Endomondo committed to adding new features for premium users when it moved to the subscription model, and it's making good on that promise with a cool new mobile feature. The app can now be used to visualize your workout stats in a series of handy bar graphs.

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The stats support is the only change in this version, so standard users won't see anything new. For those with a premium subscription, the stats include workouts, distance, duration, and calories burned. Each sport has its own color, and the app overlays the previous period's number in gray for easy comparison. The time scale is configurable as well. The iOS app also got tag sorting for the stats interface, but that's not coming to the Android app until the next version.

A premium subscription to Endomondo is $3.99 per month or $29.99 per year and includes other features like training plans, tags, and weather information. You can get a free month of premium to try out the features using the coupon code VIEW-MY-STATS when checking out. Note the app itself costs $5, but it works without a premium account.

Ryan Whitwam
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  • Mkvarner

    Premium in a paid app? Sweet.

    • Steven Kielbasa

      If you buy your subscription online they give you $5 off your first year to buy the app with (or at least they used to, I don't know if they still do).

      • Ivan Martinez

        They still do. I bought the app before they even offered the premium function. (well over a year ago). Just signed up for the premium subscription and they knocked 5 bucks off my price. It was a nice touch.

  • Kek

    Just uninstalled this app. I bought it back when it was on sale and never really saw any value in it, but basically anyone that designs a paid app and implements a premium model on top of that can go f*ck themselves. There is little in this app even making it worth a 99 cent one time purchase let alone a f*cking subscription model.

    • Josh Rice

      Especially when this data is free on the website already. Hopefully they aren't going to make that a premium feature as well.

    • Brad

      I have it because of the national bike challenge... otherwise mytracks does just enough and better.

  • http://www.innews.dk/ Erroneus

    Add Pebble support.

  • Carlos Parga

    Runtastic > Endomondo

  • inzandity

    If people stop signing up for this subscription model, it has to stop at some point, right? Right?!