous tinfoil catamaran" and "hipster troll carwash."


As a reminder, this is what a humongous tinfoil catamaran actually looks like.

For this year's flagship phone, HTC has somewhat returned the emphasis back to the device and rolled out Gary Oldman sitting in a dark room.

For the record, though, Robert Downey Jr. is still around, and this time he too is focusing on the hardware.

Now we wait to see what the future holds.

Sources: Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal

Bertel King, Jr.
Born and raised in the rural South, Bertel knows what it's like to live without 4G LTE - or 3G, for that matter. The only things he likes sweeter than his tea are his gadgets, and while few objects burn more than a metal phone on a summer day, he prefers them that way anyway.

  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    HTC is not even a catamaran anymore... it's an R/C boat

    • Doakie

      Their market share is more like Horrific Titanic Catastrophe at this point.

      • Cory

        Stupid American.

  • maziar esfandiarpoor

    nice move, that's what HTC needed.

  • SK

    Finally! Hope this saves HTC!

    • Maxxim

      I wouldn't get my hopes up just because "[d]uring his time with Samsung, from 2008 to 2012, the company's global smartphone market share jumped from 4.5% to 21%."

      Correlation does not imply causation, remember?

  • Bob G

    Sadly, by the time his work is ready to be realized, HTC will be sold off due to bankruptcy.

    • Andrew

      I doubt it. If blackberry is still around I'm sure they'll be around for awhile.

      • Dataninja

        Blackberry is still very intrenched in business and back office corporate services. HTC is not.

    • Cory

      You are an idiot.

  • Fonce Falooda

    It's the camera, idiots. The camera sucks, or I'd already have an M8.

    • ElTimo

      I've gotten some good shots with mine, especially in dark rooms.

      Ok, that sounded creepy, but I stand by it.

      • Fonce Falooda

        Have you printed them out? That's what I'm referring to. It's Instagram resolution, not Reality resolution.

        I'm not gonna print out EVERY picture, maybe one in a thousand, but I can't have a camera where I can't even do that!

        Everything else about the phone seems delightful, but 4MP? In 2014? Nope. Don't care how nice low-light situations are if I can't print 'em. (Also, the low-light stuff we're taking pictures of is probably a violation of Instagram's TOS, so we HAVE to print them! ;) )

        • maziar esfandiarpoor

          people share 99 percent of their photo on facebook and Instagram and M8 take great pictures. personally if I want to print a photo I take it with a DSLR.

          • Fonce Falooda

            That does seem to be the most popular way people are rationalizing having a crappy camera in their phone.

          • maziar esfandiarpoor

            all of my friend praise the photos I take with my m8 however you can call it a crappy camera while I'm enjoying the boomsound and it's premium quality.

          • Cory

            The camera isn't crappy. And I have printed pictures out from it and they look absolutely fantastic. See you are stupid. And you believe the megapixel myth. Miryam Joire said the camera was one of the best on the market. Try not being such a stupid American.

    • TY

      Just worse than every flagship out there in bright situations. In dark rooms it is at least on par with the iPhone 5s. Consider it a weakness, but it's not horrible by all means.
      Look at the Nexus 4 if you want to find a truly bad camera.

      • Cory

        No. It's not. It does just fine in bright situations.

        • TY

          I don't mean it's horrible in well-lit scenes, just worse when compared with other current flagships.

  • koko

    this wont save them.. replace your crappy twin camera with good one and add more features.. just copy from samy and lg as they do...

    • blumpkinator

      I'll agree about the camera.

      What "features" is it lacking? Most of the "features" that Samsung and friends show off are gimmicky bullshit. Samsung has to make its own app for everything, they literally have their own app for every google app.

      I only use vanilla UI [CM/AOSP or GPE] so I guess that shows how much I care about OEM "features".

      • Ashley Waugh

        By definition, the word "gimmick" indicates a personal opinion and not factual truth. A Gimmick is something specifically designed to draw attention or sales, without any practical use. This means that if anyone in the world actually uses the feature, then it isn't a gimmick.

        That being said, I would prefer Samsung to include these so called "gimmicks" as I prefer having the choice of what I want to use. If they are installed, then I have the choice to to use them or not. If they aren't there, I can't use them regardless.

        Call me crazy, but I don't look gift horses in the mouth.

        • Mantas

          The problem is when all those features just bog down on the phone so much that it becomes laggy even on high end hardware.

          • Ashley Waugh

            Yes, I agree that Samsung should permit us to uninstall any feature we don't want - that way we get the best of both worlds.

          • Mantas

            It's not that easy - all those features are heavily integrated into the framework. It's their job to optimize the software, but they just keep adding more stuff without doing anything to make them work well

    • j7981

      I think they should release an alternate model with the same specs but with a different camera. Then people who don't want the current one will get the other model, gaining HTC a lot of new customers.

      • Doakie

        I AGREE. I'd buy the second model.

      • Cory

        The camera is awesome. Stop believing the megapixel myth.

        • ProductFRED

          "Ultrapixels" means bigger pixels, which means better lighting. In the end it's still only a 4 megapixel camera...

    • acer1096xxx

      Doesn't matter if you consider the camera crappy, the general consumer won't care. (I know this because everyone thinks my M8's camera is amazing with the effects, even though I know it's nothing special). It's truly about the way HTC markets the phone, and this move definitely gives them a good chance of gaining new customers.

      • JC

        People do like the duo effects, but the first thing they ask me about the phone after they see it is how many megapixels it has? I try to explain to them that megapixels isn't everything but to their limited mind 16mp>4Up.

        • acer1096xxx

          When someone asks me, I just say "4 Ultrapixels" and that they allow 300% more light than most phones. I tell them it's still not as good at 16 mp, but usually that makes them a little bit more accepting of the One's camera.

          • JC

            The first thing I say is if they know what is a megapixel for? They get surprised bc they don't really know what to answer. I try to explain what it is but they still don't feel satisfied.

          • acer1096xxx

            Well hopefully if HTC learns how to do marketing right, one of their ads can explain how the number doesn't matter. Strong advertising is the only thing that will influence them.

      • Cory

        You are stupid Ameircan.

  • master94

    Maybe HTC will actually learn to advertise now.

  • n_a_v

    It's usually best to formulate your marketing plan a short while after you've released your flagship.

    • Cory

      It doesn't matter when it is done as long as the result is good marketing. HTC is half way their with his hire. And with how well the Gary Oldman adverts have been going over.

  • Matthew Fry

    I held a mate yesterday and it felt very nice in hand albeit maybe too thin. I couldn't get over the gigantic HTC bezel though. Put the logo wherever and however big you want as long as it doesn't impact the footprint/screen of the device.

    • SVem26

      That bezel apparently was to accommodate the antennas and the speaker circuitry.. Got one from T-Mobile and converted to GPE thanks to XDA.. Definitely the best Android phone as of now..

    • Cory

      It is there for a reason moron. Do some research.

  • Evan

    I love the One series and all but this m8 m7 naming convention is just horrid. Why not just do it like apple and call it the "new" HTC One. Like I thought the whole point of just calling it the One last year was to keep it simple and straightforward.

    • Cory

      M8 and M7 were code names and model names, The HTC ONE (M8) is just called technically the HTC One. With the added (M8) as the model number. Kinda like how car manufacturers do it.

  • Contra

    Anyone know why Paul left Samsung? Just curious of course...

    • Cory

      Because they suck,

  • Flanders

    Honestly I doubt this will make any difference to HTC.
    But I'm sure HTC will still around at least for next year or two, regardless of this deal.

    • Cory

      If you think that you have a low IQ. This will do wonders for HTC. This is the only thing they lack.

  • Dataninja

    HTC has horrible upper management. This was proven years ago when they promised graphic drivers for the popular windows phone they had then did not provide them. That was the last of the only 2 HTC phones I ever bought.

    On my 5th samsung and very happy with them.