Mailbox launched on iOS last year, and users were impressed with its ability to efficiently manage a flood of email. The response was so good, Dropbox bought the company. Now an updated version of Mailbox is on Android for you to try with your Gmail or iCloud account.

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Mailbox's big feature is swipe control. You can swipe left and right on messages for different actions, but the length of the swipe controls the effect. For example, a short swipe to the right archives, but a long swipe deletes. You can also set emails to be redelivered later as a reminder, or add them to lists. Mailbox supports threaded conversations and uses Gmail labels so you don't end up with a bunch of wonky message formatting when you access the account from other devices and apps.

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The Mailbox app also introduces a new feature today called Auto-Swipe. Mailbox learns from your swipes to automate some actions, then it syncs those settings across instances of Mailbox using your Dropbox account. Mailbox is coming to desktops too, so this might be of great use later. The app is responsive and has an inoffensive design, though it does have a bit of an iOS vibe in places. There's also an odd pop-over notification bar at the top of the screen. Still, not bad for an initial release.

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  • Dani R.

    It's a really functional and feature-packed mailapp, but I don't like how they ported the iOS 7 design. They could've just made it like the Dropbox app, which is perfectly Holo.

    • Guest123
      • Carol Bernard

        They did a nice job bringing the app to Android, but I likely won't stick with it.

      • stephanie767

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    • Guest123
    • Sam Del Valle

      The app's look is actually better than iOS 7's I had it on my iPhone a few months back before I retreated to my Nexus 5 and this Mailbox UI is actually better than iOS 7's. This UI has more color which is good

    • abobobilly

      I still think GMAIL app (and the stock Andorid mail app) is heck of a lot better and functional than this. Plus, more beautiful and goes consistent with Android's experience.

      • maskedwallaby

        In what ways is the Gmail app better? I recently made the jump to Android, and having to dive into the message to actually get a delete button was driving me nuts. Mailbox was a fantastic app on my iPhone and I'm more than glad to see it come to Android.

  • rmkilc

    That does not look like an Android app. No HOLO.

    • luke

      Android itself will not look Android soon.

      Check the other threads, Android will soon look like iOS

      • rmkilc

        Yeah, and until then this app does not follow the design guidelines at all. It looks like an iOS port.

        • Adrien Assadian

          Its a port of the iOS mailbox app wich didn't follow Apple's guidlines to begin with so...That's not really a problem here.

          • rmkilc

            Or more like two problems.

      • Darkbotic

        Other threads?

        • Christopher Bement

          The rumor threads about Hera and the new GMail redesign potentially in the works.

      • senor_heisenberg

        Except the calendar app leak from today still looks very much holo, and doesn't look that much different than what were have already.

  • Martin

    Love the design! Part of iOS always look good.. Sick of people always crying "Oooo no HOLO" STFU.. After 1 month they will want HOMO... Taka this beautiful app and stfu!

    • eble

      You praise iOS design over Android's on almost every app related article.
      Why don't you just use an iPhone?

      • Martin

        Because I like customization, but I like and good looking apps.. So Android lately is perfect for me.

        • abobobilly

          'perfect' ... you should redefine this word so we better understand the meaning of it from your POV ... as its hard to comprehend this statement coming from a person who thinks "iOS designs on Android are good".

    • tim242

      iOS design does not belong on Android.

      • Martin

        Why? Because it's beautiful? It looks 10000 times better?

        • tim242

          Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, just an opinion. I never have liked the iOS design for apps. They just look toyish. But, apps should match the OS that they are on. If they don't, they look out of place.

          • abobobilly

            Not just toyish, they are HORRIBLE to tinker around.

        • sabby

          Problem is consistency with os ..good or bad depends on what you like but if you want ios design please get iphone but apps with ios design do not fit with rest of UI of android and there is no consistent experience cos of apps like this

          • abobobilly

            Its exactly because of app devs like this, that we don't have a consistent experience of apps across android. Part of me really cries over Google's inability to force "something" on app developers so they ATLEAST try to utilize the Android's own design guidelines.

        • sabby

          Btw I am sending this from ipad and have htc one as my phone so I actually like both platforms but I still do not want ios ports on android

    • abobobilly

      Beautiful app, THIS? GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK.

      • Martin

        Not surprised you don't like it.. You definitely have sense for style :-))))

    • JGJ1337

      Go to http://en.miui.com/ download, install the rom, be happy and please stop promoting backwards design principles.

      • Martin

        What about not telling me what to do? People like you are backward to the world.. I want to encourage other devs to do the same.. So stfu and say your lame opinion to someone else.
        Thank you in advance!

  • LUL.

    no #HOLOYOLO smh

  • pravs

    I prefer Cloud Magic than this app..it has more options than mailbox

    • Jason Bourne

      I switched FROM Cloud Magic to Mailbox. The snooze feature is superior and I really couldn't stand the "cards" that Cloud Magic added a few weeks ago - they removed the ability to double tap to zoom, which was a dealbreaker for me.

  • vyktorsouza

    Looks nice, downloading

  • Baspower

    I rely on those categories Gmail recently added.

  • Derek Duncan

    eh. Doesn't seem like it supports any rich notifications.

  • Zyre

    Is this a kind of e-mail aggregation? Like it will pull your e-mails from Outlook and G-mail together in one app?

    • Christopher Bement

      Only works with GMail and iCloud for now, so if you use a different email service for Outlook then you're up the creek.

  • Mert ÇELEN

    UI looking great but it's not usefull app. I just added my gmail account and app count all of my emails as unread. It's boring...

    • saf1927

      Actually it doesn't. It looks like they are unread as everything is in bold. However, any unread emails have a blue ball (sphere?) to the left.

  • http://turbofool.com Jarrett Lennon Kaufman

    Not especially interested in the Android version, as Gmail is great on there, but I'd LOVE a desktop version on Windows. They mention only Mac on the site.

  • Taco Monster

    Weirdly hides status bar for sync updates. See here:

  • http://SocialMediarology.com Jeremy A Williams

    I loved it for my work iPhone at my last job, but now that I use Gmail's filter tabs, no email app handles those like Gmail does. They did a nice job bringing the app to Android, but I likely won't stick with it.

  • SVem26

    Quick install.. login.. scroll up & down.. Uninstall and move on..

    • Baspower

      exactly what I did haha

    • JayEvans

      Me too. But in 5 minutes of playing with it, it crashed 3 times....

    • abobobilly

      I can't even make it to login screen. It always asked me to "signup" when i already have a dropbox account.

      Plus, why the heck its appearing in the "most beautiful android apps" list? I feel like, jumping off of a tall building and die, if THATs whats "most beautiful" in android apps *f*ckin' iOS7 replica *cough**

    • Önder Çatalkaya

      And also don't forget to revoke the Gmail permissions for mailbox.

  • Dominik Nguyen

    How do I get free space on dropbox with this? I know that iOs users got 1GB for linking mailbox to dropbox

    • kekkojoker90

      It's a pity but we are excluded -.-"

    • Wayne Randall

      Install the app, link your DB account, link your GMail account, extra space is credited.

      That's what just happened here, and I've never owned an iPhone.

      • Dominik Nguyen

        weird I did exactly same with no effect whatsoever, I even tried to sent out an email with a db link it from the app to try to trigger more space,but ...

        • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

          I just signed into Mailbox, it detected my Dropbox login automatically. Boom, instant +1GB.

          • Dominik Nguyen

            Well I don't what was wrong with my mailbox...I had to borrow ipad and link mailbox account there in order to get the extra space.

  • rmagruder

    No way to multiselect emails? No support for Gmails labels? Everything is just in the inbox...hm...

    • Jason Bourne

      Try using multiple fingers.

  • http://twitter.com/quaffster Ming Tang

    What about my existing Gmail labels? Am I expected to just abandon them??

  • serotheo

    I only get the splash screen on my Note 3 with CM11..

  • Jalok Xlem

    Why would i give up my official gmail app for this? Maybe I could use it for my school and spam inbox. But it says it only supports gmail only. No IMAP, so boo! Hopefully they might update it soon. B-)

    • Arthur Dent

      No IMAP or EAS (for outlook.com)? Weak sauce.

  • rmkilc
  • TK

    I'm sticking with CloudMagic.

  • Wilson Lim

    no Dark Theme :(

  • saf1927

    Trying it right now. There is no way to select more than one email, which is a bummer. One of the reason I don't really like the Gmail app.

    • http://twitter.com/quaffster Ming Tang

      Tap the icon on the left of any email, it'll place you in multi-select mode.

  • Stevecu

    Marginally better than the native gmail app, but without the ability to run on tablet also, it's not a viable solution. Uninstalling.