If there's a new product out there whose full potential has yet been realized, developer joaomgcd is ready to step in, showing how just about anything can be done with a Tasker plugin. AutoPebble turns the Pebble smartwatch into a wrist-bound remote control to just about anything you want (as long as it interacts with Android), and this video shows just what cool things AutoVoice and AutoRemote can do when working together. Now we have AutoCast, which expands this degree of control over to the Chromecast.

AutoCast1 AutoCast2 AutoCast3

AutoCast doesn't just cast images, video, and audio the way prior Chromecasting apps have. It's capable of projecting multiple ones at once, allowing you to stream a slideshow and play music at the same time. The app also handles notifications and empowers your TV to read them out loud in that eerie, soulless voice that suits tech products so well. It isn't limited to local media, either. AutoCast can pull content from Dropbox, Flickr, Vimeo, and other sites. Also, kiss that standard Chromecast homescreen goodbye and create one of your own.

The interface is barebones and powerful, so the developer has provided this video to help users get up and running.

Since AutoCast is a Tasker plugin, you need that app installed to get any functionality out of it. The free version only works with pre-determined content and appends "AutoCast Demo" to all text. To really have fun, you will need to hand over $1.37 for the unlock key. The outstretched palm awaits in the second widget below.

Bertel King, Jr.
Born and raised in the rural South, Bertel knows what it's like to live without 4G LTE - or 3G, for that matter. The only things he likes sweeter than his tea are his gadgets, and while few objects burn more than a metal phone on a summer day, he prefers them that way anyway.

  • ddh819


  • Ashay

    this is wow

  • Defenestratus

    Pretty awesome. But just like tasker, its going to take more than just a casual user to be able to pull this off.

    • Sorian

      *nods in agreement* But, after it's setup, show all the apple people how it's done.

    • dude

      I stop using Auto apps, because you have to buy all these extensions and you ended up having an app drawer full of them. It's better if the dev integrate it into one app, like Trigger.

  • Adam

    much cast so wow

  • faddy

    good stuff but requires effort haha

  • CharlieSheenSucks

    Amazon fire's voice remote just became obsolete

  • Habs Killa

    I bought the app after watching the video. Very cool stuff.

  • Josh Flowers

    after watching the promo video, i want it.
    after watching the tutorial video, i realize how completely novice i am at tasker still. And i would never figure out any of the settings by myself. I'd pay double the cost of Tasker for a much simpler version (of tasker, even).

  • AK

    voice forward and rewind could be amazing if it was built into chromecast...

  • Jake

    John: "Hey, Mike, I have the new Captain America movie on my phone. Wanna watch it using Chromecast?"
    Mike: "Sure!"
    [Two hours later]
    John: "Okay, I'm done setting up AutoCast and Tasker, let's start the movie."

    • linxchaos

      I understand the joke, but this is more for something like setting it up so every time you enter your home, it plays the new Captain America movie. Otherwise, you'd use something like Allcast for the situation above.

    • http://tonybullard.com/ Tony Bullard

      Moral of the story: If it's hard, don't do it. It's not worth it.

  • Tomasz Kuczynski

    I just realized I need it!

  • Android Developer

    I wonder how does AP find and choose which apps to publish.
    Does it just get it by chance? or do the developers contact them?

    • Christopher Mason

      They either find them themselves or get a tip. I don't know if they respond to developer requests.

      • Android Developer

        Can I tip them too?
        I've made this app to be an alternative to the default app manager:

        I like their video reviews, and if it they will make one, I could put it on the play store, along with some adjustments (AP branding on the end, or a watermark instead, or a short branding with the name of the app at the beginning).

  • http://www.bordersweather.co.uk/ Andy J

    Now when I receive a phone call - and the number is in my address book, AutoCast will send the Pause command to both of my Chromecasts. Woohoo - I've been hoping an app would do that.

  • RichA

    Wow this great, too bad I don't have time to play this nonsense, are you kidding? I want to enjoy my Chromecast not configure it for hours setting it up. BTW, some of us have jobs.

  • primalxconvoy

    Guys like this need to be given pots of cash and tasked with bringing their magnificence to idiots like me who aren't so good at rooting etc. They truly turn the lead that is anything by Google into everyday, workable gold for the common man or woman.

    We salute you.