You might be able to get around a bit cheaper this spring thanks to an announcement from Lyft. The 24/7 transport service is going to reduce its commission for the next few months to lower prices in all of its several dozen US markets.


Lyft is a lot like Uber, but not quite as well-known. People sign up to be drivers using their own vehicles, and you request a ride via the app. The driver gets a cut of the total fare, but so does Lyft. By dropping its share, Lyft is going to lower prices roughly 20% across the board. It will vary from one city to the next, so check the site for actual costs.

This starts today and continues for at least a few months. The company says this is just a trial – it could revert to the old fee structure after the test run. If it works out, this might be a good way for Lyft to get more exposure.

[Lyft Blog]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • Willie D

    I had a Lyft that almost hit a pedestrian, then stalked me outside the destination and then yelled, "You need a ride?" When I left the destination to continue my journey elsewhere.. My friend I was with and I were upset by both incidents that I switched back to Uber immediately and let Lyft know. The problem was not resolved and they contacted me once regarding it and never again. Not what I expect if drivers are stalkers that almost kill people.

  • Rick Castle

    Lyft should drop the prices down to a point where drivers pay the passengers instead, just to have the pleasure of serving their masters. At the end of the day,having the priviledge of driving with the pink mustache and being let fist bumping their masters should be satisfactory enough for a slave, is it not?

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