Update: It looks like the campaign was canceled just as we posted. The message below was added to the Kickstarter page. It looks like the developers are still raising money, but not through Kickstarter, oddly.

It is with great regret we have to suspend this Kickstarter, primarily due to projections of this Kickstarter being 2/3rd short of its goal...however we offer a revised goal

Original post: Another popular piece of desktop software is aiming for a mobile debut – the mega-popular music player foobar2000. The developers hope to get a version of foobar working on Android (and other platforms) by the end of the year, but the feature set will depend on how well the Kickstarter campaign goes.

The foobar2000 player has long been a favorite on Windows due to its robust functionality and elaborate skinning system. The developers are looking to get £60,000 (a little more than $100k) in the next 56 days for the mobile version – the Kickstarter is hovering around £2,000 right now. If the campaign reaches £120,000, the standard music playback features will be augmented with social integration. At £160,000 foobar2000 mobile will get a foobar cloud storage and syncing service.

If you want in on this, you'll have to spend a little more than your average app purchase. For £16 (about $26) you get a final copy of foobar2000 on all supported platforms (the £4 tier is only a 'thanks' reward). The cost and rewards go up from there as usual (shirts, headphones, and so on). On the desktop, foobar is freeware, and the basic mobile version will be as well. A premium version will cost some undecided amount of money, and there may be a subscription fee for the social and cloud elements. You have until June 9th to decide if you want to support this project.

[foobar2000 mobile, Kickstarter – Thanks, Arun Golla]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • scotty

    Wow how grossly misinformed they are at the value of a media player. I mean £49 for beta access... Who do these guys think they are.

    • MistiXF

      Developers of the best media player for PC? Just that.

      • Henrique Persechini


      • scotty

        I love and use foobar for my desktop media player (on the rare occasions I'm not just streaming it) and for that it's great but in comparison to any other android media player that's being serious about it's pricing (which I presume they are) you're looking at around a tenner including features like wifi syn found on double twist.

  • Amarus Kh

    Looks like you were too slow on this one, the campaign seems to be already canceled.

    • andy_o

      They were running two fundraisers parallel to each other and were going to combine the funds. Now the Kickstarter only has been canceled but you can go to the other link (also in this AP post):

      We have consolidated the Kickstarter into our own (the Kickstarter was
      going to be 2/3rds short of funding to meet the goal so was suspended),
      it is hoped that the revised goal on:


      Can be reached, it now includes Windows Phone. Those who pledged through kickstarter, if you wish to, pledge direct.


      Also, a lot more info in that thread. The developers are taking some crap for the confusion, but it was for a good reason (Paypal and ease of payment).

  • Guest

    >Android foobar2000
    >Galaxy devices

    This annoys me more than it should.

  • BatJake

    Looks like it was cancelled.

    • Arun Golla

      "It is with great regret we have to suspend this Kickstarter, primarily due to projections of this Kickstarter being 2/3rd short of its goal...however we offer a revised goal"
      The page still shows the old info but we might get the details soon.

  • me

    10 years ago... winamp... now... winamp... it has evolved with the feature set, it still supports internet radio, shoutcast and all that jazz.

    • rolo143

      I heard somewhere that Winamp already died. :/

      • GraveUypo

        it did, then someone bought it.

        even if it did, i'd still use winamp until it doesn't work anymore

    • Marcell Lévai

      I used Winamp a lot, now I've moved on to Musicbee. It looks nice, no AOL ads and it's simpler to handle.

  • rolo143

    "the mega-popular music player foobar2000."

    Never heard of it in my entire life. :/

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      What rock have you lived under?

      • Sergii Pylypenko

        It's called Amarok, but it's not a rock. It does not crash often nowadays, but when it does, I'm just opening my favorite radio stream in mplayer or VLC.

        Seriously, if Google Music could play web streams, I would not need any other player, no matter how popular or advanced.

        • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

          My point was that while I'm not a user of Amarok (though I tried it in the past) or foobar2000 (never tried it), I've heard of them many times.

  • http://about.me/jovanphilip Van

    $100,000 to design a music app? That's obscene.

    • frizkie

      For 3 platforms with cloud support with multiple developers? No, that's normal.

      • Joris Griffioen

        Pretty cheap actually, depending on the polish and features..

  • sogared123

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  • http://flavors.me/sabret00the sabret00the

    If they wanted to do this, they needed to approach it right. That means making the website look slick and professional. If they're designing for iOS7 and Jellybean+ they need to bring that quality of design to their website.

    I mean a website that looks like it belongs on geocities and no mockups, what exactly are they using to garner faith in this £50? The name? Foobar isn't even available on my platform (Linux), so that's not enough. The whole approach is so amateurish that they should be ashamed. I'm disappointed in them.

    • http://riteshtripathy.wordpress.com/ Ritesh

      Its the most versatile, robust audio player on Windows. Its BIG on audio quality too. So, that's one of the main reasons to support it for mobile. Amateurs do not make stuff like Foobar2k. They can't. So learn a little before going by the face-value of things..

      • http://flavors.me/sabret00the sabret00the

        Sonique and Winamp both formally held the title of most versatile and robust players thus the point you're trying to make is invalid. No one goes for the job of their lives wearing a dirty outfit they wore twenty years ago.

        • thebrockelley

          Are you seriously saying Winamp and Sonique are as open source as Foobar2000? If so you can just leave cause you're living in la la land and I have no time for idiots.

          • http://flavors.me/sabret00the sabret00the

            You seem to be confused as to what 'open source' is/means.

    • XYZ

      A cool design is great. But is looking slick really the first thing to worry about? Foobar is far from perfect, still overall it's the most complete audio player in existence, for Windows OS, by quite a stretch.

      If, as a Win user, you've ever seen Itunes fuck up your music collection, being buggy and laggy as soon as you've got more than a few thousand files you'll happily divorce the porn star, go back and marry the unassuming girl whose virtues it takes more than a quick glance to appreciate. Eventually you notice that she is in fact not just more beautiful but superior in almost every way imaginable.

      Put in a nutshell: I'm fairly sure the makers of foobar2000 have what it takes to make a very good player for the phone as well. I expect that other users of foobar2000 think likewise.

  • t4exanadu

    I'm still irritated that there's no Linux version of foobar. I shouldn't have to pay for that, either.

    • Kevin Vesga

      You could try DeadBeef or Audacious as close substitutes.

  • http://byazrov.ru/ RussianPhotographer

    nice player but has a terrible system integration. if this will be the case with Android as well, I don't want it.

  • xenolyse

    4367£ for the chance to design a theme!

    Please, for that kind of money I can hire my own developer from a poor Asian country to make and design my own music player app.

  • Daniel

    I would pay to make a Linux version