Back on Friday, HTC's executive director of product management announced that the One Max on Verizon should receive an OTA update bringing the latest version of KitKat after the weekend. Well, Monday's here, and so is the update. Verizon HTC One Max owners should now or soon receive an update notification that looks an awful lot like this one.


The build number is 2.16.605.2. Here is the before and after.

Max2 Max3

Verizon's provided a support PDF with some of the details, but none of the carrier-specific changes are really of interest here. What matters are those introduced by Android 4.4.2. By this point, people know what to expect, but you can always take a look at the Verizon HTC One KitKat update for somewhat of a refresher.

Sources: Verizon, Cricket Users Forum

Bertel King, Jr.
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  • Michael

    Im still waiting for an update on their "Flagship" Note 3.

    • tlogank

      The Note 3 has nothing to do with HTC.

      • Michael

        It was a complaint against Verizon.

        • tlogank

          Verizon doesn't call anything their 'flagship' phone.

          • TylerChappell

            Gosh, you must have nothing better to do.

          • tlogank

            Yes, it's so time consuming to take 30 secs to come back in and correct you. Sorry, I just like to stop the spread of ignorance where I can.

    • Giovonni Fareed

      UGH I know me too, im sooo over this long wait

  • TopXKiller

    Still waiting for LG G2 KitKat update

  • sgtguthrie

    Too bad an OTA can't update camera hardware. 4 "ultrapixel"...really? No image stabilization? But you've still got the 2 shitty rear camera gimmick...Lmao!

    Sorry, but this phone would have hit it out of the park with 8 "ultrapixel" and image stabilization. But they skimped on the camera, and as a result you can't crop or print quality pictures.

    The best camera is the one that you always have...And hence I have lots of pictures on my wall (of my children) that were taken with smartphones. That wouldn't be possible with this device.

    //End of rant

  • hardik

    hey i have a unlocked verizon htc one max and i do not use a verizon sim and i live in india. How do i update my phone, because it says the phone has to be in cdma mode to update!!! Pleasee help me!!!

    • Osamah

      I have same problem