The folks at CyanogenMod take a long, long time to develop a custom ROM before they'll slap a "stable" label on it. They don't make any apologies for this, but if you're particularly impatient for a more reliable version of CM 11 (Android 4.4), you can check out the latest snapshot builds. The "M5" builds are rolling out for some of the better-supported devices at the moment, and more should be available throughout the day.


"M" builds are much more stable than nightly CyanogenMod releases, but not quite good enough to be release candidates. They will generally work as a "daily driver" ROM, especially if you're used to the eccentricities of CyanogenMod, but depending on your device there may be one or two missing features. Also, not every device that's getting CM 11 nightly builds may get a full snapshot release. Since this is the fifth M build for this generation, you might want to wait for a release candidate if your current build is working well enough.

If you're ready to go, head to the CyanogenMod download page to pick up your ROM file, and don't forget Gapps if you want them. The build boxes generate files in alphabetical order by CM codename (which can sometimes be a bit random), so it will take at least several hours more for it to get through the whole list. At the time of writing there is no master change log for M5, though it may show up on the blog soon.

Update: Told ya. The changelog has all the details on the M5 changes. Most of them are bugfixes and slight shifts to the interface. Some devices now support Quickboot, there's a new screen color options section in the settings menu, and WhisperPush has been moved to the privacy menu. Also note that the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S III LTE builds won't be getting an M5 release due to some development issues, but nightlies are continuing.


Source: CyanogenMod

Michael Crider
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  • Suhas Vemuri

    The support for Note 3 by CM has been disappointing this time.. Tmo version here.. I believe it's samsung shortcomings

    • IT prophet

      international is even worse - and because all other mods are just stealing CM HW enablement layer they all equally suck

      but at least we have like 20 different options who's got bigger ego (or dick) in XDA forums with various (funnily named) ROMs... as they all can edit build properties (or even 'cherry pick' some commit) but when it comes to doing some real programing work - they all equally computer illiterate

      thus, no Note 3 support (unless you want to live with, like, gazillion things not working) and no support for other phones as well up until CM gets their hands dirty

      used to be better in the past (when CM didn't become evil and there were maintainers/contributors from all around the world)

      not that I would love to have CM on my phone (God forbid) but their HAL would allow mods like Paranoid Android to work on my phone, which really is the best phone on todays market... which just shows that not even millions flowing to CM has helped the company to get grasp of reality which phones to support

    • Mystery Man

      What are you talking about they released an m5 version for the note 3 (the unified build)

  • Prezes Dyrektor

    when are they going to sort out temple run oz to run? (and holy archer)

  • WitnessG

    Please let there be a build for d2lte.

    • Shaques

      Agreed. If it wasn't broke...

      • WitnessG

        They weren't broken which makes it even more aggravating. Before the whole unified build thing, my S3 would get every update and they would work.

  • Shaques

    Seriously no m4 build and now no m5 build?

    • RichardG867

      Which device? Same thing over here with p3100.

      • Shaques

        GS3 VZW. Obviously I appreciate the work they've done but considering the "relatively" new directions of not flashing nightlies over M's and vice versa it makes it much harder to update without doing a full we wipe.

        • rogue3

          We've not had a single M build since they combined all the GS3 forks into one version (d2lte). I also have the VZW model and am still running 10.2.1. I've heard some of the 11 nightlies are okay, but some sound pretty glitchy. I've been waiting for an M or (even better) stable build to get 11 on my device. :(

  • doritos

    There isn't m5 love for n4?

    • Brandon Johnigan

      Nexus 4 is mako and the builds are released in alphabetical order by codename. As of this comment, flo (Nexus 7 2013 WIFI) is the latest built. You should see N4 in a few hours!

      • Mior Noor Azrin

        Downloading M5 for N4 now...

  • Badouken

    Darn no galaxy s3.... Guess I'll stick with Paranoid Android!

    • rogue3

      How do you like Paranoid compared to CM? Pros/cons?

      • Badouken

        Alot of pro's, it's very stable and updates every Monday night. They have PIE controls and extra shortcuts for the tiles. They also have peek which is a new feature and they are going to add hover which is a replacement for the multitasking mod halo they made. Pretty much feels like CM but with these features very cleanly added in.

        Some cons are how it's not officially available for every device and depending on who makes your builds it could be a bit glitchy or have some minor problems, I've heard from time to time some people have bluetooth issues with certain builds but I havent experienced any issues.

  • Sarah Login

    Im still running M2 and I have yet to see a reason to update.

  • RainMotorsports

    Nice build so far on my Nexus 5. Best I had since the nightlies post M2 which I lost. Last month of nightlies had some studdering in VoIP type applications and M4 as well. M5 might be my next hold onto build for awhile.

  • cabbieBot

    Waiting patiently for Ovation! My NookHD+ is ready to go.

    • Brandon Johnigan

      Was waiting for hummingbird! Looks like us Nook HD owners got the short end this time around.

  • nexus

    N7(grouper) still didn't receive M4 :(

  • http://www.emuparadise.me/roms-isos-games.php Apple is a patent troll

    Still no mention of Slimroms and yet you keep bringing up cyannogen


  • geeboy

    Is there a rom of cm for lenovo A706?

  • Texas Saluki

    remember not to go from nightlys to the M releases... the M release code base was frozen a few weeks ago and you could be downgrading functionality and causing problems

    • cube

      What if im in nightly 20140211 ? Can I and should I upgrade ? Do I have to wipe etc ?

  • Nadir

    what is this quickboot and can i enable/disable it? By the way i have mako.

  • ianken

    Still no hdr cam on n5... :-(

  • Bretton Key

    Does CM 11 M5 contain the split view option and resolved battery drain issues? I have a Tmobile Note 3 and debating to download and install....

  • numan

    There's no nightlies for the SG S4 since February :(

  • androunlock

    installed m5 on i9305 so far everythings good

  • Jason Brown

    no love for toro? only see links for maguro and toro plus.

  • pizzamannetje

    About the i9305: "Galaxy S III LTE won't be getting an M5 release due to some development issues"

    Can anyone tell me what those issues are?

  • calvin dmello

    So what would i do if my s4 is lagging a lot if there is no m5? I'm new to this