Verizon takes its time getting updates out to devices, but today is finally the big day for owners of the LG G2 on Big Red. The OTA (version VS98024A) has started rolling out to devices, but don't get too excited just yet – Verizon is pushing the update in phases.

When KitKat does show up on the G2, you'll notice the now-mandatory white status bar icons and the new location menu. There are also various performance improvements and tweaks related to the update. Here's the changelog listed by Verizon, which is by no means comprehensive.

  • Color Adjustment has been added
  • 'Magnification Gestures’ label is now ‘Touch Zoom’ label
  • ‘Shades’ label is now ‘Screen Shades’ label
  • ‘Captions’ have been added
  • ‘Touch and Hold Delay’ is now ‘Touch Feedback Time
  • ‘Speak Passwords’ label is now ‘Read Passwords’ label
  • ‘Power Button Ends Call’ label is now ‘Power Key Ends Call’ label
  • ‘Easy Access’ label is now ‘Accessibility Settings Shortcut’ label
  • OS upgrade to Android KitKat 4.4.2
  • Improved visual voicemail

So, clearly a number of things are getting new names, which is odd. The fate of host card emulation is unknown right now, but it's been an issue with the G2 on other carriers.

Verizon has a PC upgrade system you can check out right now if you want, but reports say that might include a device wipe. The OTA will show up when your device has been granted access, so attacking the update button every few minutes isn't going to help.

[Verizon, XDA]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • PoisonApple31

    2 GB file just to rename a bunch of crap lol

  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    Let's see how KitKat will be doing in next month when Google shares a new version share graph

  • GreatNews

    Only Verizon will be the last to update and will be the only one to change setting names for no good reason at all

    • dogulas

      I really want to know how Motorola pulled off their KitKat update so insanely quickly on Verizon

      • Chris Ramsden II

        Motorola Mobile is owned by Google now, so updates happen in a timely fashion

        • dogulas

          It just shows how fast updates could happen if manufacturers made it top priority. Motorola didn't have any special treatment. Just pressure.

          • eriksean

            Also helps that moto doesnt add any unnecessary crap I mean software add-ons onto their version of android

        • Shawn Parks

          Was owned by Google.You missed the part where Google sold Moto to Lenovo

      • Ed

        Because droids are Verizon's main priority and exclusive phones they want to make sure people are satisfied with them. Unlike galaxies who are behind everyone

  • Alex Coldstone Simon

    Updated yesterday via the Windows update helper. No issues over here... No wipes. Did lose root, but ioroot25 worked flawlessly. :)

    • Uncasredux

      I used ioroot on 12B, and it worked fine. But I've read now you have to manually add commands because of the EFS. Mind sharing how you did it, and if you had to add manual commands?

      • Alex Coldstone Simon

        i didn't have to add any commands. updated through the computer via usb the day before the ota was released, as stated in my previous post, and then downloaded ioroot25 from xda. ran it, checked for root and i was good to go.

  • Voyageur

    Anyone know why the OTA update (~700MB) is so much smaller than update done via VZW Software Upgrade Assistant (~2GB)? Trying to see if one method of updating to KitKat is more advantageous over another and why the size difference...

  • Andy Stetson

    So since this one is 24A, it is possible that it is the same as the leak from a few weeks ago, no? If so, it has been buttery smooth.

  • ken

    I'd love a fix for some things that are actually broken, like the proximity sensor. At least we get a bunch of changed names that matter as much a the points on whose line is it anyway.

  • Tendo87

    Updated though the updater software and now my Bluetooth decides to cut out randomly when connected to my stereo. I know this was an issue early on with Kit Kat. Gonna look for a fix but just wanted to throw that out there. Not rooted.

  • kaspe67

    I used the Verizon upgrade assistant and it doesn't wipe the phone but you loose root and have to root it again.

  • arpil

    My phone is slower, my texts won't send ,, my Swype i$ barely working. My alarm clock is not working . Don't upgrade

    • Kayla

      I updated mine this morning and it took less than 20 minutes to go from 50% to 15% on standby. That was after upgrading. My non mms messages go through much slower than mms messages. My phone freezes and hangs. Opening an app takes 1-2 minutes when it took seconds. My phone is now running hot while on standby. The phone is taking 3+ hours to charge from 5% to 50% when it used to take 1.5 hrs to charge to 100%. I hate the update in every way so far.

      • Frustrated

        I am having the exact same problems and I am incredibly upset. My phone which was at 100% last night died while I was sleeping. Luckily I woke up before my alarm and plugged it in... and then neither of my alarms went off. My phone also takes much longer to charge. Any tips on what I can do to either switch back or fix my problems? I don't want to have to install a different Alarm app if I don't have to. I should have declined the update.

        • bydes

          All the same issues here too, and the top notification bar hangs down into the wallpaper without a barrier. The overheating at standstill and horrendous battery performance (discharging dramatically, in less than an eighth the regular time, and taking 8-10 times longer to charge) is definitely a worry. This update needs immediate improvement.

          • Frustrated

            After resetting my phone to the factory settings everything seems to be just fine! The process of setting my phone back up was frustrating but I'm relieved that it seems to be over. Good luck to everyone!!

          • http://batman-news.com spinnerg

            When you reset your ph did it erase all your pics too?

          • Kari

            Yes, make a backup

      • platever

        I have the LG2 on Verizon. Updated two days ago. I've been waiting 2 hours now on a quick charger and it's gone up 10%. I keep checking charging icon because it's like it not even charging. But now I realize its the update. The battery drains incredibly fast. It's extreamly noticable and is making my phone useless. The performance has droped as well. With no apps running and there is noticable lag in doing anything, even just swiping the main windows back and forth.

        • platever

          Did a factory reset. That didn't reset my Android version as I'm still on 4.4.2. It did fix the problems though. It may be that the phone just needs a hard boot which isn't just shutting down and powering up again.

      • Kayla

        I did not factory reset but after letting the battery drain several times it has lasted a little longer. It doesn't drain as fast as it did. I'm going to guess that the factory reset didn't help that as people below have suggested since I am having the same results minus the reset.

        I'm having to leave on my data for sms to go through and that irritates me. I didn't have to prior to the update. I'm still not happy overall. I've seen no improvements.

        Swype and other apps are still lagging, though not as bad as day 1.

      • Tanya Meyer

        I have having the same issues. My battery used to be amazing which is why I bought this phone and have sung praise about the battery since purchasing. Now since the upgrade, my battery goes from full to the red zone while I am sleeping and no apps are running. I am very frustrated.

    • chasity

      Mine is the EXACT same way!!!😑😑

      • Arpil

        As of yesterday my battery didn't drain as fast ,but still isn't lasting like before the update. My alarm works again and messaging got better. Scrolling and swyping is still a bit lagged. I still haven't contacted Verizon since I've seen some improvements .I've been keeping the phone off all overnight.

    • Daryl

      Same thing here, my wife has had the g2 since December and had no problems after ignoring the update. I get it 3 days ago it automatically updates the this kit Kat crap and my entire phone is messing up... same issues as everyone else messaging has stopped working battery lasted through 4 hours of movies on a car ride, now I t sits in my pocket for an 8 hour work day and it's at 30%, phone lags/hard presses by itself.... they better fix this, I hear at&t is gonna have a good deal on the new iPhone. ..

  • Chris Ramsden II

    Updated OTA yesterday morning, confirming Verizon left HCE in tact! Google Wallet confirmed working on 100% stock with no modification or root!

    • http://www.impulsivestudios.com/ Justin Myers

      This is the single most exciting thing that this update brought.

  • lol

    Lol you call this an update.

    I could have just renamed them myself, tyvm.

  • Alex Hawke

    Did the VZ software updater the day it was realed, about 2.2g, downloaded installed, reboot, done. No issues so far, battery life seems about the same, perhaps a tad better but certainly not worse. The LG already rocked out the battery so I was glad the 4.4.2 update didn't screw that up. Stock, no root here. Actually I take that back, I have one minor issue, after a power cycle of the phone, when it boots up I get a "google apps has encountered a problem and needs to close". That's the only thing though and only after a reboot. Just dismiss it and all apps work fine, no issues, so I'm not worried about it.

  • hhualjfpoagag

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  • John Henri Rivera

    Um for those think this just 'renamed' some stuff, you missed the bullet point saying

    OS upgrade to Android KitKat 4.4.2, where you are jumping from 4.2 Jelly bean to Kit Kat


  • michael sanchez

    No places or navigation

    • Steve

      It is now "maps"

  • gmd80

    Updated to KitKat last night and now I am not having a good day. Anyone else having problems with going to Settings and it closes instantly and says "unfortunately, settings has closed." ??? Cannot get into the settings at all!!!

    • gmd80

      I mean "unfortunately, settings has stopped."

      • Mug

        Same thing happened to me on S4. How do you fix it on your phone?

  • Dewed

    Is it just me? or did they make the screen brighter somehow? I've had to actually turn it down. Before, I had to have it about all the way up to see it.

  • PSupp

    Any idea if the update will improve the GPS performance on the LG G2? Was never clear if it was a hardware or software issue, but I'd be happy to bring an end to months of "Searching for GPS signal" as I travel around Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania...

  • ughhhhhhhhhh

    Talked to LG today, they said they've had no reports of issues following the KitKat update. My phone was completely charged as of about 12 a.m., died by 8 a.m., my alarms don't work at all, and it takes about 701928357019823457 years to charge my phone now. I went from being completely satisfied to absolutely frustrated in about 12 hours. It's ridiculous that it should be like this. It's an UPDATE, not a downgrade! Go report your problems to LG so they fix it please!

  • Gingiiiβ™‘βœŒ

    Worst thing ever. Alarm clock isn't working, swipe barely works, I can barely type (it's taking forever to type this), texts won't send, phone is really hot, and dies in a matter of about 2 hours without me even being on it. The worst. Don't update. Verizon needs to fix this.

  • Missi

    Have had the update for over a week and now getting more upset by the minute. I used to get two days on battery life now not even one. Android needs to fix this update. The whole reason I got this phone was for the battery life. Grrrrrrrrr. Missi

  • Helpmepleaseomg

    My phone is "connected" to my roommate's computer now apparently. When I turn off wifi it says "(roommates computer name) has been disconnected" I'm pretty concerned about this...can my roommate access files on my phone over wifi now?

  • teehee95

    I find that the biggest issue is temperature climb when any sort of internet access is allowed. WiFi and data both cause it. I have removed all app that have extensive background traffic and this still occurs. Best thing to do is only turn on WiFi or data when you are using it. Off any other time. This keep the phone almost the same as pre update conditions