Two weeks ago developer Chainfire rooted the international GSM-LTE version of the Galaxy S5. These things take time, but apparently not much of it. Barely two weeks later, the modder is back after having rooted six additional variants just in time for the official commercial launch. These include the T-Mobile, US Cellular, and MetroPCS models, the International Exynos option, and some shipped to various other parts of the Western Hemisphere.

The rooting method remains the same. Chainfire has shared this XDA Developers post detailing how to get the latest version of CF-Auto-Root and flash it using a PC with Samsung's ODIN tool. The process obtains root by flashing a temporary modified recovery, installing the SuperSU app, and re-flashing back to the stock recovery.

Here's the full list of Galaxy S5 models that consumers can now expect to root with success.

Full list of currently-rootable variants:

  • SM-G900F (International Qualcomm)
  • SM-G900H (International Exynos)
  • SM-G900M (Middle and South America?)
  • SM-G900R4 (US Cellular)
  • SM-G900T (T-Mobile US)
  • SM-G900T1 (Metro PCS)
  • SM-G900W8 (Canada)

Bertel King, Jr.
Born and raised in the rural South, Bertel knows what it's like to live without 4G LTE - or 3G, for that matter. The only things he likes sweeter than his tea are his gadgets, and while few objects burn more than a metal phone on a summer day, he prefers them that way anyway.

  • Luqmaan Mathee

    Will this increase the Knox counter because it flashes recovery? Or does temp recovery prevent this?

    • Jason Rittenhouse

      from what i've read on xda, nobody has found a way to prevent the knox counter from increasing. so unless that has changed, then rooting will trigger knox and your warranty will supposedly be void. things may have changed, however, so definitely look into it further.

      • christopher3712

        That may change in a newer version of Triangle Away. It's probably a matter of time since they have root access.

        • fzammetti

          Not likely. The warranty flag is a small fuse... for anyone that doesn't know, a fuse is basically just a piece of metal in a glass tube (though in this case I don't think it's in glass, it's probably just a part on an IC somewhere)... when the fuse is "blown", the wire has more current than in can handle intentionally pushed through it, which causes the wire to heat up and resulting in the wire breaking. That's what this flag is: it's a permanent, intentional change to the hardware on your device.

          Now, at some point there has to be a piece of software that checks whether the wire is broken or not... in theory at least it'd be possible to do something there... but I'm not personally holding my breath. And besides, I don't think I've heard of anyone being denied warranty service over the flag yet anyway. Anyone else?

          • christopher3712

            I could be mistaken, but I think you're getting this mixed up with qfuses. I had an S4 that I never upgraded the firmware on (the qfuse wasn't blown) but I consistently tripped the Knox counter because I'd forget to flash the loki-patch from time to time. I would just 'Triangle-Away' and it would show Official with a 0x0 count. I would think the same situation would be applicable here, if there's ever a root exploit found (since that's what's needed to change the binary status).

          • fzammetti

            Hmm, you've definitely got me doubting myself now, maybe I did confuse two things... I'll have to go check...

          • fzammetti

            Here's an XDA thread that goes into some detail...


            It says specifically, direct from Samsung no less, that the flag cannot be reset... although it doesn't specifically say it's an eFuse (same as a qfuse) I think it strongly implies it is if it can never be reset since if it was just software then it would be very nearly impossible to say it can't be reset so definitively.

            I most certainly defer to Chainfire and those types of guys if they say differently though.

  • Arthur Dent

    Shockingly no AT&T or Verizon, who I'm sure locked those devices down hard. Those companies blow goats.

    • Histirea


      You're insulting the goats.

      • Will Frame

        Even Goats need a little loving from time-to-time.

        • Histirea

          Even goats have standards, and AT&T and Verizon do not meet them.

  • flosserelli

    Chainfire never ceases to amaze me. Props to him and congrats to S5 owners on these carriers.

    • duck hairs

      Chainfire's something else, isnt he?

  • Alberto

    strange he did not leave permanent custom recovery.

    • fzammetti

      Better he doesn't: it breaks OTAs. Easy enough to flash a recovery if that's what you want. I personally run my S4 stock rooted and leave it in a state that I can always take an OTA. Just makes life easier IMO.

    • fzammetti

      Better he doesn't: it breaks OTAs. Easy enough to flash a recovery if that's what you want. I personally run my S4 stock rooted and leave it in a state that I can always take an OTA. Just makes life easier IMO.

  • fillyo75

    Patiently awaiting Verizon to be added to that list

  • ArclightX

    I'm not sure what amazes me more.

    1. Chainfire and his technical abilities
    2. The latest Galaxy has 6 different variants

    Seriously? 6 freakin variants? They really really want to make sure that you can't take your phone to some one elses network don't they.


    • Cheeseball

      That's nothing man. The Galaxy S 4 had 17 different variants, with the GT-I9506 and SHV-E330 versions being the superior ones (due to them having the Snapdragon 800).

    • RaptorOO7

      Why not one variant with radios turned off, that would actually benefit customers. You know software update allows you to turn a radio on when you change carriers, oh wait Samsung isn't in the consumer market, they are in the carrier market.

  • Brian Ruple

    KNOX counter WILL be tripped, resulting in a 0x1 count

  • Zain Kalwani

    Hey i did my first Custom Rom review and was wondering how i did! Would appreciate feedback! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xiop_GVp2vE

  • ZacharyTol

    Join this awesome Galaxy S5 Owners community on Google+


  • A2theC

    ROOT!!! Root!! Root!

    (I'm "rooting" for chainfire)

  • earth

    Looking forward to root mine soon. Here is how well SG5 performs on my Google Fiber and Sprint Spark at home. The top 3 results are Google Fiber over WiFi, the bottom 3 are Sprint Spark.


    More in Google Fiber Review I've been working on...
    Here: http://www.dslreports.com/forum/r29157624-Google-Fiber-Kansas-City

  • rolli

    But when will he root OmniROM? He joined the CM-hater team with big headlines but there's no root access included in Omni as of today! Oh well, I guess he's never run custom ROM on any device anyway...

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  • Richard Liriano

    I was just wondering if i do root will i still be able to unroot and get my warranty back with this method or will it permanently show that i have rooted when i boot up the device. I have Sprint Protection. if that matters

  • Richard Liriano

    I was just wondering if this method will void my warranty in a way that even if i unroot it'll still be noticeable that i rooted through the boot up screen. I just want to know if with this method you can unroot and get your warranty back.