All those photos and videos you're saving in Google Drive aren't going to fly through the internet and cast themselves on a TV, are they? Wait, are they? Because if so, I think we have a mystery to solve. Since that's pretty unlikely, it's good that Koush's AllCast app has just been updated with preliminary support for Google Drive.


Google Drive should show up as a source after the most recent update, but be aware this is very beta. AllCast currently brings up a single list of all your images and videos, which makes it hard to find what you want when there are a lot of files in Drive. Folder browsing is next on the agenda, though. Here's the full changelog.

  • BETA: Google Drive
  • Potential fix for disconnecting after 30+ minutes
  • Various bug fixes

In addition to the Drive integration, the update includes a possible fix for those who were getting disconnections after 30 minutes. Note, the changelog still lists Fire TV support, but that was actually new in the last version.