Google Maps/Navigation is fantastic. It's easy to use, stays (mostly) up-to-date, and is built into Android's core. However, it has one major flaw: offline navigation simply doesn't exist within Google Maps. If you're heading into uncharted territory where cell service may be sketchy or non-existent, you're basically on your own. And getting lost is not a fun experience.

The solution? A third-party GPS application with offline support, like Sygic's Maps & GPS Navigation. And for a limited time, Sygic is offering a handful of its maps for half price:

  • World: Normally $125.99, now $69.99
  • North America: Normally $55.99, now $27.99
  • Brazil: Normally $55.99, now $27.99
  • Europe: Normally $69.99, now $35.99

Those are some pretty substantial savings across the board, especially for anyone in need of an offline-supported GPS app, and all the packages come with free updates for the life of the application.

The "World" map does not include the following areas: Algeria, Azerbaijan, Colombia, India, Iraq, Iran, Israel, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Pakistan, Tunisia, Venezuela, Vietnam.

For a full listing of maps included in the World package, check out Sygic's website.

Sygic's GPS Navigation software offers more than just offline maps, too. As stated before, it's essentially like having a dedicated GPS unit without having to actually buy a dedicated GPS unit.

The app features high-quality maps with a couple of different viewing angles, which aids in finding the correct location, even throughout a convoluted street layout. If a situation arises when the first set of directions isn't going to work out – in case of construction, an accident, or the like, for example – Sygic also offers two alternative routes by default. If something happens in the middle of the route and you need to make a detour, Sygic allows for drag-and-drop route editing, so changing roads on the fly is a snap.

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It also offers all the goodies one would expect from a good GPS, like turn-by-turn voice navigation, spoken street names, and the option to avoid tolls, among others. For those who may like to get to their destination a little quicker by bumping the speed up, Sygic keeps an eye out by giving warnings for excessive speed, fixed speedcams, and crowd-sourced police speedtraps. That's good looking out.

For those looking to add a little more in the way of features, the app has an in-app-purchase system that offers a handful of add-ons, like points-of-interest courtesy of My Sygic, integration with TripAdvisor, Book.com, and others; Groupon deal support, traffic info, and Park.me integration.

There's also a neat feature called "Heads up display" that essentially uses the vehicle's windshield to show a reflection of oversized, simplified content from the phone. Simply fire up heads-up and toss the phone on the dash. Done.


Another nice feature is that Sygic is optimized for use on both phone and tablets. If you'd prefer to use a larger screen for navigation, then running it from a tablet is the only way to go – and since it's all offline, a Wi-Fi tablet fits the bill perfectly.

This 50% off deal begins today and will only run for one week. It ends on April 22nd, so if you're in need of an offline GPS solution, now's the time to buy. If you're still not sold, however, the app offers a free seven-day trial – just enough time to figure out if it's what you're looking for before the deal ends.

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Sygic Maps & GPS Navigation on Google Play

  • Dave

    I've been using Sygic for a couple of months now. In general, I prefer it to Google Navigation, but there's one thing preventing me from suggesting it. Although you can set it as the default app for turn-by-turn navigation, you HAVE to search for your destination within Sygic using their search. You can't, for instance, select a destination on Google Maps, and have Sygic launch directly into navigation to that destination. Very irritating. Anyone know a workaround?

    • dude

      No. Even when I open up a location to Sygic app it doesn't really work. Either they are refusing to implement it or haven't. Their location search is pretty horrible, but their navigation is a lot better than Google Maps. It doesn't tell me to do a lot of dumb and dangerous things that Google does. I use it mainly for long trips.

    • Guest

      Take the GPS coordinates from Google Maps and input it in sygic and save the destination as a favourite

  • Richard

    The heads up display is awesome. I wonder how well it works for very tilted windows. You also need a way to prevent your phone from sliding around. I wish phones had a way to mirror their display on a display in the car. I have a Civic with a display about the same size as a phone, but with a much smaller resolution. There should be an API that developers can use and they would create alternate, simple layouts to display on external displays.

    • dude

      Get an iOttie car mount.

  • Hrishikesh Bisen

    Sygic india map is free☺☺

  • LC

    Been using Sygic for 2 years, it helps me a lot when traveling. Don't go out without it.

  • didibus

    What are the other offline navigation alternatives to this? Just so I know about all options before committing to 60$

    • cedd

      Igo primo, free.

      • didibus

        I can't find it in my play store (canada).

    • http://www.rebelwithoutaclue.com/ Rebel without a Clue

      Tom Tom has worldwide coverage and an Android app.

      • didibus

        Is it any better, I know that sygic uses TomTom's data. So it would boil down to who executes it better.

        • http://www.rebelwithoutaclue.com/ Rebel without a Clue

          I had Tom Tom on for a while. And both execute about the same. Same route, same speed in recalculate other routes. They give the same info as well. What Lane to take and such. Might have gone with Tom Tom since the looks are a bit more flat and Android like. But sygic was cheaper at the time. And already had sygic purchased.

          • didibus

            So I tried Sygic and CoPilot this weekend over a long trip.

            CoPilot has the nicer interface, and a nice Avoid Toll If Possible feature which tries to avoid as much toll as possible without making your trip much longer. The downside is, the map data is inaccurate, the GPS is a bit behind on your location, and the voice guidance doesn't guide you that well, it doesn't say the exit's number or name for example, and it doesn't talk often enough I've found.

            Sygic's interface I found to be pretty terrible. The Map data is much better, yet I still found that lane info is not quite the most accurate, bad enough that I just can't really trust it, granted, Google Maps and CoPilot both don't even have lane info. The Voice guidance was pretty good, I wish it read street names, but at least it was good for turns and exit names. It did stop talking at one point, half way into my travel, I was lucky to have noticed it, a restart of the app solved it, but it is a bit worrisome to know I can't just rely on the voice, cause it sometimes stops.

            All in all, I disliked both apps. I'll keep looking, TomTom might be the next one I try, since it's the same map info as Sygic, which was it's only good point. I hope the interface and voice guidance will be better.

            P.S.: They both had terrible POI search. Sometimes I want to know if a Wendies is on my way, and when will I pass it, CoPilot just doesn't have the search for POI on the route feature, and Sygic is too rigid, like it has to be exactly on my route, which never happens on a highway, it's always at an exit.

  • didibus

    Are the maps being updated on a regular basis and for no extra charge?

    • http://www.rebelwithoutaclue.com/ Rebel without a Clue

      Yes they are :)

  • Alain Lafond

    Yeah, yeah... Another world map without Cuba... A real american world map...

  • Leonardo Baez

    anything like head up display for gmaps?

  • solbin

    I am interested in this, does anyone own this yet? The description on google play sounds like the HUD and speed cameras are IAP...

    ADD-ON FEATURES (in-app purchase)
    • Real-Time Traffic to avoid traffic jams
    • Original voices of Homer Simpson & other original celebrity voices
    • Premium online speed cameras with 70 000 mobile speedcam locations each month
    • Head Up Display (HUD) projects GPS navigation onto your windshield without additional accessories

    Anyone have info on this?

    • http://www.rebelwithoutaclue.com/ Rebel without a Clue

      True, real time traffic depends on your country (I pay 10 euro per year for Netherlands). Celeb voices, €4,95 each. Speed cam for Netherlands, 10 euro a year and HUD is 6 euro I think.

  • aouniat

    I've been using Sygic since I had my iPhone 3GS !! It's been years and now it's one of the first apps to install on my android devices. When I first came to the UAE I had to rely on this app to learn how to reach different places. It helped a lot! Although I don't use it much nowadays, but I can say that the maps are always up to date.

  • http://www.rebelwithoutaclue.com/ Rebel without a Clue

    Might mention that things like traffic info, speed cams and head up display cost extra and are not part of the package. Also nice touch are celeb voices. Mine has Snoop dog telling me where to go, you dig?

    • didibus

      Does the head-up display works well in practice and in daylight?

      • http://www.rebelwithoutaclue.com/ Rebel without a Clue

        During daylight, not so much. When it's getting a bit darker (and you keep your windows clean), it works like a charm

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  • Goran Omni

    At first I didn't like the UI. Tried several mobile apps but when it comes to accuracy, Sygic is probably the best choice. I used it mainly in Europe and it never let me down. The app is now on sale. You can also use the additional 25% discount by entering a discount code, e.g. REF5620RPSBHC1198

  • CrankyFranky

    looking for Japan - seems not part of their world either ...

  • Macoy Noypi

    A full version of GPS Navigation & Maps by Sygic works ok until now but it is not updated thou. http://apkblizzard.com/sygic-apk-full-installer/