The Samsung HomeSync hasn't been a huge success, and the astronomical price probably had something to do with that. The device retails for $299.99, and it's only a few bucks cheaper on Amazon right now. Best Buy is undercutting everyone by offering this syncing hub for a mere $99, which actually makes it pretty attractive.

2014-04-14 17_02_23-Samsung HomeSync GT-B9150ZKYXAR - Best Buy

This contraption is a box that connects to your TV via HDMI and can be used to mirror devices and play content stored on it. The HomeSync contains a 1TB hard drive that can be used to automatically back up content from your Samsung devices – that's not super-useful for people using non-Samsung phones and tablets, but it has limited functionality with other models. It's actually a full Miracast receiver as well.

The HomeSync is a hard sell at $300, but it can be rooted and messed around with. So maybe it's a good toy at $99.

[Best Buy via SlickDeals – Thanks Ryan P.]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • BAM1789

    Anyone have one of these already? Thoughts?

    • Daniel J. White

      hey I have one of these and one thing it is great for is downloading torrents. You can grab a downloader from the Google Play Store and other apps, when I come home and come into my rum it connects to my phone and downloadsany new pictures music or videos on to the hard drive but you can control what goes on

      • BAM1789

        Right on. That 1TB hard drive is what has me really contemplating this. It has full play store access out of the box or just through connecting to your phone?

        • lance

          no it doesnt have full play store access which is such a pain in the butt. its an average device but you do get play movies and samsung movies and auto photo storage. connection to divice keeps dropping out 2 which sucks

    • Martin

      I use it for XBMC, streaming video from my NAS and i installed CheapCast on it to cast youtube.

      I connected a wireless mouse to control it because my phone is not always connected to my wifi

  • Phil V

    Just got one. For $99 with 1TB of storage it is hard to go wrong.

    • Mike Snyder

      Ditto. No need to backup my pictures and videos from my phone anymore. Just send it home!

  • dude

    Too bad it can't act as a nas, I already have an Asustor NAS. But $99 for 1TB and miracast might be useful for someone as stand alone miracast receivers are at least half as much.

    • projectprivasy

      Hi Can I store all my movies in that drive, and stream it to my Samsung Devices through WiFi?

  • Huckleberry Muckleroy

    I bought one. My friend got one and we spent so much time pissing around with the tortuous interface on the one he bought at debut that he sent it back. I bought this for $99 for revenge for the time invested. It IS a good box, but the I/F is a terror.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lucyparanormal Daniel Tiberius

    That's tempting.

  • nasedo

    Will it work with input 220V?

  • Jodie Johnson

    Picked up one last night. It does not work with Galaxy S5. Hopefully theres an update to fix problem.

  • Cellphone Chris

    Purchased one this morning. Easy way to upgrade my living room TV and screen mirror without a dongle.

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