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The hundreds of minor league baseball teams across the US offer a great way to spend a day at the ballpark without the expense, and sometimes the travel, of going to a full MLB game. The MiLB, as it's called, is getting some much-needed attention on the app front this week, as two new apps have been published in the Play Store to support the various farm teams. Both MiLB First Pitch and MiLB Inside The Park mirror their big league counterparts.

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MiLB First Pitch is the official scoreboard and statistics app, offering live updates for games featuring 160 teams across the US. As usual with this kind of scoreboard app, you can select your favorite teams and see their scores in a customized screen. There are also news and video highlights, though the low-profile nature of the minor leagues probably means that these won't be exhaustive for all teams.

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MiLB Inside The Park is the game day program app, which is mostly geared towards fan participation. Spectators can use the app to interact with the various games and polls put up on the scoreboard, see the ballpark seating map, participate in fan contests, and post photos of the game to social networks. It's not especially necessary, but dedicated team fans could get a kick out of it.

Both apps are free (though MiLB First Pitch features MLB advertising), but for some reason First Pitch requires Android 4.0 while Inside The Park only needs 3.0. Note: your local "minor league" team may be in an independent baseball league or a collegiate league - these apps only support official Minor League Baseball teams, most of which are officially affiliated with an MLB team. Here's the full list.

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  • derek

    Now that many developers are implementing this cards UI with the hamburger menu and the navigation drawer, Google is set to redefine the whole UI of Android and its apps.

    I am still skeptical about Google doing that at least not this year, or maybe the changes won't involve drastically changing the UI ?

  • Trent Callahan

    Mother I'd Like to Bang.