The Flickr app is getting a makeover today as it hits version 3.0. The company is concentrating on improving the experience with easier searching and a better overall interface, but there's a big new feature too – video capture. There's even this snazzy video showing off the new app.

Here's the changelog for v3.0.

  • Capture and edit up to 30 seconds of HD video, using the same live filters available for photos, directly in the app.
  • Smarter and faster search experience – it could take up to three seconds per search in the past... now it takes 30 milliseconds.
  • Simpler navigation tools and a redesigned photostream that makes it even easier to share to Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook.
  • Detailed photo data to find out where the photo was taken, which camera and lens were used to create each shot, and more

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The addition of video capture is a pretty big step for Flickr. Not only can you take video, it has some editing tools and a set of live filters just like the ones for still photos. The new UI is actually pretty slick as well (though some of the buttons have an iOS vibe). The new version is live in Google Play for all interested parties, so go check it out.

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Ryan Whitwam
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  • Martin

    Looks great + 1TB free storage.. Can't be better! Everyday some app gets a new awesome look.. Really love Android right now! Update spree :-))

  • Joshua Putnam

    A real step backwards in some areas, Groups are a key flickr feature that are almost completely unsupported in the new app, text is harder to read, random cropping to fit a square grid really distorts many photos.

  • miri

    A lot nicer, but still meh. Editing tools are pretty basic and there isn't even a live preview, images aren't displayed at full resolution and are downscaled poorly and there's little in the way of sorting and sharing options. Pretty apps that aren't very good at what they do seems to be a recurring trend with Yahoo.

  • miri

    Yahoo accounts are required for their services now.

  • http://flavors.me/sabret00the sabret00the

    Ah man, I never got any credit for my tip (rant) about this.

  • gabeszka

    Why on earth does it need all those new permissions (SMS, accounts, running apps, ...)???

  • Tim

    Trying too much to be Instagram. Filters, social features, and worst of all automatically uploading everything snapped on the phone. Result is Flickr will be spammed with faded Polaroid style selfies. Also, it's rendering images in the app badly, very pixilated. I just hope it's not going Instagram style and reducing the uploaded image quality also or worse forcing a square crop.