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Featured App

Today's roundup is presented by Stock Tracker - Stock Prices from Handy Apps. This app helps you to keep an eye on the stocks that you're interested in, especially if you're looking to buy or sell at specific market conditions. You can set up lists of stocks to watch, and be alerted when certain stocks reach high or low prices with notifications. Widgets are available for your home screen, and the app even integrates RSS news feeds from major companies. If you've already purchased stock, you can set up your portfolio and record your buying and selling manually. Stock Tracker - Stock Prices is a free download for Android 2.2 or later.


Enhance your stock tracking experience with Stock Tracker - a free, simple yet comprehensive stock price tracking and portfolio management application designed for Android. Easily search for stocks via stock ticker symbols or company names, add them to your trading portfolios and start monitoring your stock quotes and portfolio performance! Create watchlists to monitor stocks in the stock market that you do not own but are interested to either buy or short sell. Stock price alerts can also be created so that whenever your stock hit specific price targets, you will receive a timely notification.






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Android Police coverage: [New App] South River Tech, The Maker Of TitanFTP Server, Brings A Version Of Its Popular WebDrive File Transfer Client To Android

How is it that it's 2014, but using an FTP client still sucks? Maybe that's why people are switching over to more user-friendly cloud storage in droves. WebDrive attempts to marry the two, allowing you to access FTP folders and Google Drive (along with a few other formats) in a standard file explorer interface. It's got a lot of function, but the $5 asking price might be a little much for some people - there are plenty of free apps that offer the same functionality without the integration.


WebDrive, the world's premier cloud storage access and file transfer client for the desktop, is now available on Android. WebDrive connects you to all the files on your storage servers and services in one easy to navigate interface. Instantly access all your files on the go. WebDrive is the ultimate file access productivity tool. Connect to your Amazon S3, Google Drive, or other cloud service, and connect securely to your corporate file servers. Have business files at your fingertips from WebDAV, SFTP, FTP and even SharePoint servers.

Lingua.ly - collect new words

Android Police coverage: [New App] Lingua.ly Is Your Personal Stack Of Flash Cards, Ready To Help You Study A New Language On The Go

Learning a new language is hard, but one of the most universally-accepted tools for doing it are flash cards. Lingua.ly is a set of pre-made flash cards for a ton of languages, including most of the big ones from Europe and east Asia, that you can use to quickly and effectively expand your vocabulary. You can also personalize your cards with notes, and there are a few games included for kicks.


Lingua.ly turns any mobile device into a language learning experience.

● Type or paste words to enrich your vocabulary with our smart dictionary
● Practice what you learned with personalized flashcards and fun games
● See your new words in real articles from around the web that are just right for you

Lingua.ly is a great way to improve your vocabulary anytime, anywhere. It’s easy to use and completely free. You can learn: English, Spanish, French, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Czech, Dutch, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Turkish.


Android Police coverage: [New App] AutoCast, From The Developer Of All Those Other Auto* Tasker Plugins, Cranks Your Chromecast Up To Eleven

AutoCast is a Tasker plugin specifically designed to cast customized screens to your Chromecast. It won't work without Tasker, but those who love the do-everything engine will probably find all kinds of interesting ways to use this app. The developer is known for his extensive and well-supported plugins, so I'm sure more than a few users will be shelling out for the $1.37 upgrade key once they're finished with the demo.


AutoCast is a Tasker plugin. You need to have Tasker (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.dinglisch.android.taskerm) installed to use most of its features, so please be aware of that before using it. Also, to create everything you see in the demo video you need other Tasker plugins. Please read the video description. Please don't rate the app 1 star because of this. This is not supposed to be a standalone app at all. Thank you for understanding.

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Android Police coverage: Reqallable Updated With Pebble Support, Lets Smartwatch Wearers Respond To Messages Without Yanking Out Their Phone

Reqallable (pronounced "recall-able" I think) focuses on presenting only those emails and text messages that are important to you, based on your contacts and location. The app requires a bit of training, but its compatibility with Pebble and Sony smartwatches is what people are probably interested here. The smartwatch portion of the app lets you respond with short, canned messages without ever touching your phone.


reqallable makes your smartwatch(Pebble and Sony SmartWatch) even smarter by letting you act on what matters most in your email and text messages, straight from your watch. And it does a whole lot more… Displays the most important parts of your messages. Prioritizes messages from important contacts. Prompts when it's time to leave for an appointment. Straight from your watch*.

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KMPlayer is one of the most popular media players among desktop power users, long admired for its wide file support and excellent subtitle implementation. Now it's got an Android port, and the same focus on a wide array of features has made it to the mobile platform. A ton of file types and codecs are supported, and the swipe-based interface can change the speed, screen ratio, volume, and next/back functions without leaving the main player. There's also a small file explorer integrated into the app.


The long awaited KMPlayer mobile has finally launched. Having distributed across 230 countries in 36 different languages. KMPlayer does not require separate encoding, and can play most files without hassle. All media can now be seen in a simple interface, with necessary features such as file name change capabilities and content management. Finally a player that stands above the rest, in features and functionality. We are strongly convinced there has never been or will ever be a better media player than KMPlayer.

MiLB First Pitch

Android Police coverage: [New Apps] MLB Publishes Minor League Baseball Versions Of Inside The Park And First Pitch Apps

Go check out your local Minor League Baseball team. No really, go do it. It's cheaper than going to an MLB game, there are fewer drunken out-of-towners, and you get a more authentic feel for the game of baseball. Then you'll be so in love with your local team that you want to keep up with its games, and since Google Now isn't up to the challenge, you can use this app to do so. Also check out the story above for a Inside The Park, a stadium experience app.


MiLB First Pitch, the official mobile application for Minor League Baseball, has arrived for Android devices in 2014. With 160 teams from Triple-A down to Rookie ball, get live updates for every game as well as complete stats, schedules, standings and latest news for each club. First Pitch is the premier app to follow the top MLB prospects for the 2014 season.

  • Video highlights, scores, stats, news, rosters and standings for 160 teams
  • Select favorite teams by level and by MLB affiliate
  • Gameday pitch-by-pitch as available


Android Police coverage: [New App] Coursera Brings Its Free Online Classes And Lectures To Android

Coursera is a service that lets you take real college courses from real universities, online and for free. The official Android app is now available, giving cyber-students access to lectures and other course materials while on the go. As a nice bonus, you can also download videos locally, so you won't be left out of the loop if you get stuck on a plane or in a poor reception area. The app also lets you enroll and notifies you of upcoming courses.


With Coursera, education is free, open, online - and now mobile. Coursera connects students, professionals, and lifelong learners everywhere with free online courses from over 100 top-tier global universities and institutions. Browse courses and watch lectures from the world’s best instructors anytime, anywhere - on your commute or on the treadmill, whether you’re interested in cooking or computer science.

Inkling eBooks - Beta

Android Police coverage: [New App] Inkling eBook Beta App Brings A Catalog Of Interactive Instructional Literature To Android

Do you want books that are more than just books? While most readers are content to simply display text, Inkling takes things a bit further in the name of education. The textbooks offered in the app include animated diagrams, at least some voice narration, offline access, integrated search, and embedded video. They aren't cheap (and they might take some getting used to), but the app includes a free sample to try out the service.


As featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and TechCrunch. Inkling's interactive eBooks are designed to help you learn, study, and discover just about anything, whether it's for school, work, or play. Our books cover the gamut from anatomy to photography and travel to cooking. Our medical books include hundreds of hi-res diagrams that let you strip off the labels and test what you know. Our DSLR photography and food & drink books include instructional animations and videos to help you learn news skills.


Android Police coverage: [New App] Timehop Arrives In The Play Store, Takes You On A Tour Of Your Past

Scroll down the page a bit on your desktop or laptop and you'll see our "Blast From The Past" section, where we show you Android Police posts from days gone by. Timehop is sort of like that for your life, connecting to your social networks and presenting your own history in photos and posts. It supports Facebook (required), Twitter, Instagram, and Foursquare... but not Google+. Boo, hiss.


Timehop helps you celebrate the best moments of the past. What were you doing a year ago today? Two years? Three years? Timehop brings together your old photos and posts from your iPhone, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Foursquare and replays your past a day at a time. You'll quickly fall in love with checking your daily Timehop. Give it a try today.

Javelin Browser

If you're looking for an alternative to Chrome or your default browser, you could do a lot worse than Javelin. This stylish app has an impressively functional UI, and it's also got a focus on privacy, with a built-in incognito mode, reading mode, and ad blocker, and a proxy service (for a recurring fee, free trial available). Its excellent use of space makes it handy for phones and tablets alike.


Javelin is a GORGEOUS Android browser built focused on the MOBILE experience of surfing the web.

  • #1 mobile browser with BUILT-IN ADBLOCK
  • First Android browser with READING MODE (Similar to Readability/Pocket app)
  • ONE-TOUCH navigation for everything
  • Intelligent bookmarks (Bookmarks are sorted based on frequency of use)
  • Built-in Proxy Services (In-app subscription required)
  • Incognito mode (Private browsing)
  • App opens immediately (Fast start times)
  • HOLO (because YOLO)

Hover Browser

Here's another entry in the growing pop-out browser category. Tablet owners in particular might find a use for this app, since a larger screen is better for windows, but the stacked view will also work well with phones. If you hate switching between fullscreen apps for outbound links, this is definitely for you. That being said, it's got all the basic functions you'll need for standard browsing, including a standard URL bar, bookmarks, and an incognito mode.


What is Hover Browser? Hover Browser is an attempt to free you from your single application sandbox. By allowing you to open multiple weblinks within multiple resizable windows, Hover Browser lets you decide how much content you want visible at any time. Whether it's viewing images of cats from reddit links, or opening articles from Google Now, Hover Browser is able to open and load the content quickly so you don't ever have to leave your current application.


PackPoint packing list builder

Every time I travel, without fail, I will forget something, inevitably costing me time and money at my destination. PackPoint is like a coach for your packing session, letting you know what you'll need to bring based on both the occasion and the location. Going somewhere cold and rainy? It won't let you forget an overcoat and umbrella. Heading out of the country? It'll remind you to pack your passport and visa. The app is nicely presented and has presets for both men and women.


Never Forget Your ______ Again. PackPoint is an intelligent packing list builder for serious travel pros. PackPoint will help you organize what you need to pack based on length of travel, weather at your destination, and any activities planned during your trip. Once your packing list is built and organized, PackPoint will save it for you, and then you can choose to share it with your friends and family in case they need help packing too.

Today Calendar Beta

Here's a redesigned version of the standard Android calendar, nicely re-skinned in a monochrome version of Holo. It interfaces with Google Calendar, but is distinct from Google's official release. If you're looking for something simpler (or perhaps something to go with your nifty phone theme) give this beta a try.


Today is a beautifully redesigned AOSP calendar, with added features and functionality. I'm looking for lots of user feedback, so please try to leave updated comments/suggestions as regularly as possible. This is the time-limited beta, it needs updating regularly to ensure it's functionality.


I work from home. That means that going into the nearest big city isn't so much a regular occurrence as a trip to Mordor, so I don't spend as much time with my friends as I ought to. Downtyme attempts to rectify these situations, connecting you with your friends by analyzing your schedule (calendar) then shows you the friends you have nearby when you've got free time. It's not a perfect situation, since you're still relying on others who may or may not be free, but it's certainly novel.


Downtyme is the fastest, most convenient way to get together with friends in your free time. Scheduling your free time has to start with knowing when you're busy. Easily import or input your commitments and Downtyme will figure out the rest. Downtyme uses intelligent algorithms to accurately determine who you're most likely to spend your free time with. Of those friends, Downtyme filters out the ones that are too far away and shows you the ones nearby.


Twitch is a service that live streams video games that other people are playing. Why would you want to watch that? I have no idea. But if you do, here's another Twitch-focused app, replacing the service's official offering and letting you watch games and podcasts on your phone. It also includes a chat function so you can talk to the presenter and other users, and you can also zip the streaming video over to your Chromecast, which the official app can't do yet.


Lakitu was created to fill one main goal, replace the official Twitch app and provide a better user experience. The app supports HLS streams along with chat. It is in active development and feedback + feature requests are always welcome.

  • Navigate Featured Streams, Top Games, Top Channels, and Teams.
  • Watch Videos in many different qualities (Quality: Source, High, Med, Low, Mobile).
  • Cast streams to your ChromeCast
  • Chat while you watch (standalone chat supported too).
  • Full Screen video in landscape.
  • Keeps track of last viewed streams in side navigation.


Want to get Twitch games on your Chromecast, but don't need any of the site's community features? Here ya go. Have fun watching other people play Minecraft and Titanfall.


GameCast gives you the ability to stream TwitchTV streams right to your Google Chromecast. This application is a mobile version of the web application GameCast located on: http://nitrousstudios.com/twitchcast It work's the same way.


FireChat is a decentralized chat client, using WiFi and Bluetooth instead of the cell network to create local mesh networks for conversations. Why? According to the description, FireChat is intended for areas where conventional data access isn't available, like remote outdoor concerts. It might also be useful for big sporting events where carrier data tends to break down. FireChat is an iOS port, but unfortunately Android and iOS devices can't talk to each other at present.


FireChat introduces a new way to chat: "off-the-grid". Now you can chat with people around you - even if there is no Internet connection or mobile phone coverage. It just works and it’s free. Whether you’re on the beach or in the subway, at a big game or a trade show, camping in the wild or at a concert, or even abroad, simply fire up the app with a friend or two and find out who else is there. Get FireChat now and be ready for the next Burning Man, Wanderlust, SXSW, Super Bowl… or create your own community anywhere and start bringing people together.



Your car has a standard highway and city mileage as determined (or at least reported) by the manufacturer, but driving habits play at least as big a role as your make and model in your actual gas efficiency. Flo analyzes your driving for both economic efficiency and general safety (though the mechanism for this isn't made clear), then grades each trip and lets you play it back. Safe driving is presented as a "goal" in a video game fashion, which is kind of funny, considering how most games encourage you to drive.


Driving you to be a better driver: Flo turns every trip into a chance to build your skills behind the wheel. You also work toward goals that improve your overall driving behavior. Flo helps you not only become a safer driver but also an eco-friendly one who saves money and has a lot of fun along the way. Audio and visual feedback let you know how you’re doing during each trip. Proper driving behaviors earn you points while aggressive tactics subtract points.

Tocomail - Safe email for kids

Why do your kids need email? They're not adults. They don't have bills to pay or insurance claims to file. But it is a pretty useful skill, even as early as grade school, so Tocomail offers a safe and easy version of training wheels for the web's most popular communication medium. Tocomail gives kids a real email address, with standard and simplified versions of the kid UI, plus a safe contact list and mirrored messaging for parents.


Safe, fun and simple Tocomail is the best email service on the market that offers total parental control while providing a real and fun email experience for children. Please note that this is a first version of our Android app. We rushed the release up to enable our users with access on Android devices. A lot more functional and polished app is coming in early May. We make e-mailing fun with many cool features such as a drawing board, custom avatar creation, picture timeline and a colorful design that all kids will love.

Knock Lock

Tap your phone in a certain area and it will go to sleep. It's an interesting idea, especially if you have an irrational fear of power buttons, but not an original one: this is basically LG's "KnockOn" add-on feature in reverse.


Knock Lock is simple application that allows you to select area on your display to enable "knock to sleep" feature. Also in app you can select size of area available for knocking.

- How does it impact battery life?
App does nothing other than creating small area for knocking. Battery usage should be below 0.1%.

Split - The Antisocial App

You know that one guy that you met at a friend's house who keeps asking you to go into business with him? You hate his guts, but you're too nice to unfriend him on Facebook. Now you can be antisocial AND passive aggressive with Split, the app that makes sure you're nowhere near your friends. It uses both live reports ("I'm at Starbucks") and known hangouts to tell you where not to go to avoid that certain someone.


Avoid unwanted encounters. Split will keep you away from people you prefer to avoid. Connected to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare and its own network, Split will provide a complete antisocial experience - keeping you safe and relaxed. Recently break up with someone and want to avoid them at all costs? Start a new job and don't want to bump into your old boss? We all have our reasons for avoiding awkward encounters, and now you can do so easily and worry-free.

Capitaine Train: train tickets

Looking for a train ticket in France? Then this spiffy little app will help you find a route and buy your tickets. While it does work in a few other countries, namely the UK, Switzerland, Belgium, and the Netherlands, it only supports one train line for each county outside of France. Depending on where you are and where you want to go, that could seriously limit your options. Even so, it's a nice app with a good layout, an easy payment system, and integrated alerts.


Capitaine Train is the best train ticket booking engine in France and nearby countries. Since 2011, more than 200,000 users have trusted and used us to buy their train tickets in France (SNCF, iDTGV, iDBUS), UK (Eurostar), Switzerland (Lyria), Belgium and Netherlands (Thalys). Buy train tickets at the best price:

• Search for train routes in France and nearby countries: TGV, Eurostar, Thalys, Lyria, etc.
• Find the best prices amongst the most comprehensive offers: Prem’s, Loisir, iDTGV, etc.
• Take advantage of your discount and loyalty cards: Eurostar Frequent Traveller, Thalys TheCard, etc.
• Pay whenever you want, thanks to our pre-booking and reservation service
• Exchange or cancel your tickets within the app.

Watchup: Your Daily Newscast

Watchup is an interesting idea: a news aggregator a la Reddit or Digg, but based entirely around video. The app lets you build video playlists based on your personal interests, automatically switching to the next video to create a "news show" that's personalized for you. Of course it can't get news from everywhere - expect a lot of YouTube playlists - but it does include links to the full text articles when available.


Watchup is the smartest way to watch video news because it builds your personalized newscast from a growing number of local, national and international news channels.

• Just turn it on to watch your newscast play continuously
• Schedule an alert to receive your newscast at your preferred time
• Need more context? Read text articles related to the video you are watching
• NEW. Watch an entire channel with our redesigned menu

Watchup takes up very little space on your tablet and puts powerful video journalism at your fingertips.

PhotoSync – Wireless Transfer

Do you hate Dropbox, Google Drive, Box.com, and all those other services that let you quickly and seamlessly transfer photos between computers and mobile devices? Would you rather have a separate app to do this, requiring a companion app on your local PC? Well now you can! All kidding aside, PhotoSync offers a few features that some of the other services don't, including support for RAW and preserving metadata.


It‘s all about one thing – the best and easiest way to transfer, backup and share your photos & videos. PhotoSync allows you to transfer your photos & videos between your Android phones and tablets, iPhone, iPad, Mac or PC over your local Wi-Fi network.
What you can do with PhotoSync:

  • Transfer and backup your photos & videos from Android phones and tablets, iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to your Windows PC or Mac. Photos & Videos are transferred in full resolution with all metadata intact.
  • Send photos & videos from your Windows PC or Mac directly over the local Wi-Fi network to your Android phone or tablet.
 Choose from your existing albums or create new albums.
  • The import of RAW photos is fully supported. You need specialized RAW photo software to work with the RAW photos.


Instagram is good for taking an ordinary photo and making it special, or at least a little bit more interesting. But if you don't trust yourself to choose from the various filters, Impala will do it for you, automatically selecting an appropriate filter for the photo you just took. (It doesn't actually integrate with any sharing systems, you'll have to do that manually.) Check out the middle screenshot below: the developers clearly know their audience.


Impala is the first app in the world that automatically sorts the photos on your phone. You do not have to manually label each and every one of them: Impala “looks” into your images and videos and recognizes what’s inside. For instance, Impala can recognize cats, sunsets, beaches, and so on. Impala then automatically creates photo albums and organizes your photos. Impala also aims to be useful for photographers who do not want to fiddle with settings.

rumr: anonymous messaging

This app confuses me. It lets you chat in complete anonymity... but you'll have to invite people into a group before you start chatting with them. So you're speaking with a group of friends, or at least acquaintances, but each person is anonymous. Don't you know your friends well enough to get a general idea of which one they are just from what they say? And even if you don't, how much freedom does this "anonymity" get you if you know that you're among a very small group of people making these statements? Strange.


rumr is the new way to chat anonymously in real-time with your friends. rumr allows you to have conversations that your identity prevents. It's like having a conversation with the lights off. We've given you the freedom to be yourself and reveal your true colors...some things are just easier to say without your identity. Remember, the more friends you add to a chat, the more anonymous it becomes.

Xbox One SmartGlass Beta

Android Police coverage: [New App] Microsoft Releases A Separate Beta Version Of The Xbox One SmartGlass App

There are already two SmartGlass apps in the Play Store, one for the Xbox 360 and one for the new, uh, One. This one (man, that name is really awkward) adds in a few beta features for adventurous users, mostly focused around a tighter integration between the Xbox One and cable or satellite TV. The biggest addition is the integrated schedule viewer on the app. Expect some problems with the initial releases - this is a beta, after all.


This is a Public Beta of Xbox One SmartGlass that provides an early peek at new capabilities. Use the feedback button in the app to let us know what you think.

Scenarios to try:
• Browse OneGuide on your SmartGlass device
• Tune to a show from OneGuide in SmartGlass.
• Get rich details on your favorite shows
• Favorite a TV channel and see it show up in the Favorites on your device.
• Use the Cable/TV remote to navigate through your cable box UI.
• Change your HD/SD settings in the SmartGlass settings
• Navigate to recent channels and tap once to change to that channel.

HTC BlinkFeed

Android Police coverage: HTC Releases BlinkFeed Launcher And Service Pack Apps Into The Play Store

HTC has gone the Motorola route, uploading a ton of their standard Sense apps to the Play Store so that they can be updated independently of OTA carrier packages. Most of them are only applicable to the new One M8 hardware, but other phones may be added as they're updated to the newest version of Sense.


Read more of what you love without having to look for it. You can now get all your social feeds, calendar events, news, music and content arranged and constantly updated in one place. HTC BlinkFeed™ removes the need to open multiple apps. And for those with no data plan, the Offline Reading feature lets you update feeds with WiFi, and then save them to read later.

HTC Service Pack

The HTC Service Pack is a support service update that combines previously released updates and helps make your HTC experience more reliable. Service packs are provided free of charge. Make sure you install the latest service pack to help keep your HTC experiences up to date.

HTC Sense TV

Android Police coverage: HTC Uploads Another Stock Sense App To The Play Store - SenseTV

HTC Sense TV makes your smartphone a key part of the entertainment experience. By using this application, you easily discover new movies or TV shows, tune into your preferred shows, get reminded when your favorite shows are on, see what shows are coming up, and more.

  • Discover current and upcoming programs with the intelligent electronic program guide (EPG) that learns your viewing habits and suggests shows you might like.
  • Control your TV, set top box, and home theater system in your room seamlessly.
  • Support EPGs and remote controls in multiple rooms.

HTC Gallery

Android Police coverage: More HTC Sense Apps Land In The Play Store: HTC Guide And HTC Gallery

The HTC Gallery provides you with a range of fast and easy ways to locate your photos. With Image Match, simply choose a photo with the object or person you want to find and it will locate similar images for you. Timeline View allows you to locate images by day, month or year. And POI Location searches photos that have been taken at a particular place. Now it’s fast and easy to find all the photos you need to. Support for HTC One(M8) Google Play Edition is limited to HTC Photo Edit.


HTC Guide

Android Police coverage: More HTC Sense Apps Land In The Play Store: HTC Guide And HTC Gallery

The HTC Guide provides you with a number of handy features that help you keep your phone in top working order. Now, instead of having to call a service department if something’s not right, our Troubleshooting feature helps you deal with most common minor issues. Also, by using Phone Health, if you have to talk to our service department, you’ll have already diagnosed the problem so you’ll save time. If you do need to get hold of us, our Contact Us feature automatically works our your location and provides you with the number of our nearest service provider.


Android Police coverage: [New App] HTC Releases Zoe App To The Play Store, But It's Not Going To Come Alive Until This Summer

Coming soon. Summer of 2014.


HTC Dot View

Android Police coverage: [New App] HTC's Dot View Case For The One M8 Gets Its Own App In The Play Store

This is the app that manages the Dot View Case, HTC's swanky new Lite-Brite case for the One M8. It allows users to see basic call, battery, and weather alerts through the hole-punch cover, and control a few functions with gestures even while the case is closed. It's an interesting feature to be sure, though we've seen similar case implementations with the S-View case and its imitators.


Function meets form with this dual-purpose smartphone case that offers instant phone access while the case is still closed. Wrap-around protection with flashy Dot View™ cover lets you take calls, receive email notifications, schedule reminders, weather updates, and more. Change the way you use your phone with functioning Dot View™ design, and change your view with a retro look that’s worthy of the HTC One(M8). Available in Warm Black, Imperial Blue, Orange Popsicle, Atlantis, and Baton Rouge.

HTC Fetch

Android Police coverage: [New App] HTC Fetch App Appears In The Play Store, Works With HTC's 'Electronic Leash' Accessory

The HTC Fetch is a Bluetooth accessory. Pretty much the only thing that it does is connect to your phone and find it, and it will beep if you move out of its Bluetooth range. Necessary? No. Useful? Perhaps, if you think the utility of a tracker gadget is worth the hassle of keeping up with it. Strangely, the Fetch app is compatible with at least a few non-HTC devices, including the Nexus 5.


The official HTC Fetch Android app that is compatible with the HTC Fetch accessory tag. HTC Fetch is a ""find me"" tag with a sleek, compact key fob design that can be attached to any object within proximity of your Bluetooth Smart Ready phone. Use HTC Fetch to find your phone or other misplaced belongings and valuables like your keys or wallet. Provides an ""electronic leash"" and notifies you when the object is out of range or when returning to range.

Autographer wearable camera

The Autographer is a wearable camera designed to augment the memory centers of your feeble human brain by taking photos of everywhere you go and everything you do. The Android app isn't necessary to use the camera, but it does let you view, tag, and delete the images it takes without having to get back to a computer. It also lets you create a basic GIF with your photos, sure to get you some easy Reddit karma for that hilarious thing your dog does.


This is the official Autographer app. It allows you to review, tag, share and delete images from your Autographer when you’re on the go. Preview and browse all of the images on your Autographer in chronological order. Select a single image or use several to create GIFs . Share these directly from your phone. You can also tag images and mark your favorites for later.


Android Police coverage: [New App] Automatic App Comes To Android Eager To Help Drivers Save Money On Gas ($99 Dongle Required)

This isn't the first app we've seen that works with a car add-on, but it is the most pretty. Automatic will tell you your mileage, give you driving feedback, remember where you parked, and give you live audio cues when your driving style is aggressive or wasteful. Unfortunately, it will only do all this if you buy and install the $100 Link hardware.


Automatic is your Smart Driving Assistant. It wirelessly connects your car and your Android using Bluetooth®

With Automatic, you can:
● Drive smarter and save big on gas.
● Get feedback on your driving style with subtle audio cues when you do things that waste gas.
● Know what that check engine light means and clear it with a tap.
● Track your trips and drive score.
● Always remember where you parked.
● Get emergency assistance in a serious crash. (Coming soon)

Works with Android 4.0 and above, in gasoline cars sold in the U.S. since 1996. For a complete list of supported cars visit automatic.com/cars

Samsung Smart Home

Android Police coverage: [New Apps] Samsung Smart Home And A Bunch Of Plugin Apps Are Now In The Play Store, Waiting To Take Control Of Your House

Hooray, the Samsung Smart Home app is here! Now if you've purchased thousands of dollars of Samsung appliances and home accessories, you can control them with your phone. Amazingly, the app is not restricted to Samsung devices (though device support is spotty at the moment - even some of Samsung's own hardware isn't supported). Check our story above for links to the apps for specific appliances and accessories.


Samsung Smart Home Application enables people to easily connect with various Samsung home devices including refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, ovens, vacuum cleaners, lighting and more through your smart phones and wearable devices. Using the Smart Home app, you can access your home devices from anywhere and includes convenient services such as check status, control, home view, and connect to service centers.

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