If you're waiting to stream sports over Chromecast here in the US, well, you're out of luck (no surprise there, really); if you're in the UK, however, BT Sport is the first to offer any kind of streaming sports over Chromecast. The app itself is essentially unchanged – BT Broadband customers get access to BT Sport 1, BT Sport 2, and ESPN, all of which are now able to stream to the TV.


Of course, if you're already at home, it's unclear why you wouldn't just watch it on TV. Either way, any live sporting event streaming over Chromecast is a step in the right direction. I wish the NBA would follow suit with Game Time.

The app update is live in Google Play now, so head below to give it a shot.

via BTSport

Cameron Summerson
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  • Paul

    App doesn't play video itself any longer than about 30 seconds however using Chromecast it works perfectly.... Just in time for the motogp this weekend!!

    • Anonymous

      What's your device type & OS version?

  • verejon

    Using the chromecast to watch BT sport is free provided you have a subscription from them where as watching it on TV requires an additional £5 a month fee, in order to connect your tv to a traditional set top box.

    • Christofftofferson

      Thanks for taking the time to explain why it isn't pointless :)

  • http://www.geordienorman.com/ George Byers

    Your Move, Sky...

    • mattj78

      I can see them bringing Now TV to Chromecast but I'd be shocked if they did it for regular Sky

      • The Maverick

        yeah, i can defintely see Now TV as its on xbox, ps3 and soon to arrive on other services, they're pushing it pretty hard.

        What i'd like to see it on Sky Go ChromeCast!!!

  • mattj78

    "Of course, if you're already at home, it's unclear why you wouldn't just watch it on TV"

    Your BT Sport subscription is tied to just one Satellite Set Top Box so if you've got more than one box it can be inconvenient if you want to watch the game on one TV and you have to evict another family member. Now with chromecast on each TV I can watch anywhere and maintain family harmony

  • cheeto0

    Espn needs to add chromecast suppport. Everyone let them know:


    • Ryan Steddy

      ESPN is included in the BT Sport package. Unless you are outside of UK you mean.

      • cheeto0

        Yeah im not in the UK, im in the US :/

  • Dave

    Does anyone know if you'll be able to cast BT sport without a mobile / tablet? My Father has BT, and wants to watch BT sport on the telly, rather than the PC upstairs. But he doesn't have any mobile devices - if it can cast properly from the desktop, this will be perfect.

    • Anonymous

      Just wait a couple more weeks and that'll be possible

  • Darryl Stanley

    I watched the Milan game on the 55' screen last night. I have to say the quality of it was absolutely excellent.

  • Oliver Phillips

    You wouldn't watch in on TV if you don't own a set top box (like me) and don't want to pay the additional fee to add the BT Sport channels to said box. I have nothing but Freeview and a media PC, so this is pretty convenient.