Last Updated: April 24th, 2014

So. Sprint. About that KitKat 4.4.3 update you mentioned for the Nexus 5. You haven't seen it lying around anywhere, have you? Because we certainly haven't. And neither have any of our readers.


Wherefore art thou, KTU84F? Huh. Doesn't have the same ring.

Apparently something has gone wrong over at Sprint, because not only have we not seen the 4.4.3 KTU84F software update headed for any Nexus 5 units, the Sprint support page has removed the brief mention of 4.4.3 from its update chart. Previously it was scheduled to head out between Monday, April 14th and the following Monday. The update is a big deal for Sprint customers since it opens up two new Spark LTE bands, but the other changes to Android seem to be minimal.

Whether Sprint jumped the gun with the original update announcement, or some kind of technical problem forced Google to stop the process maturely, we really can't say. But the full update can't be too far away if Sprint was confident enough to post the support for it in the first place.

Update: The forum page, now locked, has been updated to say:

Important Note: Due to an issue with the software, this update has been pulled out. Will update this space as soon as a new update is ready to roll out.

We have not been given details on why it was removed. Once we get more information, we will certainly let you know! We don't intend on ignoring this situation, we just need to make sure that everything is corrected before launching. We want you to have the update too! We hope to get this taken care of soon so that we can get all of you guys some answers! We understand that waiting can be difficult and we appreciate you being patient while the bugs are worked out.

Michael Crider
Michael is a native Texan and a former graphic designer. He's been covering technology in general and Android in particular since 2011. His interests include folk music, football, science fiction, and salsa verde, in no particular order.

  • Harvie Galenzoga Boles

    ohhhh snap

  • 16bitz0r

    Sigh... It's ridiculous updates are taking so long to be released when it comes to Nexus family. even WP devices are updating faster than this joke.

    • Stanley Chan

      Yep, this kitkat build it have been a joke since the release. The worst build ever. Too buggy not even close the prior builds.

      • Souplese

        So true. Embarrassing to have this buggy a build on your flagship devices. Love the N5, but not impressed with Google's quality control and the new build, to rectify the myriad of bugs, is taking it's sweet time to arrive. Forget the glasses, Google, focus on quality control.

    • Chris

      With due to my friend.. There is always a reason why these kind of things are not rushed.

      • 16bitz0r

        Not quite right... KitKat is rather buggy, so whatever is fixed I'd expect it to be spread to the public asap, instead of waiting for 6~ months and get more bugs (anyway).

    • Krzysztof Jozwik

      Yes,they take so long. I don't have my update before it's released, I mean, WTF bro?

    • jeddo45

      I'll tell you what. Own any other android phone or tablet than a Nexus for at least a year, then come to a Nexus. Tell me how slow the updates go then...looks like Sprint just jumped the gun

      • kamiller42

        Or Google decided to delay release without notifying partners. Last minute bugs maybe? I doubt Sprint just had an itch to post an update coming. It was probably scheduled to release when the posted, but the actual push is up to Google.

        • ɳḁụkỏføx

          I think the nexus devices should get the ota simultaneously, regardless of carrier. I was used to this with a privatized phone like the S3 , but for Google's nexus line I think they should release it themselves

          • Tobias

            I'm not sure if it's a good sign when you receive updates so often as in the WP example.
            Update fetisjism is getting too much here.
            An update doesn't have to mean the facturer delivers you a good service and UI. It means they didn't deliver it, and try to fix it but they don't.

          • Beauregard Stauffer

            They do. Google pushes otas to Nexus devices. Regardless of carrier.

    • Twelk

      Nexus owners don't want fast updates. Fast updates lead to broken features due to a lack of testing. We want bleeding edge software but not necessarily nightly builds.

  • cabbieBot

    Thanks for posting this, Michael. People are really confused with whats going on. We've been waiting all week, being told every day (even today) by Sprint that it was rolling out...yet no one anywhere seems to have gotten it.

  • O’s Fan91


  • polesmoker99

    Hate to be that guy, but "wherefore" doesn't mean where, it means why.

    • Alexithymia

      Isn't this an OKCupid question?

    • http://www.scottcolbert.com/ ScottColbert

      You should probably check a dictionary first. From Meriam Webster:

      where·fore adverb ˈhwer-ˌfȯr, ˈwer-

      —used in the past to mean “why”

      Full Definition of WHEREFORE


      : for what reason or purpose

      • polesmoker99

        Ummm don't both of those mean pretty much the same thing? Or can you not read?

        The caption is intending to ask "Where are you, new Android version?" Instead, by both definitions, it's asking "Why or for what reason or purpose are you, new Android version?"

        PLUS, using it's obviously in reference to Shakespeare and the original meaning. Most people incorrectly assume Juliet is asking where Romeo is, but she's actually asking WHY his name is Romeo and why he couldn't be named something, anything else since his family, the Montagues, are her family's hated enemies.

        • Greyhame

          Great knowledge!

        • Simon Belmont

          Somebody got an A+ in high school English class. Good job.

          But, yeah, you're right. On all accounts. Oh, those Capulets and Montagues. Always throwing shade at each other (minus Romeo and Juliet, of course)

          • Ryan

            ...always biting thumbs at each other, or if not at each other, at least biting thumbs, sir.

          • polesmoker99

            I bite my thumb at you, sir.

          • Heimrik

            Was that a real historical insulting gesture or was that something Shakespeare invented for the story?

        • Gator352

          WHEREFORE art thou romeo?

    • Simon Belmont

      Eh, it happens. You would have been better off being "that guy" with "or some kind of technical problem forced them to stop the process MATURELY."

      Pretty sure he meant "prematurely" unless the powers that be in the Android department are really immature and childish and need a mature adult to help them stop updates from rolling out (obviously, I'm kidding, folks). Either way, Android 4.4.3 is coming soon, and then we'll all be ravenous all over again for the next update (lol).

      • Twelk

        "kind of technical problem forced Google to stop the process maturely"

        Stopping the upgrade prematurely would have meant that it was stopped too early.

        It should be that the update was started prematurely.

        • Simon Belmont

          But the update never was started. Haha, so it can't be started prematurely.

          Stopping the process prematurely is the correct way of saying, I believe. The process of getting the update ready to be rolled out was stopped prematurely (as in before it could fully be started).

  • Crafty

    Bummer. I guess Sprint really did jump the gun this time.

    Either way, it can't be far from release. Hopefully next week.

  • Crispin Swickard

    Still hitting the check for update at least once on the daily. Come to use update. Come to us..

  • Mr. Mark

    Come on, AndroidPolice. I would've expected you to know that Sprint, nor any of the carriers, are responsible for pushing out the update. Google is. The process wasn't stopped prematurely by Sprint. It was either stopped by Google or Sprint just posted faulty information.

    • Crafty

      Where was it ever said that Sprint was pushing the update? Oh, right, no where.

      Sprint merely posted info on the update on the support page. You've been bitching about this for days (shut up and grow some patience).

      • Mr. Mark

        "Apparently something has gone wrong over at Sprint, because not only have we not seen the 4.4.3 KTU84F software update headed for any Nexus 5 units..." implying something went wrong at Sprint to cause the Nexus 5 units to not receive the update.

        "Whether Sprint jumped the gun with the original update announcement, or some kind of technical problem forced them to stop the process maturely..." implying a technical problem forced Sprint to stop the update process prematurely.

        Shut up and learn to read. Bitch.

        • Crafty

          Learn to understand the Nexus process. Sprint doesn't push the update, Google does.

          Way to to swear at me. Your credibility is at an all time high.

          • Mr. Mark

            Are you some kind of retard or something? Why are you telling me to understand the Nexus process when I just defined it in the post that you replied to?

            Way to swear at you? You started the swearing first: "You've been bitching about this for days (shut up and grow some patience)."

            Cry me a river.

          • Crafty

            You edited your post. You said something else originally in regards to Sprint pushing the update then changed it.

            You sir are the moron (I refuse to use the word retard in the negative fashion you are). Now go crawl back under your rock.

          • Mr. Mark

            And don't talk to me about credibility and editing my post to correct a typo when you upvoted your own post.


            Again, shut up. Bitch.

          • Lawrence Christopher

            To be fair. You did edit your original post, man. You did originally state something about Sprint or other carriers to push the updates for the Nexus 5 themselves. It's true. In general it's impossible to up-vote your own posts with the same account, so I suspect that's a glitch. DISQUS has been glitchy lately and frankly, even if he did upvote his own post somehow, he has a right to like what he's said (haha).

            You should maybe not be so abrasive and defensive when someone calls you out, man. It's kind of sad to see unfold.

          • Mr. Mark

            Uhhhh, my entire reasoning for posting my original post, was to call out the author of the article for implying that Sprint was pushing out the update... Also, he was the one that started being abrasive first when he said "You've been bitching about this for days (shut up and grow some patience)." So... I don't know why you and him are on my back about how I'm responding to his abrasiveness.

          • Simon Belmont

            LMAO. I dunno about everyone else, but I'm eating popcorn and watching the drama. Man, to think a tiny point update causing this much upset over minor details in wording or questioning on who said what. Hahahahahaha.

            EDIT: Updated with additional "Hahahas."

          • Mr. Mark

            Thank you! I'm thinking the same thing wondering why this guy is saying I've been bitching about shit the last couple days (please show me where I've been "bitching") and crying about about me editing a typo in my post and getting all butt hurt when I treat him as he treats me. It's laughable and entertaining.

          • Garrett Gregor-Splaver


          • ronnieron812

            LoL!That's was good, Garrett!

          • ronnieron812

            Ouch!! Pictures don't lie Crafty guy...Mr.Guest checked 'ya! I don't know much about chess but i'm thinkin' it's your move!! :)

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      The point is either Sprint fucked up and misinterpreted the information they received or Google paused the OTA unexpectedly. And now Sprint's cleaning up the mess.

  • Pootis Man

    I knew it.

  • Mark

    And the whole internet media that rely on hearsay are now all looking like total fools.

    Until you hear if from Google, everything else is just clickbait.

    • ronnieron812

      Concur 100%

  • Chqz

    We all Want the update, and Google wanted to send it out as fast as they can.
    But if they push it out to fast while everyone crys...then the next thing people will be crying about is " oh my this is not working, or my that won't do this, and my camera is doing this or not doing that!!"
    Let's just wait till they worked out all the kinks,no one wants to be crying after the update right..thought so.

  • Simon Belmont

    Hahaha. This article's comment section is full of people complaining about other peoples' grammar (myself included).

    It's just kind of funny. Arguing over grammar just because we want our FREAKIN' UPDATE.

  • Varun
  • Testraindrop

    A bird told me to expect something week 20-21... lets see if thats gonna happen ;)

    • fjddjjd

      You mean this coming week?

      • Testraindrop

        In my calendar that would be week 17... but I would have nothing against it :)

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