The most recent Humble Bundle for PC and Android started out with six great games, and three more were added today, available to those who top the average purchase price on Humble Bundle's website.

The new games include Savant: Ascent, Syder Arcade, and The Shivah. For those unfamiliar, Humble Bundle allows users to pay one low price, split between developers and charity, for a - for lack of a better term - bundle of great titles. Those who pay more than the average payment can unlock additional titles as well.

Savant - Ascent follows the story of a "mechanical wizard" looking to gain the power of a mysterious orb that has inconveniently turned pretty much everything into bad guys that you'll need to dispatch with as quickly as possible as you ascend a tall tower.

Studio Evil's Syder Arcade is a fast-paced bullet hell style game in which players will blast aliens and assorted spacecraft in "an uncompromised old-school experience."

Finally, the Shivah is a story about a Rabbi who's grown cynical and is considering "packing it all in," when he receives a substantial inheritance. Unable to simply take the money and move on, the Rabbi travels through Manhattan to unravel a plot full of "unknown dangers" and "sinister rivals."

Bought separately, the games cost well over Humble Bundle's current average purchase of $3.87, which you'll need to top in order to get the new games.

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Liam Spradlin
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  • Ray Nassar

    Savant - Ascent is a great game that just received a hefty update today. The audio and soundtrack is superb and the last boss is.. A big surprise.

    • David Hart

      I would say it's worth it just for Savant!
      superb game.

      • duck hairs

        So it is related to the artist savant then?

        • David Hart

          I'm not 100% but yeah I'm gonna say 99% sure it's done with Aleksander Vinter

          • duck hairs

            Yeah i googled it and it is, its also his logo when you boot up the game too. Im a big savant fan surprised i haven't heard of this

  • Sergii Pylypenko

    I already got Savant and Syder Arcade, these are good games.

  • ChainsawCharlie

    Nice to see The Shivah being out on Android. Maybe this means that we can get the other Wadjet Eye games here as well.