Last Updated: April 21st, 2014

There's no doubt that Chromecast is cool. You know what else is cool? Casting stuff from your phone or tablet to AppleTV, FireTV, Roku, Chromecast, Xbox 360, Xbox One, WDTV, a SmartTV, or other DLNA-certified devices. And that's exactly what Koush's AllCast app does – makes streaming locally-stored and some cloud-stored (Dropbox, Drive, G+, or even a server) media simple and easy.

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Along with beta support for streaming from Google Drive and to FireTV, Koush also recently added another new feature to AllCast: redemption codes to enable premium features. The code is attached to a Google account, so once it's activated the app can be installed on other devices and redeemed for the full version, as well.

The premium version of AllCast (normally $4.99) removes all ads and splash screens, as well as the limitation on video length. Basically, it disables everything annoying in the free version.

With that, we have 50 codes to give away.

This contest is now over.

The final results are listed below. If you've won, you will be contacted in the near future. Congratulations!

Everyone else - keep participating and stay tuned to Android Police so that you don't miss our upcoming giveaway announcements. You can follow AP on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and RSS.

Gagan Mohal
Ryan Anderson
Ben Smith
Carlos Rodríguez
David Nguyen
Jim Greco
Garry Duane Bartle
Thomas Paulsen
Andres Bezares
Kenni Odelheim

Alex Zimmer
Hamad Ali
Matthew Muysson
Pablo Fernandez Pousa
Arun kumar
Alexey Kokorev
Eduardo Mateos
Kushal Sejwal
Nick Robins

Eirik Corneliussen
Gene Davis
saad slimani
Mark Turner
Mark Zetino
Luisinho Ulisses
Jheysson Velandia
Peter Oliver
Phu Nguyen

If you win, here's how to redeem the code:

  • Install AllCast
  • Select a device to cast to (this step is important, as the Settings menu doesn't appear till after a device has been selected)
  • Hit the settings button in the top right
  • Tap Redeem Code and choose your email address
  • Enter the code
  • Done

Simple enough, right? Drop a comment letting us know your favorite feature of AllCast and you're in the running. We'll randomly pick 50 winners on Friday.

Good luck!

Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • Edo SP

    Nice... Let's try to cast files from Amazon TV

  • nate

    videos, images, music, pretty much anything to pretty much any receiver you might encounter. very tough to beat that!

  • Samvith V Rao

    Screen mirroring please!

  • Andrew K. Greene

    I enjoy the wide variety of device that are supported.

  • Cedric G

    a soon to be feature screen mirroring :D

  • Thiago Saadeh

    Dropbox streaming!

  • Ron Pena

    Best app ever

  • Joey Tran

    Google Drive Streaming

  • Zaerath

    The best feature of AllCast is probably being able to cast my local media over UPnP without needing yet another device.

  • Youri

    good luck everyone

  • Garrett Finley

    Must Cast...

  • Vinni Nanci

    Casting video to my Xbox One.

  • Sai Pathuri

    I want screen mirroring

  • Nachiketa

    Apps ui and ability to cast to every device

  • zacharyliu

    Streaming cloud services to the Chromecast

  • Midhun Murali

    My favourite feature is to group each and device separately so you can share easily

  • moelsen8

    screen mirroring! bring it on

  • Danny Kees

    My favorite feature is the screen mirroring that is unfortunately only on the Nexus 5.

  • Wajid

    Cast anything .. from google drive too .. love it..

  • djex93

    Cloud casting is the best feature

  • kon

    cloud streaming!

  • JDGD

    casting from Drive

  • jra716

    Wide variety of options to cast to.. makes me want to try out other media players but Xbone and Chromecast will have to do for now.

  • Eric Basta

    I can cast a photo of myself casting a photo!

  • Roy Karny

    Google Drive casting will be great!

  • Wildy

    Cast to smart tv

  • Itamar

    Many casting options

  • Alessandro Barbieri

    One app, lots of devices. Simplification is something every app should move toward.

  • Michael Kennedy

    My favorite feature is definitely the casting from Dropbox.

  • Scott Stutzman

    Been eyeing Allcast for some time now...

  • Karl Janson

    Screen mirroring is really convenient

  • Fayron

    Hopefully to even cast media files from the NAS or cloud to the BOSE system :-)

  • Patrick

    Good luck!

  • David Manzi

    Its the best, and basically only way to share my google+ auto-backup photos with my friends and family. I love my chomecast, and this makes it even more useful!

  • Christopher Burch

    Just got my Chromecast, yes the UK is last to everything... But favourite feature has to be the mirroring ability which I hear is in the running :D

  • Tobi F

    My favourite feature is that you can cast to your AppleTV and your smartTV. Great

  • Philip Pullen

    At last. An app that can stream from Drive, so I don't have to rely on my slow laptop to do any processing.

  • Ramona Brown

    Being able to cast to and from anything is awesome!

  • Mauricio J. Cruz Roca

    I do like the integation with the cloud

  • kaszub39

    Chromecast support is the most important!

  • CheCorchete

    Stream all my media from the cloud or local storage

  • @bleakneonblack

    Chromecast streaming. That's an easy question. Plus, you know, it's by Koush. So it has to be awesome.

  • Malak Shah

    to stream media to my SmartTV

  • Gary V

    Casting local files from my phone!

  • Mark Turner

    Being able to cast videos off Google Drive :)

  • Sunny

    Dropbox streaming!!!!!

  • Tarek Ebrahim

    Screen mirroring ftw

  • Juan Manuel Vazquez

    Great job people are carrying allcast

  • SlipperieSlope

    Casting Xfinity Ondemand would be the missing feature Comcast will never implement. Allcast can do that for me! Now I just need to win a license...

  • Thorben O.

    I like the G+ cloud storage feature the most.

  • Nin DKK

    I love ability to cast everything to my dumb flat TV.

  • Sharath

    Great app for casting!!

  • Melvis E. León L.

    Allcast is the perfect complement to the chromecast.

  • skizzoid

    I like being able to cast media directly from my phone to my Chromecast.

  • Daniel J

    I love how easy it is to display my photos on a big screen without the need of wires!

  • Mark Zetino

    Screen mirroring!!

  • Mallory

    I'd love to be able to cast from any device without any annoyances! :)

  • Bangali

    Homemade movies on TV!!

  • Scott Castillo

    Any Cast

  • Raphael

    My favourite feature is not one specific but being able to cast from that much sources and file types!

  • Nizar GHRIBI

    My favorite feature is that it can cast to my Samsung Smart TV directly even if I don't have Chromecast, Fire TV or any other device.

  • Jay Sanders

    Comment dropped

  • Robert Diaz

    PLAying my movies yayayysddaisydfio

  • kaalpurush

    Screen Mirroring O'course!

  • Anthony

    The notification casting is really cool.

  • https://plus.google.com/116879163037230501137/posts Cullen Maglothin

    Local video casting.

  • Desi WN

    The ability to cast one's media collection from Google Drive

  • Jomar Sullivan

    HD 1080P video streaming straight from my phone with no sputter......as long as the codecs line up

  • Sato Taku

    screen mirroring

  • UFunny

    Chromecast FTW!

  • Lorenzo Faccini

    To use my new chromecast!

  • Garrett Gregor-Splaver

    Looking forward to being able to screen mirror with this App.

  • Andrew Grube

    Awesome! I too am waiting for the screen mirroring!

  • Eduardo Cardoso

    Screen mirroring!

  • hsapiens3

    I like that it cast not only to chromecast but also to other devices. Makes it quite versatile and useful

  • Mor Griv

    Casting from Dropbox

  • Luisinho Ulisses

    I love its ability to cast local files on Chromecast!

  • The Seventh Son

    Casting from all manner of sources, including cloud services. Bravo.

  • steelew

    I tried but I never got the redeem codes link or button. I even opened stuff from google+ and locally and it never showed up. Oh well.

  • Yaowa

    The ability to cast videos of course.

  • jamski

    Casting photos to chromecast!

  • D W

    Favorite feature is cloud casting

  • Colin Kaminski

    casting to my xbox since I don't have enough HDMI ports for a chromecast

  • Jesus Llor

    Casting everywhere!!!!

  • Russ Christie

    Casting! Such a useful feature

  • Jesus Suarez

    I love using AllCast to stream videos from my PC to my Chromecast, and to look at pictures I've taken on a larger screen.

    But if you're reading this Koush, I have a feature request for you (who doesn't, amarite?). Please enable zooming on casted images!

  • jumanjimother67

    i like the cast feature on imdb. always tells me who was in the movie

  • Vitor

    It's hard to choose a single favorite feature between multiple device support, Google drive integration and now subtitles being supported! I'd say the best chromecast feature is Allcast!

  • t4siu

    Casting from Google Drive.

  • Андрей К

    Cast all videos from my smartphone.

  • hochoch

    Super clean design

  • Gabriel Bond

    Such casting.. Much music. Very videos.

  • Feher Bence

    cast almost anything, lot of updates, nice design, hope the mirroring will arrive sometime..

  • Akram Faisal

    can cast anything

  • Terry

    I like the fact that I can cast just about anything that I want to.

  • chinna_rao

    screen mirroring to play my games on large screen tv

  • jutgreen

    Definitely Google Drive support for me. I currently have quite a bit of storage available on Drive and AllCast makes me want to fill it up!

  • jadeboy7

    Looking forward to screen mirroring.

  • Miguel F. Pacheco

    I like that it allows casting of local files as well as those on Dropbox or Google Drive to my local TV, though my search of one that can also help cast YouTube and maybe even mirror my Galaxy Note 3 to my Samsung "Smart TV" (which lacks even a proper YouTube app...!) continues (at least without having to add more hardware to the equation, such as a Chromecast)

  • Sunny M

    this is awesome better than having one app for one device (samsung link) now i can control all my devices from one app

  • Dan Herrera

    Cloud casting sounds awesome!!

  • Jin Kim

    Yes plz

  • Brandon V

    My favorite feature is casting to roku!

  • Neeraj Bhojwani

    Fav feature would be ability to stream local files

  • Alan McGarrity

    Can't beat the ability to cast videos stored on your own device.

  • Tim Davis

    My favorite feature of AllCast is being able to easily stream videos of my children straight to my TV via my Roku or Chomecast.

  • Leonardo Lorca

    Casting :)

  • Jorge Galls

    I want to cast...

  • Mark Kohls

    My favorite AllCast feature is that you can send content to almost anything that can dream content. If there is a way to stream to it AllCast probably supports it.

  • Ilocans

    I want to cast to m6y chromecast

  • Christopher Madsen

    I still dont get it, why google did not put more chromecast support in KITKAT

  • Daniel Monteiro

    Cast all the way, today its friday :D

  • Chris Harmon

    Casting from Google Drive to Chromecast!

  • Guilherme Borges

    Here we go.

  • Aron van de Pol

    It makes my tv a movie theather

  • Kerjani

    Also supporting dlna smart tvs is great

  • Christopher Madsen

    Mirror can really be the big thing for this app

  • Duarte Barbosa

    This can turn my dumb TV into a movie theater. Cool.

  • Christopher Madsen

    Just wanna show my holidays movies... When do you pick a winner?

  • Carl M.

    Were the winners announced yet?? :-)

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Just did.

      • Carlos Rodríguez

        My name is on the list, but don't have any email from Koush. Is there another Carlos Rodríguez that won??


      • Thomas Paulsen

        I am one of the lucky winners and I just got my code. But after i follow instructions the app reports an "invalid code". Entered exactly as in the email. Hmmm...

        • Nick Robins

          My code didn't work either

          • Eirik Corneliussen

            mine is not functional either

      • KanishkSingh

        I got the mail with the code. When I paste it in the redeem code section I get the invalid code message.

        • Carlos Rodríguez

          + 1

      • Eduardo Mateos

        I'm in the same boat. My name is on the list, but the redeem code was not accepted

      • Alex Zimmer

        Same here, code still showing as invalid this morning

      • Thomas Paulsen

        Update: Received new code that works!

      • Tobi F

        I have won, but I didn't get a code? How do I get it? How do u know my email?

  • MadMarc

    Slide show. Amazing feature when you have kids, and lots of family members.

  • samsonchung

    love casting to my smart tv

  • slyder0244

    casting to chromecast

  • CA Nikhil D’Souza

    My favourite feature of AllCast is the feature it currently does not have. Sharing and streaming videos or pictures from external apps such as Youtube for android ...etc ..... The day I can stream/share my youtube videos to Allcast which will then cast my videos to my DLNA renderer, I will stop using every other app like twonky beam, flipps hd etc and move permanently to AllCast.

  • desimon

    Dont work on the note 3. Not sure the premium have same problem as free version.

  • Sri Vamsy Gurram

    Trying my luck

  • Jude Gonsalves

    My favourite feature of the AllCast App would be the ability to stream from my GDrive account and my network connected drive (Since all my movies are stored on it)

  • Norberto Blumencweig

    entered code received, but got back a message that code was invalid...!
    what´s up Kousch

  • Melvis E. León L.

    Any news about the winners?

  • arahman21

    Casting any video file from my tablet.

  • shojus

    Have the winners been picked?

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

    50 winners posted!

    • Aooga

      This was actually a really high chance of winning for people. 1 in 44 or something close to that. Thanks for the contest!

    • Tobi F

      I have won, but I didn't get a code? How do I get it?

  • Luisinho Ulisses

    I was one of the winners and received the code on my email, but when I entered the code it was invalid. What happened?

  • Kushal Sejwal

    The code I got in my email shows "invalid code" for me too. :-(

  • saad slimani

    mine says invalid too

  • SkullOne

    Mine says invalid as well...

  • Blueron

    Thanks AP I won. :) But, I too get an "invalid code" upon entry.

  • http://androidnieuwtjes.blogspot.be/ Bart

    Indeed, I have won too but I've also the 'invalid code' problem

  • Kushal Sejwal

    Now I got another redeem code, this time 7 digits but gives the same "invalid redeem code" error :-(

    • Eduardo Mateos

      I have also received a new code, but with the same result. Invalid code

      • Kushal Sejwal

        :-( This is the first time I win something, I am excited to make it work.

  • Kushal Sejwal

    Finally Worked !!! The third code didn't gave any error. Thanks AP and Koush. My first win in a giveaway and one which I really needed :-)

  • Eduardo Mateos

    OK, third code received is working!

  • foyes

    used this app today. pretty damn good :)