Pocket-lint has gone hands-on with a prototype version of the upcoming Android Wear-powered LG G Watch, sharing some photos in the process. Judging from the press image released with the product announcement, we could already see that the accessory would be square and come without buttons. These vivid, up-close photos confirm this. Aside from that, we see a device that looks like a flatter, more subdued version of the Pebble. Unfortunately, none of the images show the screen on or reveal anything about what the final user experience will be like.


GWatch2 GWatch3 GWatch4

Like the Pebble, the strap will be replaceable. Aside from that, LG hasn't said too much, though it did confirm with Pocket-lint that the watch would launch before July in the UK for less than £180. It may not be as captivating as the Motorola Moto 360, but you can bet it will be a more affordable product. That alone makes it worth keeping an eye on.

Hit up the full hands-on below for more pics.

Via Pocket-lint

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  • BiggiePhat

    So if they say this is 299.99 which is "Under 180". i have a feeling I'm looking at a moto 360 of around 449-499.

    • Daniel

      I don't know. UK prices tend to be a bit more than US prices despite the exchange rate. Also, Motorola has been pricing things on the lower side lately.

    • NexusPhan

      Nope. £180 likely includes Europe's hidden taxes = £150 before tax = $249 US.

    • turdbogls

      dont UK prices usually include like 25% tax? so it would end up being around $225 here in the US. still too much for a smartwatch IMO. and moto would be crazy to sell the 360 for what their flagship phone sells for.

    • wollac11

      I'm in the UK and the way most tech is priced over here despite the exchange rate that would probably work out at about $180-220 based on how other mobile products are price compared here compared to the US.

    • Braden Abbott

      These are little guys compared to Samsung, look at how the G2 and Moto X cost hundreds less than the S4, I can see the G Watch being $200 and the 360 being $300 with the Gear priced the way it is.

  • Igniseus

    What happens if someone near you (next to you on a bus, train, plane, elevator, etc) says "ok google" to activate their phone or watch, and your own watch picks this up?

    Wouldn't we end up activating each others devices my accident all the time if these started getting popular!?

    • Алекс


    • Will

      It probably uses the same idea of the Moto X - where you train your devices. I live with 3 roommates whose new goal is to get my phone to react to them, which never works since I trained my phone to my voice, and only mine.

      • kashtrey

        Possibly, but not all hot words are trained. For instance, when the Moto X prompts you to reply to texts, it doesn't take into account your voice and only seems to look for the hotword (or my friend's voice apparently sounds a lot like mine).

    • http://turbofool.com Jarrett Lennon Kaufman

      Relatively confident they're going to limit listening to having the watch in a reading-friendly position.

  • wollac11

    I really hope Motorola surprises us all and pulls out a similar or cheaper price to this dispite the more premium materials and curved display. I'm not saying I think they will do this but I really can't see why it would need to be anywhere near as expensive as a flagship phone.

    • hot_spare

      AFAIK, no "flagship" phones is available for 180.

      • wollac11

        No they are not - I meant that the Moto 360 rumoured prices were in that range.

  • hot_spare

    That thing looks HUGE!

    • Cj

      ...no it doesn't

      • hot_spare

        a view or judgement formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge

        • c3vzn

          Err ok? He can still disagree with you.

  • Aaron Berlin

    Proprietary charger? Unless that's a standard I'm not familiar with.

  • IcerC

    Often £180 products come for $200 in the US. I'd guess $199.
    The pictures made me less interested though, it's fatter and bulkier than it looked before.

    • Simon Belmont

      Yeah. That's actually what I was thinking, too.

      I may wait for the Moto 360, though. It is so delicious looking (drool).

      • JulieDManzi

        my uncle recently got a nearly new black Volkswagen Touareg
        SUV by working off of a pc... blog link


    • KidPhat

      I had the opposite reaction. Looks a LOT slicker than the renders. Still like the Moto 360 better though.

    • MyLeftNut

      Seriously, you know you need a better design when even the Gear 2, which is more bezel (including the metal surround) than screen at this point, looks better on a wrist than your product.

    • joser116

      If only they had made it truly symmetrical and got rid of that seam.

  • whodat

    as long as you can use it with non-LG phones this mite sell.. unlike Samsungs watch that's only restricted to Samsung phones.

    • The Maverick

      well if its running android wear, i would presume the point would be it'd work on a certain version of android (e.g 4.1 and above.)

      • Fadakar

        4.3 and above, specifically.

  • qu4ttro