It doesn't matter which phone a Sony QX10 or QX100 owner uses, these cameras are better. The drawback is that the user experience is nothing short of awkward. One particular issue is slow NFC connection times, making it challenging to capture spontaneous shots (and aren't those the best kind?). Fortunately, this is the type of problem an update can address. Firmware version 3.0 is now available for both models, doing precisely that.


The update also introduces the ability to focus by half-pressing on the shutter. This joins improved NFC pairing in speeding up the experience, even if it's only somewhat.

Hit up the links below to get the firmware for the appropriate camera model. The process for installing the software should be the same as it was for the 2.0 release, requiring a Windows PC, a USB cable, and mostly charged battery.

Firmware Upgrade 3.0 for Sony QX10

Firmware Upgrade 3.0 for Sony QX100

Source: XperiaBlog

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    How much faster is it now?

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    I'll test it soon I need to charge it

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    Question is.... Why didn't the F did it do this out of the box?

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    Now lower dem prices and I'm down for putting them on my Z Ultra.