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You've seen the breathless coverage. You've read Google's hyperbolic marketing. You've seen countless demonstrations of why Google Glass is the future. And if you live in the United States, you can finally get one without jumping through limited access hoops or begging for an invite, if only for one day. Google's Glass Explorer program is open to US residents 18 and older from right now (9 AM Eastern, 6AM Pacific) until the end of the day on April 15th.

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Google isn't giving eager Glass testers a break on the price: the head-mounted hardware is still a budget-breaking $1500. But you will be getting access to the latest "XE" revision of the hardware, and those who order as part of this promotion can get a free set of prescription glasses frames or shades to go with Google Glass (normally a $150-225 additional charge). You can choose from the same four prescription styles and three sunglass styles that have been available since January. The KitKat update for Google Glass should be live well before the April 15th units are shipped out.


So, should you get one? Google Glass is still very much a niche product, intended for developers first and end users second. And fifteen hundred bucks is a lot of money for what you're getting, even considering the unique things that Glass lets you do. (For example, I'm passing, even though I could probably take it off on my taxes.) The decision is yours of course, but I'd recommend waiting unless you're a developer who's really, really excited about Glass, and you want to have apps or other software available for the eventual retail release.

The invite-only Glass Explorer program should commence as usual tomorrow. There's still no word on when the consumer version will be coming.

Source: Google Glass Explorer page

Michael Crider
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  • Zyre

    Like always Google only sees the US as the only place in the goddamn world.

    • http://skorch.co.uk/ Antony Derham

      It's somewhat understandable. They have numerous hoops to jump through to export products, especially on this scale. I just wish they weren't based in the US. If they were somewhere in the EU/EFTA, programs like this could reach a lot more people.

      • Zyre

        Well Google is a international company.

        • http://skorch.co.uk/ Antony Derham

          True. I do agree with you that they should make stuff like this available to everyone. The one that really annoys me is Google Wallet. It would see incredible use in the UK. 95% of our shops have NFC scanners but there's no app to use them with.

        • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/eric-ravenscraft/ Eric Ravenscraft

          This is a $1,500 beta product that's already being supplanted by an entire wearables platform that will probably make Glass obsolete and, in the meantime, people using them are getting mocked, insulted, and in some special cases, having the shit kicked out of them.

          America isn't keeping its toys to itself. It's *protecting* you. That will be one oil, please.

    • Robwiki

      Well typically you have to get these kinds of devices pushed through a ton of government red tape before you can start distributing them for the public. Makes sense to focus on getting the appropriate approvals in your home country before tackling the nuances of the international market place.

    • QC

      I'm no fan of their US only thing either but in this case, I'll forgive them because unlike software, hardware actually does have a lot of red tape to get through.

      Plus, its a new product. The biggest problem I have is when people defend Google's inability to sell books, music or movies worldwide.

    • John
    • xbukowskyx

      ok google!it's time to increase POV PORN!!


      If the UK or wherever you're from made it, and sold it just to your country as a further beta, would you complain? Give it a rest, predictable boring response.

      • MistiXF

        No, but you would complain that it isn't available in YOUR country.

  • bicx

    My coworker wears his every day, and I've tried them out. They're cool but not worth $1500.

  • http://www.emuparadise.me/roms-isos-games.php Apple is a patent troll

    Who doesn't love things being USA only, I mean USA is the only place on Earth the other countries are magical and only appear when the USA needs it.

  • Justin S

    Removing video calls severely devalues an already over-priced (for now) Novelty tech

  • Mr. Mark


    • unni123456

      I can't find Xperia Z2 though ;)

  • flosserelli

    Sure thing. Let me scrounge around the sofa for $1500.

    • pseudozach

      plus tax

  • pseudozach

    it says they'll check for id when delivering! So I cant even order it to US to a friend and have them forward to me?
    That seems a bit aggresive.

    • h4rr4r

      So have your friend show his ID. Then he boxes it up and mails it again.

    • slurivariv

      Give your friend the money, they buy it, forward it to to you.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/ron-amadeo/ Ron Amadeo

      Every interaction with the Glass people is like this. They treat everyone like a criminal. The security at my bank isn't this high, or annoying.

      • MistiXF

        Then don't buy it and vote with your wallet? Simple as that.

  • folkrav

    Guys complaining about the US only restriction, this is still a beta-access type of product, where you have to expect an incomplete and imperfect product for 1500$. The Explorer program is not for everyone. This is more or less an "open beta", with limited distribution, making it more manageable.

    This is not the commercial product. Google Glass is not finished.

    They could have chose to do some internal QA, they chose to give the opportunity to their home country to be a part of the beta testing (aren't Glass headquarters based in California?). 1500$ is a high price for an unfinished product, that not that many people will be able to afford.

    • ather akber

      I live in the middle east, bought me some play store cards Online, turns out it its not supported in my country? Goofle wallet? Not supported either, Google movies? Nope, Google Devices? Nope, to get me a Nexus 7 i had to order it to a friend's house in NY and have him shipped to me, because they won't ship to either PO Box or APO Address ( was in afghanistan at the time), Google thinks US is the only country on the map, just like aliens invade US, the world ends in US etc...


      • kornett

        that is usually not Google's fault, but other governments fault. If you buy something in other country you need to pay customs duty if you want to import it, sometimes the duty is even greater than the product price. Of course google would like to sell to all the world, they like the money! but they can't control the price of the product in other countries. I once bought a $200 usd tablet and my goverment made me pay other $150 for duty... which is stupid.

      • MistiXF

        Cool story, bro.
        But does anyone force you to use Google? If you don't like it, don't use...or, in your case, don't try to use it ;p Do you all really think that Google is the only way to go? Seriously, there are plenty of alternatives for each and every G. product.

        PS. Did you buy those play store gift card before you checked if they are supported in your country? Well done. Who's at fault?

  • dilharo

    IN India for 1500$ people will rather buy a tata nano car instead

    • unni123456

      People will probably beat them up once they understand you can take photos with this, especially if the wearer is an Indian guy.

  • Larry Simpson

    Why pay $1500 to make people hate me when I can do it for free? #Glassholes

  • Dan Garcia

    I'm torn.. $1500 is a lot and I'm struggling to pull the trigger and leaning toward passing on it, but I just know that Google is going to give everyone who participated in this a free version of the final product.. I just know it!