Last Updated: April 18th, 2014

The original LG Lucid wasn't anything to write home about, but for some reason Verizon kept the name around for the much-improved mid-range sequel. Now the phone line is getting a third entry, as the Lucid 3 has appeared on Verizon's site after a candid leak last month. New Verizon customers can pick up the phone for free on-contract, and those who prefer to go without the ball and chain can pay a reasonable $299.99.


What does three hundred buckskins get you on Verizon these days? All things considered, it's not bad. The Lucid 3 is still decidedly mid-range, thanks to a 960x540 4.7-inch LCD screen, a 5MP rear camera, and 8GB of storage. But the physical design looks nice and compact: at 131.5x66x9.9mm, it's about the same size as the Moto X, despite having additional physical controls. The slim side bezels on the screen look pretty swanky too. The processor is a 1.2Ghz quad-core model (Verizon isn't saying how much RAM the phone has), and users have access to a MicroSD card slot, but not the fixed 2440mAh battery.

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Most impressively, the Lucid 3 is already running Android 4.4.2 - the latest OS update is a rare thing to see on anything except flagship hardware at launch. Of course you'll have to deal with LG's software skin, but all in all, you could do a lot worse for a free-on-contract phone. The Lucid 3 is shipping from Verizon's website now, and should be in retail stores soon if it isn't already.

Source: Verizon

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  • Jordan Khoviteri-Zadeh

    There is clearly not enough Verizon branding on that device. The home button doesn't even say Verizon on it. What a cop out.

  • chris125

    Doesn't seem like a bad little device for those who don't want or need flagship devices. Kitkat and quad core processor, will be interesting to see how it performs and good to see a no flagship launching with kit kat

  • https://plus.google.com/+TroyLeonard Troy Leonard

    There is really no good reason for mid range phones not to ship with the latest if it is a new model. We have just been conditioned to expect less. I understand if the mid Ranger is last years flagship and it ship a Gen behind. But if it is new it should have KK. PERIOD

  • mustbepbs
  • ElfirBFG

    Explain to me why someone would buy this over the Moto G? Sure it has a mSD slot, but it also has a qHD screen and physical/capacitive buttons for ~$100 more.

    *edit* I guess it has LTE as well, but still.

    • John Longson

      If you have a problem reaching for a physical button next to a 4.7" screen... you have a problem. It's a way to turn on the screen with one finger and not a full hand, a way to increase screen real estate (which you complain is not enough).

      Also, if the qHD screen has better viewing angles than the atrocious Moto G, it's a benefit.

      Also, it's probably not so tied into the Google ecosystem thanks to said MicroSD card... I can't fit any games on my G because it came with 5GB of RAM, a great deal of which went to Googlapps updating.

      • hkklife

        5GB RAM? My father in law has the original Lucid which is quite an atrocious device by any standard, even when it was new. The Lucid 2 was a massive improvement and the 3 looks to be all that much better. A shame it doesn't have a removable battery though.

        • DW

          The battery is indeed removable. Not sure where the article got that information.

        • John Longson

          It's 5GB internal storage included on the 8GB Moto G (corrected my post,oops). While I can play games like Need for Speed on my antiquated Galaxy S2, due in part to the amount of resource storage having both internal and external provides, I can't really do that on my Moto G due to its memory limitations.

          Hopefully there WILL be a removable battery, though; IMHO if there is it should trump a Moto G with far less doubt.

      • ElfirBFG

        Lolwut? Typing with your face?

        • John Longson

          Your comment makes no sense without context.

    • Kevin Mills

      You're not looking at it from the perspective of your average customer.

      It's not $100 more, the Lucid 3 is $0!

      • ElfirBFG

        There are much better phones available for $0.

      • TylerChappell

        Meh, if it gets KitKat into the hands of more people, then it's all good, I had my mom get the first Lucid when it came out as her first smartphone because it was the most ideal phone for her. Now she is using a Galaxy S4.

  • Daniel

    UGH, why does it have that terrible, Samsung-like button configuration? Come on, LG, use on-screen buttons on all your phones! Also, where's the 4.4 update for the Lucid 2??

    • TylerChappell

      On that note, where is the JELLY BEAN update for the original Lucid? lol.

  • urbanviking

    I got one. Not a bad unit, but the people I call say I sound like crap. Muddy, sometimes distorted. What gives? My old flip phone wasn't this bad. I have kind of a low, bassy voice. This phone is sounds awful on the other end.