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Featured App

Passport Photo ID Studio

This week's roundup is brought to you by Passport Photo ID Studio from Handy Apps. If you need a photo for your passport, visa application, or any other kind of license or ID, you don't need to go to a drug store to get one. Just install this app, take a selfie with your front-facing camera, and the app will help you apply the correct format for what you need. It supports live capture and photo imports, direct printing via Google Cloud Print, and a staggering variety of sizes for various national passports.


Passport Photo ID Studio is a completely free Android app that allows you to capture, edit, share and print your passport photos and ID photos in as little steps as possible. With this free app, you can make professional-looking passport photos and ID photos at the comfort of your own home. Passport Photo ID Studio also allows you the flexibility to customize your passport photo sizes.

Features include:

  • Create passport photos that will automatically be saved to pre-selected photo sizes
  • OR import photos from gallery to make passport photos
  • Supports both rear and back-facing cameras
  • General guidelines before you create your passport photos
  • Select your passport photo size that corresponds to a list of countries available
  • OR customize your photo size
  • Zoom, crop and rotate your photos
  • Adjust brightness and contrast of photos
  • Preview your photos before you print
  • Select different photos to print on the same page
  • On the printing page, photo positions will automatically be adjusted based on pre-selected photo sizes
  • Print directly from your phone (provided you have Google Cloud Print pre-configured)


Wind-up Knight 2

Android Police coverage: Take Up Your Sword (And Key) – Wind-Up Knight 2 Is Now Available To All

The original Wind-Up Knight was one of the first really great endless runner-platformers on Android, and now the sequel is here with new gameplay elements, better graphics, and more ways for your adorable clockwork soldier to die horribly. As with the original version, a few levels are included for free, then you have to pay to unlock the full game (but there are no grinding or currency purchases). Unfortunately, buying all the levels will cost you a whopping nine bucks.


High-end platforming gameplay in a beautiful 3D world. Your favorite clockwork automaton is back with a bigger world, crazy new mechanics, and even more insidious levels. Double jumping over a spike trap while diving sword-first into a crazed Hippogriff never looked so good. Checkpoints, Bouncy Pads, Ice Blocks, Warps, Rolling Boulders, and a whole slew of new mechanics. Think you've got a level beat? Think again. Side-quests in every level force you to think outside the helmet.


Android Police coverage: [New Game] OrangePixel's Groundskeeper 2 Combines 2D Shooter Chaos And Roguelike Elements

OrangePixel does one thing, and they do it well: old-school, action-oriented gaming. Which isn't to say that their titles don't have a bit of variety to them. Groundskeeper 2 expands on the super-simple original with more environments, weapons, and enemies. It's an odd mix of Contra-style platform shooting and the death-rebirth cycle of "roguelike" games, throwing in an interesting and goofy story as a framing device. There are no in-app purchases, but if you want to play for free, there's an ad-supported version.


Groundskeeper2 throws you in the middle of a war, the war with supernatural robots from outer space.. yeah.. we went there. Every time you play this game you will get further and have a better chance at surviving. You'll unlock new weapons like the machine-gun, laser-gun, rocket-launcher, and tools like all-destroying lightbeams, shields, time-slowdowns, and more. What's more important, you'll unlock new worlds and hopefully become a true hero for the resistance... or you die a quick death and try again..

Noir Syndrome

Android Police coverage: [New Game] Noir Syndrome Serves Up 8-Bit Detective Stories, Hardboiled And Procedurally Generated

There are a million stories in the Naked City, and almost as many adventure games in the Google Play Store. Noir Syndrome mixes hardboiled detective tropes with pixelated storytelling, throwing in a dose of procedurally-generated levels for good measure. That means that each case will be different, at least in the fine detail. Choices are permanent, and resorting to your gun too often is usually a bad one.


Noir Syndrome is a procedurally generated Detective Murder-Mystery with a new story every time. Featuring slick pixel art animations and a jazzy soundtrack, the player is thrown right in to a highly stylized vision of film noir. Visit locations, interrogate suspects, search for clues, and eventually solve the case before the killer escapes - or you wind up dead yourself.

Hopeless: Space Shooting

Android Police coverage: [New Game] Upopa's Adorable, Terrifying Twitch Shooter Upgrades To Lasers And Aliens In Hopeless: Space Shooting

Hopeless: The Dark Cave was a strikingly original casual game, effectively mixing twitch-based shooting, adorably cute protagonists, and the nightmare creatures that ate them. The sequel moves the setting to space, where no one can hear your bones crunch in the maw of an unbelievably terrible alien monstrosity. New features include multi-touch shooting for more skillful kills, but the game is now paid. That's a shame, since the IAP structure from the free original remains.


A weird abandoned planet, monsters lurking in the dark, and bright glowing lights... Could this planet be the end of the journey for the cute little Blobs? How long can you survive in this shooting game? Tap the screen to shoot the monsters. React quickly but be careful not to harm your friends. Fight fast, fight hard as the action gets more and more intense. Some monsters require two shots to kill. But be careful: don't let the Blobs get too scared or they'll kill themselves.

Disco Zoo

Android Police coverage: [New Game] Disco Zoo From The Makers Of Tiny Tower Is... Well, It's A Zoo With A Disco In It

NimbleBit's Disco Zoo is a new take on Kairosoft's pixelated management games, and also Minesweeper and Battleship, for some reason. You go out and "rescue" animals in a morally dubious minigame, then stick 'em into your various habitats and reap the rewards. Oh, and sometimes there are disco parties. Unfortunately Disco Zoo falls into some of the trappings of a modern free-to-play game, including dual currencies and level grinding.


From the creators of Tiny Tower comes Disco Zoo. Tiny Animals. Big Fun. Travel to regions around the world and collect everything from pigs to dinosaurs for your Disco Zoo. Discover hidden animals through casual puzzle play. Manage and expand your zoo to maximize earnings. Throw funky disco parties to get your animals and visitors groovin’.

Iron Force

Android Police coverage: [New Game] Iron Force By Chillingo And Cool Fish Games Blasts Its Way Into The Play Store Like Only A Tank Can

Iron Force is a pretty shameless copy of World of Tanks, which is to say, a modern take on Battlezone with in-app purchases thrown in. That doesn't make it bad: the customization and online multiplayer that made the PC game a hit are faithfully replicated, including the standard third-person and cockpit views, and there are three online game modes to explore. Take note: the game uses an energy system, so if you don't appreciate waiting to play, then don't bother with a download. International readers, here's your build of the game.


Take part in epic, explosive multiplayer tank battles in Iron Force. Join forces with your friends in team-based battles, or have a free-for-all.

• Completely FREE TO PLAY.
• Play online with friends or just jump into a game with anyone.
• Take part in 4 vs 4 Team battles, Finders Keepers mode or in 6 player Free-for-All mode.
• Create a Legion with your friends and play together.
• Practice your skills against intelligent AI bots.
• 15 powerful tanks to choose from with more coming soon.
• Increase your tank’s firepower, speed, fire rate and more than 500 awesome upgrades.
• Go to war in one of 5 arenas, watch out for those choke points.
• 8 in-game power ups to find on the battlefield.
• Give your tank a bonus boost with specific patterns and decals.

Family Guy The Quest for Stuff

Android Police coverage: [New Game] Family Guy The Quest for Stuff Hits Android, Includes Chicken Fights And In-App Purchases

Not content to copy the format, characters, setting, style, and (attempted) humor of The Simpsons, Family Guy has now made a flat-out copy of the Tapped Out mobile game. It's all here, including the destruction of the town after an animated intro sequence, a collection of the show's side characters, and "writing" and animation from the show's production team. Oh, and heavy-handed in-app purchases, naturally. Your money might be better spent on Family Guy DVDs, or alternately any other DVDs, up to and including the complete second season of Joey.


After another epic battle with the giant chicken, Peter Griffin has accidentally destroyed Quahog. Play for FREE and rally your favorite FG characters (even Meg) to save the city in a hilarious new adventure from the writers of Family Guy. Or don’t, and regret it forever.

• It’s Free. Freakin’ free? Freakin’ sweet.
• Create a living Quahog that fits enjoyably in your pants
• Unlock hilarious outfits for your characters like Mermaid Peter, Bikini-Clad Quagmire, and Rambo Lois
• Send your characters on ridiculous quests
• Keep Quahog safe from pirates, evil chickens, and other invasions
• Peterfy your town with decorations such as The Petercopter, The Peterdactyl, and The Hindenpeter
• Unlock hundreds of brand new and classic animations

War Agent

If someone made a game out of the movie Lord of War, it might look a lot like this. You're an arms dealer, and it's your job to stoke the fires of international unrest into a conflagration of conflict, so that you can sell weapons to both sides. The game itself is something of a military balancing act: you have to make sure that neither side gets too powerful so you can keep that profitable war going for as long as possible. Interesting gameplay elements include media and government manipulation and randomized war variables.


A war between two nations is imminent. There is opportunity to make profit out of the incoming war. War Agent is a high score, fast paced resource management game that puts the player in the place of a war profiteer. The game explores the world of war profiteering and how greed can lead to unforeseen consequences on a global scale.

● A wide array of weapons including armored vehicles, aircraft and missile launchers
● Complete in-game interactive tutorial
● Complex government and population system that gets affected by the ongoing war
● Ability to bribe or eliminate the government
● Ability to fund the media to influence the population
● Witness real time consequences of war on the population
● More than 10 different random events
● Immersive sounds and music
● 33 different achievements

Mikey Hooks

If Mikey Hooks seems familiar, that's because it's a sequel to Mikey Shorts, so the titular character is a Bonus Round veteran. In the second entry Mikey gets a grappling hook for Spider-man style acrobatics and a few new sliding moves, but the game still uses the same solid (and in some places very hard) platforming action and old-school presentation. Mikey Hooks is just a buck, and don't let those in-app purchases scare you away. They're entirely cosmetic, just a bunch of costumes and accessories.


RUN, JUMP, SLIDE, and HOOK. Collect coins and find hidden Golden Shorts. Watch out for enemies and spikes.

• 6 unique environments with 36 levels
• Over 220 fun disguises
• Race against ghosts
• Compete on Google Play Game Services
• Earn achievements
• Customize your controls
• View your game stats
• Looks great on tablets.

Mobfish Hunter

Do you love Ridiculous Fishing but wish it were more, well, ridiculous? Then check out Mobfish Hunter. In the future bad people do bad things, and as a result of this, all the fish in the ocean are also bad. Your job is to hurl high-tech grenades into the water to kill as many of the delicious little suckers as you can when they rise back up. It's over-the-top and violent in a cathartic kind of way, with gameplay that's halfway between an old-school space shooter and an endless runner. Just watch out for the IAP grind.


Set in the year 2020, after the greedy Autocracy has stripped the world of rare Earth elements, disastrous pollution has wreaked havoc on our once-beautiful oceans. Now the world’s fish have mutated into dangerous new species known as Mobfish. To combat these vicious critters, a new class of Mobfish Hunters emerged – and it’s up to you to rise through their ranks. Trick-out your fishing lures with a variety of projectile and melee weapons to rid the seas of Mobfish and become a champion Hunter.


Impossible Road is an interesting mix of the old marble puzzle games and an endless runner. You steer a blank white ball down a virtual path using nothing but taps to the left and right, with a deathly void awaiting on either side of the titular road. You can't deny the monochromatic style of the game; with an incredibly simple set of assets, the developers have managed to cultivate a sense of speed and weight. If you're that one guy who actually likes the Rainbow Road levels in Mario Kart, give this a try.


Guide THE VESSEL down the roller coaster-like track at speed, scoring for each gate you make it through. Navigate hair-pin bends, jumps, banked curves and adverse camber in the quest for the perfect line. And when you learn how to cheat the game, and you discover that it is rewarded not punished, the leaderboards will belong to you. Touch the left side of the screen to turn left, touch the right side of the screen to turn right.


There are innumerable clones of Threes and 2048 in the Play Store, but this one's both prettier and easier than most. The multiple system has been pared down so that "ones" can be combined, though they need to be the same color, so the sliding puzzle action turns into a sort of Tetris-Connect Four mashup. (Fours and fives still need to be combined separately, but a +4 square and four single squares can mix.) Throw in some swanky visual effects, and you've got a fresh take on a tired trope.


A beautiful minimal block puzzle game from the creator of Slydris and CRUSH. SideSwype is an elegant and unique combination of 4-way block sliding and match-3 gameplay wrapped in a stunning audio-visual package. Swype your finger across the screen to send the blocks sliding to one of the 4 sides of the grid. Match 3 or more in a row to destroy the blocks. Special 4 and 5 blocks appear on occasion, requiring larger matches and rewarding you with special Diamond and Bomb blocks in return.

Starship Traveller

At first Starship Traveller looks like just one more entry in Tin Man Games' long line of Choose Your Own Adventure-style RPG titles. And it is, but the sci-fi setting allows this particular game to expand beyond basic text. In addition to following the Trek-inspired story, you can move at will throughout an expanding universe and recruit completely customizable crew members for your ship. The game is a hefty $6, but for fans of Mass Effect (at least the story part), it might be worth it.


Steve Jackson and Tin Man Games present Starship Traveller - an adventure of the far future in which YOU are the hero. Sucked through the appalling nightmare of the Seltsian Void, the starship Traveller emerges at the other side of the black hole into an unknown universe. YOU are the captain of the Traveller, and her fate lies in your hands. Will you be able to discover the way back to Earth from the alien peoples and planets you encounter, or will you and your crew be doomed to roam uncharted space forever?


Millie the Millipede wants to be a pilot, for reasons that aren't immediately made clear. To do this she has to go to aviation school, and to get there she needs to work her way through a series of stages. The gameplay is equal parts Pac-Man and Snake, slowed down to focus on strategy rather than twitchy reflexes. As you chomp down on orbs and powerups, Millie grows, and you'll have to lay out your route around the mazes carefully to avoid running into her ever-growing segmented body.


A joyful, casual puzzle game that will tease both your wits and your memory. You've always dreamt of flying. Roaming high in the clouds, free from all worries. Just gliding through air like a bird. Unfortunately, you were born as a millipede, and your best chance of launching to the sky is probably in some crows mouth... or is it? Rumor has it that the local Aviation School is accepting new recruits for a pilot course. Seeing an opportunity to make your dreams come true, you seize the moment and embark on a journey of your life.

LEGO® Juniors Quest

Android Police coverage: [Bonus Round] Mobfish Hunter, Millie, LEGO Juniors Quest, And 15 Coins

LEGO is back with another one of their thinly-veiled advertisements in the form of a mobile game, but since they've once again elected to make it kid-friendly with no (technical) ads or in-app purchases, we'll let it slide. Juniors Quest is essentially an adventure game wherein you rescue a cat (and also foil the escape of a ruthless criminal). The story elements are broken up with simple LEGO building and mini-games.


A little girl’s cat has disappeared - and so has a dangerous robber who escaped from the nearby police station. In this story-based game for juniors aged 4-7, your child will help catch the robber and find the missing cat. During the search, your child will meet cops and robbers, construction workers, a princess in a castle - and refuel at a gas station. Quest is using fun mini-games to tell a riveting happy-ending story that will provide inspiration for hours of real-life creative play, both with and without LEGO® bricks.

15 Coins

15 Coins is another take on the old Snake formula, but this time it's got some interesting twists. Not only are your obstacles independent and disjointed, but at certain spots in the game you can destroy them, essentially returning you to a wide-open game board while keeping all your points. The object is to get the titular fifteen coins, which won't be easy once 15 random copies of your little triangular ship are flying around. The game is free with no in-app purchases.


15 Coins is a deceptively difficult minimalistic arcade game with one goal: collect 15 Coins before you are killed by your clones. Your ship is always moving forward and all you have to do is tilt or tap to turn left and right to collect 15 Coins. The only thing standing between you and victory are endless clones that follow the path you've traveled. Crash into a clone and it’s game over. You’re not alone though, you can collect a power-up to temporarily freeze the clones and smash into them to destroy them.

Dream Chamber (Full)

Android is downright lousy with adventure games at this point. Microids' latest, Dream Chamber, boasts hand-drawn animation and backgrounds, a 30's noir story, the usual tongue-in-cheek humor, and full voice acting. (Also, "Puttin' On The Ritz" is the theme song.) The story is your typical hardboiled detective murder mystery, or at least a parody of the Sam Spade style. Four bucks is pretty reasonable, as is a lack of in-app purchases.


Step into the shoes of Charlie, a private detective and rich heir, for whom humor is the best weapon. In Dream Chamber, uncover the culprit in this simultaneously breathtaking and dreamlike quest. A humorous adventure with a quirky cartoon graphic style. Immerse yourself in 30s America, between Prohibition and the Great Depression, and discover Charlie, a rich heir who divides his time between social obligations and his hobby as a private detective.

Flop Rocket

The joyfully irreverent fellas at Butterscotch Shenanigans are back, this time with an unabashed Flappy Bird clone. In addition to better graphics, more enemies, and a more random sense of humor, Flop Rocket has you controlling both the thrust and direction of your rocket, making the game at once easier and more difficult than its progenitor. Currency-based upgrades will help you boost your performance, or you can just cheat and buy 'em with real cash.


You're a test pilot for an underfunded space program. SO UNDERFUNDED, IN FACT, that the only launch pad your team could afford JUST HAPPENED TO BE deep inside an infinite cave system filled with huge rockworms and space ducks. BUT WAIT. Someone left a bunch of space-change in here. Collect money and send your rocket TO SPACE.

  • Expand your space program by hoarding space coins.
  • Slap your fins against tiny fuel pads to refill your tanks.
  • Engage in the wonder of physicsy rocket-powered goodness.
  • Dodge, dip, dive, duck, and rocket your way between herds of maniacal Spaceducks.
  • Get devoured by Rockworms.


In FreeDum, you play a ladybug trying to escape the insanely cruel cardboard maze of a pint-sized Pol Pot. Seriously, these deathtraps are terrifying, with sharpened pencils, razor blade buzz saws, murderous roving beetles, and other instruments of tiny death. It's a good thing your ladybug never actually bleeds as she tries to escape with her tiny compatriots, or this game would be even more disturbing.


Help Dum to escape the traps of the young Max. In Freedum, Dum, a little ladybug, will have to escape the dangerous mazes created by Max, a little boy as inventive as Machiavellian. The mazes that you’ll have to cross are more and more dangerous and the many traps that stand in your path will not forgive any mistakes. But beware, in this environment full of danger, Dum will also have to rescue the baby ladybugs. Can you save them all?


LineUp is sort of a chromatic take on a word jumble. Your job is to find a sequence of connected tiles that match the pattern for that stage. It's a simple idea, but things get harder quickly when the grids start increasing in size. You'll need a good eye for color and a keen sense of pattern recognition to make it through the tougher levels.


Train you reflects, speed and intelligence in this addictive puzzle game. Find the colour sequence in the matrix as fast as you can. Lots of levels will guarantee hours of fun. Beginner, intermediate, advance or expert challenges with endless combinations of colours for you to entertain. Are you ready for LineUp?

Nitro Nation

The various drag racing games in the Play Store serve an interesting niche, playing to the strengths of mobile gaming by swapping direct controls for time-based taps. Nitro Nation ups the ante with impressive 3D visuals, real licensed cars, and insane amounts of Fast & Furious-inspired customization. The multiplayer is limited to a leaderboard system, and steer clear of the usual free-to-play, pay-to-win trappings if you can.


Nitro Nation Online takes drag racing to the next level with a 3D world full of stunning new customizable cars, amazing racing physics and unlimited in-depth gameplay that guarantees racers an unforgettable experience, all on your mobile device. You will be plunged into high-speed races and competitions, along the way you will meet many characters, earn rewards and become a top racer in a famous club.

Polar Bowler

In Polar Bowler, you play a polar bear on an inner tube, sliding around the ice caps knocking over pins. That's about it, really, though the 3D stages are arranged in the typical 3-star casual game fashion, encouraging you to use power-ups and a bit of creativity to get the highest score. If the premise tickles your fancy, then you'll probably like the idea of playing dress-up with the bears and the various fanciful floaters that serve as their rides. Want to try it without the investment? Here's a free demo.


He’s cool. He’s sweet. He’s full of fun. He’s on Android phones and tablets. Join PB in Polar Bowler, his epic, new adventure. Send PB sliding over the ice as you crush over 70 epic puzzle levels in this deliciously addictive, fast-paced game. It’s an original and innovative physics-based experience. Clash against those pins. Be an elite bowling hero. Start playing today.

Pelé: King of Football

Wait a minute, I thought Pele was the Hawaiian god of fire. And also that he was a chick. Am I wrong about this? Apparently he's the Babe Ruth of soccer or something. I'm American, I really have no idea. Play through the 3D mini-games in this officially licensed title and you'll be entered into drawings for real-world prizes like signed soccer balls and jerseys.


Pelé: King of Football is a new soccer experience with streamlined gesture controls, featuring the legend himself. Follow in Pelé’s footsteps in career mode and work your way from the backstreets of Brazil all the way up to the grandeur of the World Stage or play in Pelé Blitz and pit yourself against your friends and challenge the world in hourly online competitions.

Playing Favorites: A Word TCG

Playing Favorites is basically Cards Against Humanity with a more family-friendly atmosphere. That means it's a competitive take on Mad Libs, where players attempt to craft the funniest or most ridiculous answer to questions or blanks. Taking the shock value out of Cards Against Humanity is kind of missing the point, and throwing in elements of the usual IAP-riddled trading card games will probably sour fans of the original, but at least it's safe to play around kids.


Playing Favorites is a multiplayer word trading card game where you collect and craft funny phrases. Combine cards to handcraft hilarious responses to the game's questions, then vote to choose whose is the cleverest creation. Play with friends across the table or across the globe. Grab booster packs, discover Rare and Epic cards, and use a variety of items to gain the upper hand in this collectible card game of 1200+ (and counting) cards. This is one game where you'll never run out of new things to see.

Calling All Mixels

Calling All Mixels is a game from Cartoon Network and LEGO, starring a series of tiny toys that I've never heard of. The gameplay is somewhere between Diablo and any franchised 3D platformer you'd care to name, where elements from the environment can be added to your ingratiatingly cute main characters. The game is paid, has advertising, and includes in-app purchases (which is why it's dead last on this week's list), so parents might want to lock down their phones or tablets before letting kids have a go.


Rescue Mixels and use their unique powers to defend your turf in this mixed-up hybrid of action and tower defense. Mixels are unique creatures who live to combine. They love to mix with each other to discover powerful new abilities. They also love to mix together anything they find in their world. You never know what you might get with the right mix. Combine two of your favorite Mixels to unlock amazing new powers.

WTF Game(s) Of The Week


In Blak, there's only one goal: tap the screen when it turns white. It WILL turn white, but it will stay black for a random amount of time between one second and one month. If you've ever felt that your life is entirely too productive, this is your game.


THIS IS THE ABSOLUTE VIDEO GAME. THIS IS THE ULTIMATE PATIENCE AND REFLEX TEST. THIS IS BLAK. In BLAK, your task is to tap the screen when it flashes white. The thing is, the screen can stay black for anywhere from 1 second to 1 month, so you'd better keep your finger ready. Every person who finishes the game will be immortalized in the Hall of Fame.BLAK utilizes auto-save and pause features, so you can take a while to cool down and grab a sandwich if you get too excited during play.


How do you save a collection of free-floating space cats? With a ball of gravimetrically attractive yarn. Duh. But the more massive your feline bundle becomes, the harder it is to avoid local heavenly bodies, in a strange intersection of scientific accuracy and total lunacy.


Lost in space with no one to save them thousands of cats drift without hope. Who will save the felines from the vastness of space? Control a magical ball of space yarn and save all the kittens. Each cat you collect makes asteroids, black holes, and magnets harder to avoid. Teleport the kittens to safety before they are lost forever to space. Can you amass the largest ball of kittens before the dangers of space take over?

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