Republic Wireless saw success with its offer of the Moto X last year, and now the carrier has made good on its promise to start selling the low-cost Moto G. For a mere $149 you can get the 8GB Moto G on Republic with no contract and cheap WiFi calling.

Republic Wireless piggybacks on the Sprint network, but augments that with WiFi calling when you're connected to a network. Unlike other VoIP solutions, Republic Wireless can hand-off a call from WiFi to cellular if you lose connection.

The Moto G comes without any sort of contract, but it will only work on Republic Wireless. Aside from the tweaks for Republic's hybrid service, this version of the device is the same as always with a 4.5-inch 720p LCD, 1GB of RAM, a Snapdragon 400, and Android 4.4.2. Monthly plans on Republic range from $5 for WiFi-only calling to $25 for WiFi and 3G service (the Moto G doesn't have LTE). The device can be ordered today in 8GB ($149) and 16GB ($179) variants, but it won't ship for another 1-2 weeks.

[Republic Wireless Blog, Republic Moto G]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • atlouiedog

    I wish the Sprint network had better coverage as it is practically useless where my parents live. This would be perfect for my mom. She doesn't need a fancy phone and lives in an area with poor service on all carriers. Good wifi calling at home and $25 unlimited when she's out would be a great fit for her use. Too bad AT&T or Verizon aren't as MVNO friendly as Sprint.

  • http://www.twitter.com/ninjustin ninjustin

    I'd recommend going with the Aio Wireless one. The phone is $150 (8GB) and coverage is much better. Although I picked up the unlocked one for the flexibility.

    • ProductFRED

      I'd recommend the unlocked/unbranded one. No reason to buy it from the carriers.

  • ProductFRED

    I'd recommend splurging and going with the X considering Sprint's 3G network is beyond terrible. You'll get LTE, and trust me, you'll thank yourself later.

  • tharealoc

    I'll be picking one of these up for my brother. Sure sprint coverage isn't great, but he doesn't need data, just talk and text. This is a solid deal for a starter smart phone.

  • Freak4Dell

    Uhhh...the G has a 4.5" screen.

  • sdfl

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  • me

    Suddenly, 8GB extra costs only $30 and not $100.... hhahaa

  • Anthony Dunlap

    Is Motorola the only brand this company carries?? That's all I see dou..I mean Aaron Baker talk about. Damn sell out.

  • Kevin

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  • cluckkiller

    Here is my referral link to save $20. They just started offering discounts again when you buy a Moto X or Moto G through their website. Cheers! =D

  • Andrew

    Republic has been awesome for me! The Defy XT was good, but I'm upgradin to the Moto G this week, and if anyone wants to join we both get $20 credit if you use this referral link:


    You can get this if you buy direct from RW, moto-maker won't count (custom moto X phones)

    • Andrew

      woo! thanks to whomever used my signup link!

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    Make sure you get referred! It give you and the other person a $20 kickback, the new person gets it off the phone, the person referring gets it as a bill credit. If you don't have anyone, you can just use mine (www.republicwireless.co). I have a Moto X as my personal line, and just made my work line a Moto G- saved $20 on the new line, and get two months of $10 service on my personal line! Although, I ended up buying two flip cases for the G that ate up the savings pretty quickly lol. The flip cases save needing a screen protector, but make it hard to use the camera (from using friends cases). The service with the X has been great, and since the G is more powerful (just less separate cores dedicated to certain processes), it should have no issues at all.

  • tmk39

    If interested, you can use my referral link to save on a Moto X or Moto G (doesn't work with Moto Maker though). Republic Wireless is an awesome company and I would highly recommend switching to them.


  • Steve

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  • hash esh

    MOTOROLA with all new MOTO G .............
    HAppy to see to back MOTO
    i'm planning to buy this MOTO G , 16gb
    i checked the specifications .. they look good to me ...
    battery backup is far better then other SMARTphones with 3000 mAh
    anyone using this phone ..
    i checked on Amazon , they are selling it for really low price http://amzn.to/QiMEh5, suggest me guysssssssssss ......
    valuable opinions required :D

  • CKH

    Republic Wireless has the MotoX for $299 and the MotoG for $149, both with a
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