Stop everything. FarmVille 2: Country Escape has exited limited beta and is now available for wide release. It's time to grab your pitchforks, because there's virtual farming that needs to be done, and neither these crops nor animals will tend to themselves. You can check out our previous reporting on the game, but here's a trailer that should get you up to speed.

The graphics are greatly improved over the 2D original, as the game now touts 3D visuals that almost make the game tempting to play. Unfortunately, this is still FarmVille. That means despite the new cooperative gameplay, the ability to play on a mobile device, the option to play offline, or the free-to-play price tag, you're going to have to pay to play this game. It comes to us from the fine folks at Zynga, where in-app purchases are a way of life.



You can put the pitchfork back down now, kid. This farm will never turn a profit. That sinking feeling you have? We call that debt. Get out while you can.

Source: Zynga

Bertel King, Jr.
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  • Thor Sigurdsson

    Here we have an exemplary reason for why there should exist a Google-Apps/Hosted Domain setting for users that prohibit access to apps offering "In-app purchases".

    • Andrew Vrba

      Or the ability to block certain publishers. X3

  • Jephri


    • Andrew Vrba

      =3 all of the =3

  • Andrew Vrba

    People still play Zynga games?

  • http://www.twitter.com/ninjustin ninjustin

    It's not too bad should keep me entertained at work for a couple days. The notifications are out of control though. They need to fix that.

    • ElTimo

      You can turn them off by long pressing the notification, going to App Info, and unchecking "Show Notifications." Works like a charm.

      • Jaimi Rothchild Kuriga

        I don't have a box, or anything else to uncheck notifications within the app. help!

      • Sue

        There isn't any box to uncheck!!

    • Ganzia

      If you like these kind of games play Hay Day instead. Much much better than this.

  • SetiroN

    I would honestly really like you to reevaluate your free time activities.

  • siddude11

    They've completely copied Hayday. You can check it. So bad.

    • Mike Peterson

      and hayday copied farmville, so on and so forth....play or don't play, either way no one cares...

      • Navitron

        Farmville & Hayday copied the one and only true farming "game" Harvest Moon.

  • https://www.twitter.com/Darkaeluz Darkaeluz

    well I have like 9999999999 keys in that game and level 20 in just half a day

  • BadassCowgirl

    Yes i really hope they allow for notifications to be disabled especially since it is using my text notification and its not its own sound...getting old fast...

    • BadassCowgirl

      Nevermind I read further down and unchecked the notification box. Thanks! I still wish I could pick a sound specific for this game though so I could leave the notification on without thinking I got a text message

      • Lolita

        I can't find anyway to stop the notifications. And what I get us really funny and disturbing sometimes, b/c I get the Mooooo sound of a cow or so every while. So I think I'll have to uninstall the app if I can't the stop these notifications!

        • Gareth IronHide Quinn

          Hey BadassCowgirl, I found out how to turn off the notifications for the game.

          If you go on application manager on your phone, find the farmville game, click it and Force Stop, Uninstall and underneath in small letters "show notifications" turn that off and it solves the problem :)

  • Jean Wilson

    Will this be able to be played on the Kindle fire anytime in the near future?

  • Kevin McCarty

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