If there's a new product out there whose full potential has yet been realized, developer joaomgcd is ready to step in, showing how just about anything can be done with a Tasker plugin. AutoPebble turns the Pebble smartwatch into a wrist-bound remote control to just about anything you want (as long as it interacts with Android), and this video shows just what cool things AutoVoice and AutoRemote can do when working together. Now we have AutoCast, which expands this degree of control over to the Chromecast.

AutoCast1 AutoCast2 AutoCast3

AutoCast doesn't just cast images, video, and audio the way prior Chromecasting apps have. It's capable of projecting multiple ones at once, allowing you to stream a slideshow and play music at the same time. The app also handles notifications and empowers your TV to read them out loud in that eerie, soulless voice that suits tech products so well. It isn't limited to local media, either. AutoCast can pull content from Dropbox, Flickr, Vimeo, and other sites. Also, kiss that standard Chromecast homescreen goodbye and create one of your own.

The interface is barebones and powerful, so the developer has provided this video to help users get up and running.

Since AutoCast is a Tasker plugin, you need that app installed to get any functionality out of it. The free version only works with pre-determined content and appends "AutoCast Demo" to all text. To really have fun, you will need to hand over $1.37 for the unlock key. The outstretched palm awaits in the second widget below.