The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is set to hit movie theaters in a matter of weeks, but that can't happen until Gameloft releases a mobile video game adaptation first. Fortunately there's no reason to fret. The game is here, so anyone who can't wait to live vicariously through a teenager in blue and red spandex can scratch that itch right away.

Spiderman1 Spiderman2

Spiderman3 Spiderman4

The game has the Spider-Man essentials covered. There's plenty of web-slinging, fist-swinging, and wall-climbing goodness to be found here, along with 3D cutscenes, voice-acting, and the minimal amount of effort needed to secure more money from in-app purchases. Those come on top of the initial $4.99 price tag, by the way. This is a Gameloft game, so not even Spidey's senses are sharp enough to navigate the experience without spending extra money.

Update: If you can put up with the commentary, Gameloft has published a lengthy two-part first look at the game in action.

Bertel King, Jr.
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  • Martin

    So you pay for the game, and then you pay to play it.. "COOL"!

    • primalxconvoy

      "Pay to pay!"

  • sean

    I'll wait until it drops to. 99 cents.

    • someone755

      Oh but the IAPs will rise to $10 per spiderweb.

  • aritra

    "This is a Gameloft game, so not even Spidey's senses are sharp enough to navigate the experience without spending extra money"-

    rightly said..

    -a heartbroken mobile gamer :"(

  • someone755

    Yes, I'm against the way IAPs are implemented in most games today, but DAMN, those graphics are too much for my Grouper.
    Amazing SM 1 barely ran at 5 fps xD

  • WhoaManWtF

    Does this game have Moga Pro support? Also how bad is the IAP system? I am not going to drop 5 bucks on a game til I know I can play it with a controller and that it is fully 100% completable in a reasonable manner without IAPs...

    • primalxconvoy

      Shamesoft doesn't really support Moga very well. For example, steering and drifting in Asphalt 8 went from analogue (via accelerometer) to digital (Moga). The cars were all over the place and the drifting races were next to impossible. Another example was in Nova 3, where buttons couldn't be assigned to actions, guns would randomly change without user permission and manual weapon change wasn't supported via the pad (which is kind of a necessary feature).

  • Vardan Nazaretyan

    $4.99+IAP? No thanks. You suck Gameloft. Sincerely.

  • http://www.techreviewshop.com/ JP

    DAMN this looks better than the Xbox One version!

    (Xbox One version delayed indefinitely by Activision earlier today)

  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    Aw, come on? How the fuck can you implement iAPs in a Spider-Man game? What, make you buy web packs?

  • http://twitter.com/ryocoon Kurtis Whittington

    Gameloft makes some awesome games. However, their support is complete crap. Further, they have massively leaned their market on IAPs, especially on games that already cost to buy and play to begin with.
    Gameloft, your creation team is great, but your design and support suck like a black hole.

    • primalxconvoy

      THIS. whenever there is a problem (and there always is with Shamesoft), all they do is offer you a "free" game. Considering most of their games are free, it's like a water company apologising by offering you a small bottle of water.

      If you really want to see Shamesoft squirm, ask them for some free iap's instead the next time they apologise for their shoddy service and quality; they will certainly change their tune.

    • Guest

      Goatse :P

  • AKA

    These days, as soon as I read IAP, I just skip the rest and move on. Left Dragon age, dead trigger2 and other great titles to rot on the playstore hoping that crap revenue from these money grabbers will force a new trend among Android gamers : the F*** you and your IAP trend

  • primalxconvoy

    I was about to write that although Shamesoft is scummy, film tie-ins like this are a good match for mobile and Shamesoft; free, as crappy as needed and it doesn't interfere with console gaming (Your Nan isn't going to buy you this by mistake for your birthday on your PS3).

    Then, I saw that Shamesoft was charging 5 dollars AND iap's for this and realised that Shamesoft isn't just scummy; they're simply scum.

    Move over EA, here comes a new challenger!

  • Emil

    They should choose only one payment model: Full game paid upfront (without IAP), or Free with IAP (or ads). But not both, it's too greedy.

    If development cost is too high that can't be covered by $4.99 per game (though I doubt it), they can release it per episode.

  • D-Batman

    Why the fuck they could not just make it free for the first day then have to pay money the other days
    Just really angry because im broke and have no money on my google play account

    • [S]unjay Burn[s] Red

      Lol, i'm broke too but they don't care if we can't pay and they shouldn't care.

  • [S]unjay Burn[s] Red

    We have fee to play but Gameloft has now done "Pay to Pay".


  • http://www.emuparadise.me/roms-isos-games.php Apple is a patent troll

    Can't wait until this gets cracked so the stupid always online bullshit will stop not to mention remove all these damn micro transaction.

  • tokic

    this game is horribly optimized for powervr sgx 544. i tried it on low, medium and high but all three settings have no kore than 10fps. no noticeable difference between low and high. Shame on Gameloft!!!

    • Aeonia

      mtk6589?dont wanna buy it without some feedbac first...

  • Viet-Hung Nguyen

    Does anyone know if it's compatible with the Moto G? i'm planning to buy it.

  • Mike de Haas

    Ok i bought the game. The big iap scam starts at chapter 2 at 50%, it is impossible to continue the game because you need a skill that will cost you 30k my guesss is you need to mindless grind more then 400 quest to get that amount.
    So i enjoyed the game 1 day and is now removed and a wise lesson learned gameloft sux big time.

    • Jonason246

      I am at 81% in chapter 3 and I didn't pay anything except the game

  • http://Batman-news.com Keon


    Thank you