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The excitement around the Pressy Kickstarter campaign, which shows a tiny device and app that occupied a headphone port to add an extra hardware button to your phone, is reaching a fever pitch. Like so many ambitious Kickstarter projects before them, the creators have missed their original March ship date, but it looks like they're closing in on the finish line.


According to the latest update sent to backers, production has begun at Pressy's Chinese hardware partner, and the first of 40,000 Pressy buttons will be shipped starting on April 28th. Delivery is expected sometime in mid-May. But that's only the first of two big items of news that came with this update. The Pressy team has also redesigned the holster that comes with some higher backer levels, for when you need to use the headphone port for, uh, headphones. Now in addition to a simple loop for a keychain, the new silicone holster has a slotted groove on one side, which will allow it to grip your headphone cord for easy access. This should come in handy for those who don't habitually carry keys.


Old holster design on the left, new on the right.

The decision to redesign a crucial add-on component this late in the production cycle seems a little odd, but it's hard to argue with the added functionality. Hard, but not impossible: some backers are predictably upset at the new design and a few have asked for partial refunds. The creators at Nimrod Black are considering other options at the moment.

Finally, the Pressy creators touched on Xiaomi's blatant copy of the button design, the "M Key," shown off earlier this month. (Incidentally, the controversial new Pressy holster looks quite a lot like the one included with Xiaomi's copy.) In addition to the usual patent protection talk, Nimrod Black says they'll be using some kind of protective method that only allows the Pressy app, which interprets multiple presses and holds into Android actions, to work with authentic Pressy hardware.

We knew from the beginning that we will have copycats, luckily we have a patent and intend to squash them soon. Additionally, in order to use the Pressy app you will need an original Pressy button.


Xiaomi's infamous Pressy clone, currently being sold in China.

There you have it: with any luck, at least some Pressy backers should have their useful add-on buttons in less than a month. There are multiple Pressy backers on the Android Police editorial staff, so we're just as excited as you are.

Michael Crider
Michael is a native Texan and a former graphic designer. He's been covering technology in general and Android in particular since 2011. His interests include folk music, football, science fiction, and salsa verde, in no particular order.

  • Fr

    So much talking about such an overpriced accessory...

    • supremekizzle

      Grossly overpriced...

    • zyngosterererer

      How much are they charging for one more button?

      • supremekizzle

        The Pressy was on preorder for $27. The Xiomi is selling for $1 in China. This is an instance where I don't feel bad for the company that got ripped off. It's worse than Gillette, they only have a 4,750% markup...

  • Anthony Tyson

    Still don't see the usefulness of this.... BUT it's better than that dumb silencer thing you could put in your headphone jack

    • dave birney

      you just have to use your imagination a bit more. skipping tracks when you dont have the music app open. opening up a folder of most used apps. launch the camera if your phone doesnt have a camera button to do that. toggle wifi. open up the notepad to write some shit down. i can go on all day if you want

  • Freak4Dell

    I thought the design change would be something cool like a headphone passthrough, but turns out that it's just lame. I think I'll stick to buying one of the knockoffs that are priced at the level this should have been from the beginning, if I buy one at all.

    • dave birney

      a headphone passthrough? theres only enough space for one headphone jack as it is. do you mean use a 2.5 inch headphone socket instead with a button on the side? i dont think that design would be that cool, sounds like the would be something sticking out a lot.
      yea well have to wait and see what the knockoffs are like but dont forget there is software that comes with this as well and knockoff software will probably be fairly limited and chances are it wont be updated as much

  • Mike Loomis

    My question is if this will be able to be used with a case. I have a Nexus 4 with the edge cover and I don't think this thing will fit in the headphone hole of the case.

    • melhiore

      Probably will not fit. Have the same problem here, Note 3 in the Spigen case. There is specific hole for the headphones but may be to small for Pressy...

      • Revan

        It should fit. The diameter of the top of the Pressy looks to be at most, 1.75x (probably more like 1.5x) the diameter of the jack itself, while the hole on the Spigen cases are 2.09x the size of the jack hole (0.264" vs. 0.126"). lol jackhole

        • melhiore

          Thanks for that. I may be using my overpriced Pressy with my Note 3 than :)

          • pohchai

            I am using note 3 also using spigen case, one thing i notice is the button's low profile.. that may be an issue for spigen case users... the button protruding profile is only mere 0.7mm

          • melhiore

            Which may a bonus because button will be "hidden" all the time... No random presses...

  • Brendow

    I bought the pressy. But I saw that DX also released a similar today. I bought it and think it will first reach the pressy :/ http://www.dx.com/pt/p/3-5mm-plug-shortcut-key-for-android-cell-phone-silver-black-304463#.U0tGBMu5eAg

  • SVem26

    Nice.. Thoughtful..

  • A2theC

    I actually thought that the "iPin laser pointer" was a better headphone jack accessory, my opinion.


  • Rook HD

    the headphone jack is probably the most used spot on a phone (except if you have a bluetooth headset). Also plug this in and out often is not good. And $27? darn. Not sure what they think for an almost useless accessory

  • primalxconvoy

    I emailed them a while back to tell them that this thing needs to incorporate a splitter, so that the Pressy AND the headphones can connect o eee device at the same time.

  • http://mrmcpowned.com mrmcpowned

    Oh boy! More DRM, and this time it's for hardware! I just can't wait for this!

    Seriously though, how are none of you visibly pissed about this?

  • RiTCHiE

    Xiaomi's infamous Pressy clone all the way!!! Kickstarter is just a scam site where they beg for money. Even oculos started there and now they still bought out on FaceBook. So people like get get screwed on kickstarter

    • psuedonymous

      I paid my £280, I got my Rift Devkit. No scam there. Unless you're someone hard of thinking who wanted to believe against all evidence that they somehow held shares in a company just because they pre-ordered something from them, then the Kickstarter did exactly what it said on the box: kick-started production of the devkits.

  • me

    $27 for a button that costs less than $1 to manufacture.

    I am glad they got cloned, that will teach them a lesson to be less greedy.

    Hopefully it will teach the backers to not buy every expensive junk because of an apple-themed video on kickstarter too.

    • dave birney

      the button doesnt do anything on its own though, youll need some software to do stuff and you get what you pay for. you can see it with a lot of apps, the free ones just about get the job done but youre always going to get app when somebody is being paid to update it and add new features etc.

  • sogared123

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  • George Brooke

    dude the link somehow logs us in as you

  • TrogdorTheMagnificent

    When did this site's commenters become so inane? I vaguely remember being able to look at the comments section and finding at least one written by someone with a triple digit IQ. What changed?

  • cwjuhl

    I purchased one of these Pressy "clones" through a Chinese distributor on eBay. It was rebranded "Klick" but it appears to be identical to the MiKey. It has an app and it works very well. BTW, the "redesigned" Pressy looks identical to the Klick and the MiKey, which makes me wonder who exactly is cloning who. I backed the Pressy kickstarter campaign, but requested (and received) a refund after the delays and discovering that apparently Pressy had decided to either clone or rebrand the MiKey instead of manufacture their original design.

    Someone really needs to investigate the people behind the Pressy kickstarter campaign. There are a number of troubling questions. For instance, they have stated that they have an international patent on the device, but my IP attorney could not find it, and the Pressy founders have refused to provide a PTR number or a date of filing. Also, the company making the "clone" is a well respected Chinese device maker unlikely to blatantly infringe on a PTR, and the "redesigned" Pressy looks exactly like the MiKey and Klick, not the other way around.

  • Robin Keskisärkkä

    Yes, it's a button accessory. Very observant... But if you think that it's only about the hardware you are seriously missing the point. What use would the hardware be without the software? That's where the money goes, not the button itself. AFAIK, the button is no different from the one on your headset, only it's designed to be just a button. That being said, what's taking so freaking long?! :)

  • Mathew Davison

    Well I ordered one of these because I'm a young entrepreneur myself and bought it as soon as I saw it to help with the start up. I haven't seen it in the mail yet and have Emailed the company a few times on the status of my order. Looked like a cool idea but the first part about business is responding to clients when they inquire…..ANY BUSINESS!
    I just Emailed them a final time saying that I'm just not excited about it I didn't want it anymore and how disappointed I was. keep the 27 dollars.
    No response from company , I'll just stick to the invisible buttons my phone came with.. the screen!

  • Will

    It's a physical interface to launch apps and stuff? But we have been told that that a touch screen is the only way we should be using computers now. So isn't this going backwards?