According to Chainfire, the night mode and color adjustment features from Chainfire3D and the original CF.lumen Gingerbread apps are frequently requested. So frequent, in fact, that they're back for KitKat+ devices as CF.lumen on the Play Store.

If you've ever used f.lux for your PC, you know basically what to expect here - color temperature adjustments based on the time of day, bringing tones more in line with your eyes' expectations when the sun goes down. CF.lumen can also match artificial light sources, and has a sleep mode which turns your screen red, so as to not disturb your "night vision." Users can also override the service any time, or have CF.lumen use the device's light sensor to make adjustments.

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Besides all that, CF.lumen offers additional filters including inverted colors, manual adjustments, and colorblind optimizations.

Of course there are other options for some of this functionality (like Twilight), but none seems quite as complete as Chainfire's solution.

If you've been hoping Chainfire would bring this functionality into the current era, or if you're a rooted user who wants awesome automatic color temperature adjustments to ease your strained eyes (or to experience Android's UI in monochrome), hit the widget below.

Source: Chainfire (Google+)

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  • Kenneth

    Just FYI, those who bought the Chainfire3D Pro in the past can get all the Pro functions in Cf.lumen.

  • Daniel Traynor


  • youareme7

    Force close on my nexus 5 rooted stock whenever I try to install the drivers

    • wolfkabal

      A lot of people are having the same issue from what I'm reading over at XDA. I'm in the same boat as you, N5 stock.

    • vict90

      Same problem on nexus 4

    • Chainfire XDA

      This should be fixed in v2.10, which Play should update soon or is already available from the XDA thread.

      • duck hairs

        Cheers man

      • youareme7

        Indeed, thanks!

  • Raymond Berger

    Doesn't work on my rooted Moto X either it just crashes after something about drivers.
    I sent the crash report so hopefully it will be fixed soon.

    • strikeir13

      Mine works, and I'm even running ART

  • Kenneth

    Works fine on Nexus 5 stock rooted. Problem for most seems to be either what "brand" of custom recoveries or busybox or both.

  • ookees

    Just use Lux. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vito.lux Works great on my N5 and S4 with CM11.

    • Ayysir_PA

      chainfire's app is free soo....

      • Kevin Vesga

        But it's also only for KitKat devices.

    • tehboogieman

      The colors from Lux are all washed out. For example red doesn't really feel like a red filter. CF.lumen is much, much better. I've been looking for something that works like Render FX from CM7 and ChainFire is the first one that works for me, plus its automatic.

  • Js__

    Wow the colorblind options are really cool, I wonder why thats not enabled in stock android.

  • Brent Desjarlais

    Been using TWILIGHT for this

  • http://www.emuparadise.me/roms-isos-games.php Apple is a patent troll

    It would be better if it made every app with a white background black that way many problems would be solved.

    • Nomaan

      And the black text white *

  • Chainfire XDA

    Just wanted to note one major difference between apps like Lux, Twilight, etc and CF.lumen is that most of the other apps use alphablended color overlays (excepting the rare kernel-based device-specific solution).

    While having the positive points of not requiring root, using an alphablended overlay washes out colors and significantly reduces contrast. One tell-tale sign of this in screenshots from these apps is that black doesn't stay black, it becomes a tint of the overlay color. Lots of people are fine with that, but my annoyance with that specific point was one of the major reasons behind making the original CF.lumen.

    • Danish Prakash

      I know this is weird, but I'm having graphical glitches on my Galaxy Nexus, running OmniRom.

      • Minska

        Me too. Galaxy Nexus with Cyanogenmod. Strange video gliches. Is there a way to fix this?

  • My1

    Why KK only???
    Cant use on my 4.3 Note 3 (Dont say Update. I wanna stay knox 0 and KK has more problems that it helps)...

    • drathian

      I don't know what model you have, but at least on T-Mobile you can update to 4.4.2, root, and still be knox 0x0. I just did it last night.

      • My1

        I want to be careful. as far as I have read yet, you need to be rooted already to get safe root after Update. with my build I can in case sth. happens, undo the root and root again later without any problems...

  • A2theC

    That second shot reminds me of terminator, the world we hardly knew. (because terminators killed us)

  • Freshman